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On the hot Texas army base she calls home Katie spends the lazy days of her summer waiting waiting to grow up waiting for Dickie Mack to fall in love with her waiting for her breasts to blossom waiting for the beatings to stop Since their mother died Katie and her older sister Diane have. Katie 's mom has died and now she has only her Dad and her sister Their dad is in the military so the family moves freuently The place they living are now is in Texas The family lives on base but there is a pool Thank God for pools and for sun tanning too Katie has one friend who teaches her about boys and make up These are all welcome diversions from the violence at home

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Durable Goods A Novel Katie Nash Book 1Struggled to understand their increasingly distant Durable Goods Kindle often violent father While Diane escapes into the arms of her boyfriend Katie hides in her room or escapes to her best friends houseuntil Katies admiration for her strong willed sister leads her on an adventure that. so non intellectual the entire vocabulary of real emotions i love that elizabeth right off tells you she focused on dropping out of collegei too grew up with a father i feared most of my life and could have used Berg’s ability to understand him the way it is written from a teenagers view is so real and refreshing every sentence your u feel like katie learning new feelingsexcuse me but i must reread her next book

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summary Durable Goods: A Novel (Katie Nash Book 1) 108 ¼ ❮Download❯ ➽ Durable Goods: A Novel (Katie Nash Book 1) ➸ Author Join or create book clubs – On the hot Texas army base she calls home Katie spends the lazy days of her summer waiting waiting to grow up; waiting for Dickie Mack to Transforms her life Written with an unerring ability to capture the sadness of growth the pain of change the nearly visible vibrations that connect people this beautiful novel by the bestselling author of Open House reminds us how wonderfuland woundinga deeper understanding of life can b. I finished 'Durable Goods' last night and am re reading it today marking the original lines She has a simple but powerful writing style and uses diamond sharp similesThere's no complex 'plot' as such in this book The story is about the thoughts and feelings of a 12 year old girl Katie struggling to get along with her 18 year old sister and their volatile and aggressive Army Dad who does not permit his daughters to cry Katie is also still trying to come to terms with her mother's deathFor all that it's a heart warming up beat book told in present tense first person point of view There is much gentle humour as Katie longs for the onset of puberty while her best friend Cherylanne is already 14 and expert in the ways of women the world and glossy magazine 'chic'It made me smile a lot but also made me feel like crying at one pointWe've all experienced having to move leave close friends behind at some time in life and reading this unlocked some deep stuff It touches chords even in a manThe mini interview info at the back of the book says she wrote a third book 'True to Form' as one of her readers just had to know what happened to Katie after 'Joy School' so I'm looking forward to reading the other two nowFor anyone thinking of starting writing she has also written 'Escaping into the open the art of writing' which provides much encouragement