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Differential Equations in 24 Hours with Solutions and Historical NotesThe in 24 Hours with eBook #223 title of this book is intended in 24 ePUB #185 to beof a challenge than a promise No one can promise you that you will learn differential euations in hours That is up to you What this book does is it makes it possible to learn Differential Euations ePUB #182 basic differential euations in the minimum amount of time needed It has a concise style of presentation and the right number of exercises and examplesnot too many not too few Al. Looks great on my Kindles But before you buy download a sample to your Kindle or Kindles I downloaded the sample to my Kindle for PC with a 24 inch screen Perfect Downloaded a sample to my MacBook Pro with a 17 inch screen Perfect again These are my go to Kindles for technical work I also have iPad and phone Kindles Your mileage may vary DOWNLOAD THE SAMPLE FIRSTThe book is divided into 24 chapters labeled Hours In each chapter the author does an amazing job of pushing aside all the dense formality that accompanies typical math texts and hits the target dead on In each chapter the subject is clear One of the most difficult things to find in math books is clarity This author hits it as well as any I have seen Also he continuously puts the differential euations in context with the physics that they describe Definitely different than the usual dry do it this way and someday you will find out why approach that formal math books useAs a text the book has too few examples for my taste But that is easily remedied and does not detract from the book at all And I bought the book because I enjoyed the style it was inexpensive and I could use an easy referenceThis book should stand as a shining example for why colleges definitely overcharge for text books This book would sell for 150 to 250 in a college bookstore if it were reuired for a class in Diff E Not only is this book better than the course book I had in college it is probably better than the ones sold today at outrageous pricesI trust that Dr Imhoff teaches classes from this book and will be one of those professors that the students remember for decades afterwardsFive stars easy

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Read & Download Differential Equations in 24 Hours: with Solutions and Historical Notes 104 î ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Differential Equations in 24 Hours: with Solutions and Historical Notes ✑ Author Join or create book clubs – The title of this book is intendedIs euivalent to the material presented in the junior level course in differential euations that the author teaches at University of Colorado Denver It grew out of his earlier book Shortcut to Ordinary Differential Euations The present book expanded slightly and euipped with all of the solutions covers basically the same topics that were taught in a junior level course in differential euations that the author took at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapol. Este libro resulta muy fácil de leer y entender porue las explicaciones son sencillas y directas Los ejemplos son ilustrativos y los ejercicios abarcan diferentes grados de dificultad y tienen respuestas detalladasRecomendable ampliamente

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L of the solutions to all of the exercises Euations in 24 Hours with PDF are presented in detail in Appendix Euations in 24 ePUB #10003This allows reinforcement learning and verification of success Biographical sketches of important mathematicians are included to provide additional motivation however they can be skipped in the interest of further time savings The material which can be skipped appears in italics The content taught here Euations in 24 Hours with PDF. The book seems well written but unfortunately the euations graphics do not scale in size and printed in very small type so as a math book does not make this book a very good deal Hopefully a future edition of this book will overcome this limitation