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Read & Download Traveling Israel - Jerusalem Tel Aviv and the Judaean Desert ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook æ ➮ Traveling Israel - Jerusalem Tel Aviv and the Judaean Desert Read ➶ Author Join or create book clubs – There are many well known travel guiThere are many well known travel guides available Jerusalem PDF #198 They recommend different itineraries accommodation and dishes and generally provide a small amount of information about a lot of different places My approach is different On my website you can find all the general information you need to know about Israel accommodation transportation food society etc whereas the booklets present detailed information on the sites alone Traveling Israel EpubAs a tour guide who has been to the sites hundreds of times I am able to relate the history of each through its artifacts and integrate into the text the answers to the most freuently asked uestionsJudaean Desert bookletThis booklet takes you to the three most visited sites in the Judaean Desert Masada Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea The Masada route takes in Israel Jerusalem PDFEPUB #180 the main points of interest and tells two dramatic stories the story of King Herod a persecuted persecutor king who built himself a palace in the middle of the desert and the story of the rebels who years later used the palace as their last fortress Another story that my booklet deals with has nothing to do with the ancient history but rather with Israel Jerusalem Tel Aviv ePUB #182 the story we tell ourselves Masada is not only an archeological site but it was also built as a nati.

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Onal symbol that has its own story I have also included a description of an unknown trail that surrounds Masada It can be combined in its entirety or not with a visit to the top of MasadaEin Gedi offers a variety of walking routes and you can visit the main sites included in the booklet the ancient synagogue with its mosaic floor on which it is written that Israel Jerusalem Tel Aviv ePUB #182 cursed will be the man who tells the town secret the Chalcolithic Temple and the flora and fauna of Ein GediTel Aviv Jaffa bookletThe booklet begins at Summit Garden a site that overlooks Tel Aviv a city that grew out of the sand a hundred years ago to become a major city At the foot of the lookout is a small almost unnoticed archeological site that has an amazing story behind it The path continues to the main suare of old Jaffa where St Peters Church stands Although Jaffa doesnt have the importance of Jerusalem or Nazareth the church commemorates the beginning of the separation of Christianity from Judaism The tour continues through the alleys down to the port of Jaffa The port is not impressive but it was nonetheless the gateway to Israel the first thing that generations of pilgrims and pioneers saw The point where reality met their dreams of the Holy Land as each of them saw it The next stop is where Adolf Eichmann was held.

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Traveling Israel Jerusalem Tel Aviv and the Judaean DesertAfter being brought to Israel for a trial that shook Israeli society From there the trail visits the American colony three narrow streets that tell the story of the groups of Americans who attempted to settle in Jaffa All of them failed miserably but three of the most prominent American writers Herman Melville Moby Dick Mark Twain and John Steinbeck had some connection to these settlements The trail ends at Neve Tzedek the first Jewish neighborhood to lie outside the old city walls of Jaffa I added two chapters about Rabin Suare and Sarona the newly renovated German colonyJerusalem bookletThe first site in this booklet is the Chapel of Ascension the holiest site for Christians on the Mount of Olives It is here that Jesus spent his last week and I also wrote about twoimportant churches located nearby Dominus Flevit where Jesus saw the temple predicted its destruction and cried over it and Gethsemane where Jesus prayed the night before his crucifixion From there the tour continues to the Old City through the Lions Gate and along the Via Dolorosa the route that Jesus took from the place he was judged by Pontius Pilate to where he was crucified on which spot the Church of the Holy Sepulchre stands today Another chapter is dedicated to the Wailing Wall and the Temple Mount I also added information about less well known sit.