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Lonely Planet's Global Beer TourFt beer revolution has seen waves of breweries open up to the public not just in the United States the UK Planet's Global Beer ePUB #180 and Australia where the trend is well established but all over the world Visit European beer capitals like Belgium Italy and Germany and sample local favourites in Canada Australia and New Zealand In Asia explore hotspots in Japan Vietnam and China then venture to South America Africa and the Middle East Each brewery is accompanied by a selection of sightseeing ideas and activities from local museums and galleries to great hikes or bike rides The book also features fun sections on beer trails hangover cures and the worlds wildest beers Theres also practical advice like how to ask for a beer in the local language and the ideal snacks to accompany your drink About Lonely Planet Lonely Planet is a leading travel media company and the worlds number one travel guidebook brand providing both inspiring and trustworthy information for ever Beer tourism is growing in popularity As a beer writer myself I have noticed a strong increase in the topic of beer travel and I often see brewery visits listed among the things to do when I visit most any destination Lonely Planet’s Global Beer Tour is a book dedicated to this new face of tourism guiding the reader on a tour of the world one brewery at a timeGlobal Beer Tour is like a combination reference guide and reading volume but it leans a little toward the reference end The book is organized by continent and then alphabetical by country Within each country it lists some of the most popular uniue or otherwise interesting breweries for tourists It could be a brewery with critically acclaimed beer a brewery steeped in history or a brewery with some sort of uniue feature The book includes many of the world’s greatest breweries complete with a summary of the brewery’s offerings a short bio and a recommend list of things to do nearbyOne of this book’s strongest points is the illustrations and I like that the guide contains at least one picture for every featured brewery It’s always helpful to see what things are like and the pictures do make a difference The organization is useful too because it sorts first by continent then by country The foreign travel section is nice because travelers can uickly turn to the part of the globe in which they are visiting and lookup breweries to visit The sorting of the United States breweries which are listed alpha by city would have been better had it been sorted first by region and then by city but it’s still useful like it is Oh and the things to do nearby is a good idea because it helps lead tourists to other places of interest that are not focused on beer but are certainly worth seeingWhere Global Beer Tour falters a bit is with the actual entries themselves The amount of information on each brewery is far too brief only a couple short paragraphs in some instances This isn’t enough to really get to know a brewery on a personal level and to entice me to want to visit But I think the greatest problem I have with Global Beer Tour is the lack of breweries covered and nowhere is this clearer then with the United States The book highlights some of the best known breweries in America’s most popular beer cities but far too many are overlooked Yes they covered the super heavyweights like San Diego Denver and Portland Oregon But cities like Philadelphia Milwaukee and others receive no mention at all And when you consider the thousands of operating breweries in the United States the fact that only about thirty six are highlighted in this book well it just leaves you yearning for Overall however I cannot say that Global Beer Tour is bad book because it isn’t There is still some useful information here and the pictures are helpful The writing is good as well and I like that the guide tries its best to cover a diverse set of breweries in different sections of the world The low number of breweries receiving coverage and the scant amount of information on some of them makes the book less appealing than it would otherwise be but there is enough good to give this book a middle rating and small recommendation

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Explore the vibrant Global Beer PDFEPUB #227 world of craft beer with Lonely Planet Global Beer Tour Weve selected some of the finest tap rooms bars and breweries that thirsty travellers can visit in countries around the world Discover how to find them which beers to sample and learn about local places of interest with our recommended itineraries Each country is introduced by a beer expert and includes regional beverages that shouldnt be missed Theres a world of great beer to taste go and discover it So why go beer touring especially when its Lonely Planet's Epubeasy and cheap to find interesting craft beers in your local shop Firstly craft beer doesnt travel too well and is affected by changes in temperature and long distances And secondly due to the explosion in small scale breweries many great beers arent distributed outside their city or region Beer often tastes better the closer it is to home especially if thats straight from a tap in the actual brewery The cra Great book full of beer spots around the world Would recommend to those looking for some beer knowledge around the world or looking for a book to display on a coffee table Would be a great gift as well

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Free Lonely Planet's Global Beer Tour doc  reader ✓ [Reading] ➶ Lonely Planet's Global Beer Tour By Join or create book clubs – Explore the vibrant world of craft beer with Lonely Planet Global Beer Tour Weve selected some of the finest tap rooms bars and breweries that thirsty travellers can viY kind of traveller since Over the past four decades weve printed over million guidebooks and phrasebooks for languages and grown a dedicated passionate global community of travellers Youll also find our content online and in mobile apps video languages international magazines armchair and lifestyle books ebooks andenabling you to explore every day Lonely Planet enables the curious to experience the world fully and to truly get to the heart of the places they find themselves near or far from home TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Awards and winner in Favorite Travel Guide categoryLonely Planet guides are uite simply like no other New York TimesLonely Planet Its on everyones bookshelves its in every travellers hands Its on mobile phones Its on the Internet Its everywhere and its telling entire generations of people how to travel the world Fairfax Media Australia Important Notice The digital edition of this book may not contain all of the images found in the physical editi Este é o livro perfeito para uem já ama cerveja e também para uem uer se tonar um expert na bebida Ao longo de centenas de páginas ricamente ilustradas o livro apresenta um panorama completo aborda as principais escolas cervejeiras do mundo