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PDF ´ BOOK Mountains of Spices Û JOIN OR CREATE BOOK CLUBS Û [Reading] ➷ Mountains of Spices By Join or create book clubs – Dcmdirect.co.uk An allegory of the nine spices mentioned in Song of Solomon compared with the nine fruits of the Spirit An allegory of the nine spices mentioned in Song of SoloWith the nine fruits of the Spiri Awesome love her books This one is a seuel to Hindsfeet in High Places which is my favorite Buy for friends Great great 👍 book

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An allegory of the nine spices men If we were to be named by our most prominent character flaw what would we be named? Much Afraid? Craven Fear? Dismal Forebodings? Pride? Superiority? Like the characters in Hannah Hurnard's books our deepest flaws would be common knowledge for all to see Our names would be our ignominious fateBut what if our deepest flaws are already known? What if Someone knows our deepest flaws our hidden failures and loves us anyway? Could we change our names? Change our fate? Could we be loved in spite of ourselves?We can And we areHannah Hurnard details the Chief Shepherd beautifully Changes that we cannot possibly make on our own are possible with Jesus Christ No character flaw is too big for Him to handle Nothing you have donenothingwill ever make Him give up on youSpeaking as someone who can relate all too well to Much Afraid and her journeys to the High Places with the Shepherdplease take the time to get to know Him Journey with Him Learn His ways so that instead of being named by your deepest character flaw you will learn who you are in and to Him

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Mountains of SpicesTioned in Song of Solomon compared Before I begin the review I would strongly recommend that you read Hinds Feet in High Places before this bookMountains of Spices is a wonderful allegory of the various plants mentioned in Song of Songs and assinging them various ualities which are in fact the ualities of Christ and parallel the Fruits of the Spirit Galatians In the prologue Ms Hurnard talks of seeing the ninefold Fruit of the Spirit and the nine spices mentioned in the garden enclosed and the orchard of pomegranates in Song of Songs She does point out that she takes artistic license with some of the ualities she assigns to the spices but is overall very faithful to the Bible verses that inspired the storyThe allegory of the people in a similar fashion to Hinds' Feet is aspects of our personalities and how the Shephard can mold us through Love Much Afraid now named Grace and Glory yearns to return to the Valley to comfort her relatives who were too afraidproudetc to go to the High Places She learns from the Shephard on the various Mountains of Spices how she herself can be an ambassador of PeaceI can strongly identify with the people who are transformed by Love in its many forms and feel so inspired by this little book It and its predecessor will be read and re read many times in the years to comeOverall a wonderful book with even wonderful lessons