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Return to Tradd StreetThe foundation of her houseAs the hauntings on Tradd Street slowly becomeviolent Melanie decides to find out what caused the babys untimely death uncovering the love loss and betrayal that color the houses historyand threaten her claim of ownership But can she seek Jacks help without risking her heart For in revealing the secrets of the past Melanie also awakens the malevolent presence that has tried to keep the truth hidden for decades. I have never been disappointed by a book from Karen White but have to admit that the Tradd Street series are among her best books This is a must read for anyone who reads the series it closes the storyline very very well I have absolutely no idea if the series is at an end but feel that if it is all the characters I have come to love have been taken care of really wellThis series this book is definitely recommended

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Insistence that she can raise their child alone Melanie is completely unprepared for motherhood and she struggles to complete renovations on her house on Tradd Street before the baby arrivesWhen Melanie is roused one night by the sound of a ghostly infant crying she chooses to ignore it She simply does not have the energy to deal with onecrisis That is until the remains of a newborn buried in an old christening gown are found hidden in. Another brilliant book from Karen White I cant leave her books down they are just a super read Cant wait to read her new book in january

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Return to Tradd Street free read ì 106 å ➳ [Reading] ➶ Return to Tradd Street By Join or create book clubs ➩ – In the fourth novel in the New York Times bestselling Tradd Street series Charleston realtor Melanie Middleton is determined to leave the past behind her But history has a tendency of catchiIn the fourth novel in the New York Times bestselling Tradd Street series Charleston realtor Melanie Middleton is determined to leave the past behind her But history has a tendency of catching up with her whether she likes it or notMelanie is only going through the Return to ePUB #182 motions of living since refusing Jack Trenholms marriage proposal She misses him desperately but her broken heart is the least of her problems Despite an. Charleston South Carolina is one of my favorite cities I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been there It is no wonder I fell in love with RETURN TO TRADD STREET The descriptions of Charleston are so vivid I instantly recognized places I have been I’ve stayed at the Charleston Place Hotel and it’s every bit as elegant as Karen White portrays it The Palmetto Caf where the main character Melanie Mellie Middleton and her best friend meet for lunch is not to be outdone I don’t think there is a museum I haven’t visited and Tradd and Legare East Bay Street South Battery and Broad are streets I have walkedMellie has inherited a beautiful stately old Charleston home as well as a housekeeper and a dog named General Lee from Nevin Vanderhorst after only meeting him once She is a realtor that specializes in old homes and she met him to discuss putting his house on the market She is pregnant and has told the father Jack Trenholm she won’t marry him Jack has a teenaged daughter a talented musician who has the typical teenage clashes with her dad Nola and Mellie have bonded and Mellie often finds herself in the role of “mother”The story was fantastic I could hardly put it down There are several conflicts in the story that Mellie needs to solve Mysteriously she hears a baby crying while in her house Is she in love with Jack Will she get to retain ownership of the house Does she even want the house How will she and Jack work out the details of parenthood after the baby is born There is a lot of action to keep you turning the pagesThe characters were fascinating Do Mellie and her mother have psychic powers Can anyone be as handsome as Jack The Gilberts come into the story and in the beginning I disliked them but as Mellie learned about them and came to like them herself so did I Sophie Mellie’s best friend has a very colorful way of dressing not at all stylish but is what everyone wants in a friend I could describe these characters and in greater detail but I don’t want to spoil the book for other readersThis is the first book by Karen White that I’ve read and it definitely won’t be the last I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance with a bit of a mystery as well