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kindle Ü Two OneWay Tickets to Rome ↠ join or create book clubs ↠ ❰PDF❯ ✈ Two One-Way Tickets to Rome: Our Year-Long Honeymoon in Italy Author Join or create book clubs – This book is the true story of Dan and Cristina's honeymoon in Italy Moving only days after tThis book is the true story of Dan and Cristina's honeymoon in Italy Moving only days after their wedding it turned into a year long adventure in which they would soak up the Italian culture To anyone anticipating or even dreaming of Terrible writing Uninteresting Repetitious I read a lot of Italy travel books this one doesn't even mention food people sites

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Such an adventure this book can shine a light on the entire picture In addition to the romantic aspect of such a move there are plenty of less than romantic experiences to undergo Alongside all the exotic scenery and charm there is I knew from the beginning this was going to be a bit of a disappointment when the author laments not being able to eat at some burger joint in California and claims NY Pizza is the best in the world Top that off with his longing for Mexican food No offense to Mexico but your cuisine ranks up there with Finland's for boring and unhealthy What was of a disappointment and perhaps made their journey so much less than it could have been was their lack of at least as told in the book ability to befriend or be befriended by Italians? To become part of the community besides their short weekly interactions with shop keepers The fact that days went by without speaking Italian was an indication of the social isolation they may have encountered Besides the harvest participation I do not recall any other significant socializing with Italians Contrast this story to Il Bel Centro a good read where the family became part of the community developed life long friendships and bonds Kudos to the author for writing and publishing his dairy but it seems from my reading that he is like so many expats that move somewhere then lament the things they miss about home and do everything they can to recreate in some sense that environment Italy has plenty of warts but I would take Italy any day over Mexico Venezuela or California

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Two One Way Tickets to Rome Our Year Long Honeymoon in ItalyThe Italian bureaucracy to deal with Part travelogue and part reality check this book tries to give the realistic picture of the modern day Italian culture Join us in our once in a lifetime journey and savor the richness that is Ital I rated this a four star and not a five because it was obvious that the author was not a seasoned writer Neverthelessthe book is a valuable read of you are looking for a better understanding of European living I always enjoy getting to know the author and the family and friends This book offers some opportunity for that but left me wanting than was available to the reader I hope to see a seuel