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The Conscious Parent Transforming Ourselves Empowering Our ChildrenTurning the traditional Parent Transforming PDFEPUB #236 notion of parenting on its head Dr Tsabary shifts the epicentre of the parent child relationship away from the standard parent to child 'know it all' approach to The Conscious Epuba mutual 'parent with child' relationship in which the parent learns alongside the childParents unwittingly pass on an inhe. I never write reviews but in this case I have no choice I have a PhD in clinical psychology and I think this is one of the most important books ever written EVER Anyone who has a child wants to have a child is having a child or WAS a child should read this If Dr Tsabary's message could get through to any of them the world would be a better place

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Parent Transforming Ourselves Empowering PDFEPUB or you will begin to learn from your child accept who they are and not only feel closer to them but alsoin touch with yourselfAs you develop both Conscious Parent Transforming Ourselves Empowering PDFEPUB or emotionally and spiritually so you will feelconfident in regard to raising well adjusted happy children. I started this book and felt annoyed at concepts such as no hierarchy parenting and at times felt almost slightly attacked by my parenting approach and everything I thinkfeel is correct It is difficult to change our ways especially on the sensitive personal topic of parenting However after abandoning it for a couple of months I decided to persevere and I had to say it makes a lot of senseThe basic principle of the book in a nut shell is in order to parent well you must act towards your child from a place of consciousness and to do that you your self must be consciousNow to understand what that truly means one needs to have done some spiritual exploration already so this book is sadly not for the masses Even though I am very familiar with the principles of consciousness it is still a daily practise to achieve It's hard workFrom a contextual perspective the book is very full there is lots of information and it has a lot of layers and depth It is well written good use of vocabulary but not in an overbearing way I learnt uite a few new words which is always niceIf you understand and believe in the concept of Consciousness you will unlikely be disappointed

review The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children

The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children Read & Download » 9 Õ [Download] ✤ The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children ➸ Join or create book clubs – Turning the traditional notion of parenting on its hRitance of psychological pain and emotional rigidity to their children To handle the behaviour Conscious Parent Transforming ePUB #180 that results from this traditional books on parenting abound with uick fix techniues for control and behaviour management In contrast by following Shefali Tsabary's philosophy and the advice in The Conscious Parent Conscious. Overall a worthwhile read There are several great concepts that shift and lift parental perspectiveWould recommend to new parents or parents of toddlerspre schoolers than parents of teensCritical observations1 the book is wordy with moments of off putting smugness and2 offers parents of struggling teens an oversimplified borderline offensively simplified message•The author cites her experiences of helping parents of struggling teens but her examples are the extremes of dysfunction and do not apply to all families who are struggling their child's teen yearsThe author's broad brushstrokes regarding the teen years with primary focus of blame on parents for teen deviance and teen struggles can feel minimizing and patronizingfull disclosure here's where I get wordyTimes have changed When my husband and I were teenagers and something embarrassing happened to us our parents would wisely reassure us that the entire humiliation would be forgotten in a week That is no longer the reality for our teens Handheld devices now record replay alter and share and share and share exponentially with no guarantee that the content of our teen's humiliationbad decision will ever be completely erased On top of that peers are emboldened to mob mentality while they sit comfortably veiled in their anonymity Substances are at unprecedented levels of potency some lethal upon first exposure others laced with extremely addictive secondary substances The ripple effect of over prescribing for sports' injuries and necessary medical procedures; school shooters; an overwhelmed public school system Even if our kid is not uote unuote struggling they likely have classmates peers individuals in their social circle who are The list goes onThe author does not fully explore the extent of such external factorsFrom our experience it is misleading to say a child raised in a loving supporting conscious home will be immune to these outside influences We see it in family therapy and family support groups not all families have obvious traumas and dysfunction; there are also families who care and love deeply who are and have been active participants in their children's lives who have other children who are thriving and healthy but have a child who is troubled despite their uote unuote healthy home life and consistentconscious parentingThis is awful of me but I found myself hoping the author might one day expand her family to than one child ultimately experience first hand a child among her brood profoundly struggling during their hisher years and THEN write another bookAll this said I did find the book's nuggets important enough that I have recommended the book to others and bought two as gifts