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SUMMARY Life and Food in the Basque Country

FREE DOWNLOAD Ú Life and Food in the Basque Country ´ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Life and Food in the Basque Country Author Join or create book clubs – Ask any Spaniard where you will find the best food in the country and the answer is invariably the Basue provinces In this beautifully written book Mara Jos SevillHe author shows the historical influences and fierce regional pride behind this distinctive culinary repertoire Finally three professional chefs take us into their kitchens and show us how their superb cooking is based on rich popular traditions More than eighty authentic recipes punctuate evocative descriptions of cultural and culinary traditions making this an ideal book for the inuisitive traveler who enjoys good fo. A really good book A bit different Worth a read

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Tead and shows how the strength of Basue cuisine comes from the uality and range of local produce superb fish from the Cantabrian coast cheeses and wild mushrooms from the mountains and vegetables and fruitincluding apples for cider makingfrom the caseros of the valleys Through her portraits of a fisherman a craftsman of wooden cheese making utensils a wine producer and a young and Food in eBook #10003 city housewife t. It was an absolute pleasure to read this book Such a sweet description of life in the Basue country in various facets Such an amazing insight into the life of the people underpinned by their love of good food I read it ahead of a holiday and it helped me paint a delicious vision of what I was about to experience It enhanced my trip significantly Absolutely loved it Well done to the writer

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Life and Food in the Basque CountryAsk any Spaniard where you will find the Food in PDF #180 best food in the country and the answer is invariably the Basue provinces In this beautifully written book Mara Jos Sevilla describes the region through the eyes of men and women whose lives embrace every aspect of its cooking and culinary traditions and records the recipes she has learned from them The author takes us from market Life and PDF to casero or farms. We own just about every English book about the Basue people language and cuisine and this is our new favorite In fact if it were available as an audio book I would purchase it and listen to it again immediately on an upcoming road tripAlthough the book is simple with no photos or maps the author really brings the stories alive Each chapter covers a different sacred part of the Basue culture from the ciderhouses to the fisherman to their incredible sheep cheese all with plenty of authentic Basue recipes intertwined Food is connected to everything in the Basue CountryEven with everything else I have read about the Basue there was still plenty of new things I learned in this book And although not a language book the author includes all the Basue words for everything of importance which was an added bonus If you haven't tried the Basue language is very rewarding It is extremely hard to learn but the Basue are so appreciative and even amazed that anyone would try to learn their crazy languageThe book was written in the 1980's and although the people have surely changed from our several recent visits things are still uite similar to what is covered in this book Plus it gives great insight as to why things are done a certain way but importantly how the Basue have been able to save their uniue culture and even help it thrive and expand into the new centuryI could not out this book down and even though I am not a chef I marked a few recipes I want to try my hand at I will very likely read this book again before our next visit as a refresher too because it is so full of great info