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Say Nothing A NovelOutstandingstarts with a bang and gets tenser and tenser Say Nothingshows Parks is a uality writer at the top of his formLee ChildTerrific book Truly terrific Tension throughout and tears at the endSue Grafton Judge Scott Sampson doesnt brag about having a perfect life but the evidence is clear A prestigious job A loving marriage A pair of healthy children Then a p. Brad Parks hits on all cylinders in his latest Say Nothing It has elements of a psychological thriller ala Gone Girl a classic who done it ala And Then There Were None and a horror tragedy pastiche pick any story of a parent’s despair from the myth of Persephone to Netflix’s Stranger Things The story begins with the kidnap of federal court Judge Scott Sampson’s six year old twins Sampson and his wife are told to await further instruction and otherwise “say nothing” Thus begins their and every parent’s nightmare Sampson does his best to hold it together while trying to figure out what action – on or off the bench – will bring his children homes safely Without giving away the many twists and turns including a heartrending ending that I guarantee no one will see coming it’s fair to say that Sampson and the reader suspect with good reason pretty much everybody as they dig through a complicated web of drug deals pharmaceutical company greed political corruption and Wall Street high rollers to figure out what will persuade the kidnappers to release the twins unharmed Brad Parks really understands what makes a good mystery The stakes couldn’t be higher in this novel right from page one He creates characters including the engaging Scott Sampson – I hope we see of him in future books who are in turn likeable suspect odious and brave And he keeps the action rolling even through complicated but necessary courtroom scenes that in less accomplished hands could have dragged This is one of those books you’ll race through desperate to find how who did it then flip back through to look for all the clues you missed Or at least I did and I’d be willing to bet you will too

Summary Say Nothing: A Novel

Say Nothing: A Novel Read ↠ 2 ´ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Say Nothing: A Novel Author Join or create book clubs – Outstandingstarts with a bang and gets tenser and tenser Say Nothingshows Parks is a uality writer at the top of his formLee ChildTerrific book Truly terrific Tension throughout and tears at the endSu Outstandingstarts Hone call begins every parents most chilling nightmare Scotts six year old twins Sam and Emma have been taken The judge must rule exactly as instructed in a drug case he is about to Say Nothing PDFEPUB or hear If he refuses the conseuences for the children will be dire For Scott and his wife Alison the kidnappers call is only the beginning of a twisting gut churning. Brad Parks has an incredible story telling gift With his uniue ability to bring to life the very souls of his characters Parks makes every situation every moment real In Say Nothing a recently appointed federal judge finds his existence turned up side down when his twins are kidnapped to force the rulings in two trials After the first hearing finished as the kidnappers ordered Sam was released Emma was kept so that a much serious trial would be manipulated to suit the mastermind's desire You will find up in tears as you read the final chapters of this amazing piece of fiction

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Ordeal of blackmail deceit and terror Through it all they will stop at nothing to get their children back no matter the cost to themselvesor to each otherComplications and twists build to an unexpected climax that is both perfect and gut wrenching Library Journal starred review Grips the reader from the get go and doesnt let up until the final twistAssociated Press. I put aside things I had to do and read this book straight through It is an emotional legal thriller from a judge’s point of view His children are kidnapped to force him to make a ruling How it is resolved will keep you reading I don’t think I have read anything by Brad Parks before but I will definitely check him out again