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FREE EBOOK ã EPUB One Wedding ë How to Photograph a Wedding from Start to Finish à ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ One Wedding: How to Photograph a Wedding from Start to Finish By Join or create book clubs ✸ – Brett Florens walks you step by step through one real Hour by hour coverage with standout shots of the reception made with strobe ambient light and bounce flash Throughout he demonstrates how shooting with the albums in mind will ease the post event design process and boost your sales In this practical inspiring book youll see real wedding photography as it is rarely revealed from the perspective of a single event start to fini I enjoyed learning about getting organized and building the love story for wedding albums I've been doing it all wrong

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Multi strobe approaches Florens launches his wedding day coverage with early morning shots of the guys and the ladies creating a variety of group and individual images indoors and out At the ceremony site he has advice for documenting each event and creating formal portraits of the couple and guests After a uick but efficient break for location portraits he concludes the days This was the first book in a long time that when I finished reading I felt like it was actually valuable and not a lot of regurgitated information The approach was fresh following one couples journey from start to finish Many insights into the technical and the business side of photography were shared as well as the camera settings used that seem to be missing in many books Thanks Brett for sharing your experiences

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One Wedding How to Photograph a Wedding from Start to FinishBrett Florens walks you step by step through one real wedding the celebration of Claire and Chris revealing his go to shooting techniues and time management strategies Florens begins by customizing image concepts to suit the clients personalities and style On the engagement shoot he takes you through setups with Claire and Chris that begin with natural light then escalate to So I just finished this book I didn't only read it I took notes I highlighted parts throughout the whole book I took note of how many minutes were allotted between each time from location place scene and seuence of each part of the wedding day The book is well written it definitely covers than just the wedding day But here is where I don't feel is is applicable to a large majority of wedding photographers in regards to time frame As a wedding photographer I have to figure out what is a reasonable amount of time to cover a wedding I am sure Mr Florens is a very what is considered high end wedding photographer So I am assuming when he is hired he is making a very good sum of money to cover a 14 hour 40 minute wedding dayThe wedding day starts with the Groomsmen at 850am and the Reception ends at 1130pm Now I am an average wedding photographer covering the price range of probably 40% or of photographer across the US give or take a few exceptions here or there with an average of 2k to 3k per wedding What I would like to have seen in this book is a realistic time frame of wedding coverage for the large majority of wedding photographers and average weddingsTake my business for example I give 10 hours with every wedding collection at an affordable price I am only one of a few photographer in my area that offer 10 hours with every collectionpackage Most other photographer even on the higher end of the wedding photography spectrum here in Va Beach area give packages of 6 hours 8 hours and 10 hours I think the only time I had close to a 14 hour day was during an Indian wedding that was of a destination wedding because it was in another state Then if I tie in all my editing which a major majority of wedding photographers in my price range cannot afford a separate person to editetc would leave me in the dark if I was to even try to give a 14 hour daySo I think the book is good in regards of helping to create a consistent timeline for a wedding photographer to follow in a consistent manner and to make sure every aspect is covered; but I give it 4 stars because I think that the time frame of the wedding coverage is not realistic for the majority of the average wedding photographers If you were in the 40% range of most wedding photographers with an income of 2k to 4k it would be impossible to cover a wedding with this amount of time on a consistant basis over a wedding season and be able to profit from it let alone I do 30 to 40 weddings to make it through the year if I was doing much work with your timeline I would probably not make it through one wedding season If you have time lines that are consistent it would be nice to see a blog post or download to apdf to see how it would work