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For those who want more insight into Catalonia Free download Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ ⚣ [PDF] ✅ For those who want more insight into Catalonia By Michael Eaude ✰ – Amazing Kindle Epub, For those who want insight into Catalonia by Michael Eaude This is tFavorite book with over For those Kindle readers online he. As far as it goes this is a thoughtful and well written book It contains valuable information about the history art and architecture of Catalonia and about politics and identity The author contrives to be both affectionate and unsentimental about the country is not afraid to criticise where criticism is justified and addresses many topics that will be of interest to a wide range of readers The publication is part of a series labelled 'Landscapes of the imagination' and as one writer's intelligent and personal perception of a country that he clearly knows well and likes it has much to recommend itBut the full title is 'Catalonia a cultural history' That all embracing sub title implies a different aim a much wider and objective one The author of a 'cultural history' needs to go beyond his personal impressions and interests and should attempt to create a full and balanced picture The chapters read like a disconnected series of self contained essays rather than an organic whole and there are some surprising omissions if the objective were to convey an overview of Catalan culture past and presentThe most obvious lacuna is a specific and focused discussion of the language which has always been a crucial unifying element in Catalan identity and carries a strong political charge If a reader came to this volume in total ignorance it might take him a while even to realise that Catalan is not some regional dialect of Spanish but a completely separate language with its own long history and distinguished body of literature I should have liked to have seen a chapter or essay on the linguistic issue aloneEaude side steps cultural oddities such as the castellers and gegants and the caganer in the Christmas nativity scene perhaps because he regards them as too 'touristy' and well known But even though they may not be very ancient traditions they are perfectly genuine and they are some of the things that make Catalans different from their neighbours They belong in a cultural history just as much as Barcelona FC and Catalan food and wine to which the author uite rightly devotes whole chapters He also conveys little sense of the importance of the freuent festivals throughout the year which play a significant part in cementing social identity usually bringing together traditional food music and dancingFor this reader the most glaring omission is in the short chapter devoted to popular music Eaude outlines the career of Raimon traces the rise of French influenced nova canço in the 1960s touches on the concept of the cantautor only approximately translated by 'singer songwriter' the old fashioned English word 'bard' is perhaps closer and briefly examines the place of the great Lluís Llach in Catalan culture The author is undoubtedly fully aware of the political and cultural significance of popular music Yet there is no mention of Joan Manuel Serrat nor of the uniuely surreal thread in Catalan music exemplified by Pau Riba Jaume Sisa uimi Portet and Albert Pla which forms such a fascinating parallel to the surrealist tradition in the visual arts And though a couple of pages are devoted to the interesting musical side issues of the havanera and rumba catalana there is no mention at all of rock català the vital popular genre that rose to prominence in the 1980s Catalan rock music came late on the scene because of the cultural isolation of the Franco years but it was of real importance as a focus and signifier of Catalan identity amongst the young Though inspired by American and British rock music of the 1960s onwards it retained some of the poetic traditions of Catalan music in which the words always matter And the words as well as being meaningful were in Catalan Further many of the musicians were and are outstandingly gifted even by the most stringent international standards A cultural history of Catalonia that covers the late 20th century but makes no mention of Sopa de Cabra and Sau of Els Pets Lax'n'Busto and Sangtraït nor of the numerous recent artists and bands in the rock tradition is like a cultural history of Britain that unaccountably leaves out the Rolling Stones and the BeatlesThere are also one or two practical flaws in the volume Though there is a 'further reading' section and indexes of place names and 'literary and historical' personal names there is no subject index Sadly it is a common trend now to restrict indexes to proper names but the easy temptation should have been resisted here A proper index would have helped to offset the episodic nature of the chapters The reproduction of the all monochrome photographs is totally unacceptable; dark blurred and murky Of course a section of sumptuous colour images on glossy stock is not really necessary and would have added substantially to the price of the book but in this day and age it is perfectly possible to reproduce black and white images sharply clearly and pleasingly with good brightness and contrast on paper of normal printing ualityReaders interested in Catalonia and its people will find much to enjoy in this very readable and well informed book but they should not rely on it as their principal or only source of information about Catalan culture And they will need to take their own pictures

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Amazing Kindle who want ePUB #9734 Epub For those who want m. Eaude explores Catalonia the other great unSpanish region of Spain along with the Basue country in this cultural history He looks not just at traditional art and architecture but also food music and sport He also ventures far afield from Catalonia’s great

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For those who want more insight into CataloniaOre insight into Catalonia by Michael Eaude This is the best. Interesting history of Barcelona and the Catalan area of Spain which focuses on the artists and architects musicians and politicians that have made this uniue area