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text ð Madman AUTHOR Join or create book clubs Ò Join or create book clubs If there is a way into madness logic says there is a way out Logic says Tallis a philosophers servant is sent to a Greek academy in Palestine only to discover that it has silently ominously disa I lead a combo Bible studybook club at my church Our Faith And Fiction group was concentrating on the healing miracles of Jesus and chose Madman by Tracy Groot as the complimentary novel The book is based on the Biblical account of the Gerasene demoniac While the book received mixed reviews from the members of the study I found it a challenging and viewpoint expanding read Complex in structure as well as characterization Madman is a book that must be read slowly to experience all that it has to offer It is Biblical fiction like no other I have encountered Told from the perspective of a servant of a Greek philosopher a student in his own right Madman gives the reader a look into the Gentile life of Palestine Should you read it? This one is not for someone who wants a uick easy or even light read Its subject matter is madness and demonic possession and the power of Jesus to reach into both and set the captive free If you are up for a challenge then I urge you to give this one a lookTallis has been sent by his master Calimachus to the Decapolis in Palestine to find out what has happened to the philosophical school that had been founded in his name What Tallis finds is mystery and danger and a tormented man who lives in the tombsThe story is told from the third person point of view of Tallis and letters to his master back in Athens Tallis has scars from a childhood trauma that make him vulnerable to both human and spiritual attack But as he receives warning after warning to go home Tallis is determined to find the truth Supporting characters are interesting and unlike what I am used to in traditional Biblical fiction Part of that may stem from the fact that all of the characters are Gentiles descendants of Greek colonists that now make the Decapolis their home The Decapolis is very definitely not a Jewish enclave Its cultural life is based upon its Greek origins and includes the pagan rites and worship foreign to their Jewish neighbors It is this paganism that I found the most interesting While the Greeks prided themselves on rational thought and discourse parts of their society clung to worship of gods that demanded much from their adherents Tallis must deal with the whys of the man’s demonic possession something that is missing from the Biblical record The reader soon discovers that pride arrogance and the search for god like power and knowledge leave than the man in the tombs vulnerable to demonic attack The entrance of Jesus into the story comes late in the book but there is a great anticipation of his arrival that is felt throughout I found the portrayal of the demoniac’s torment and his ultimate deliverance especially powerfulMadman is an early book by Tracy Groot This Christy Award winner for historical fiction has just been recently re released While I am not sure my reading experience was one of enjoyment I am glad I read this riveting novelRecommendedAudience adults

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mobi Ì Madman AUTHOR Join or create book clubs ✓ Download ´ Join or create book clubs õ ☆ Madman PDF / Epub ✩ Author Join or create book clubs – If there is a way into madness logic says there is a way out Logic says Tallis a philos Ppeared No one will tell him what happened but he learns what has become of four of its scholars One was murdered One committed suicide One worships in the temple of Dionysus And oneone is a mad Set in the biblical era Tracy Groot paints a vivid backdrop against which to understand this pivotal passage from the history of the Meshiach on earth At times our modern understanding of scripture prevents us from grasping the details of things we read in the text Groot pulls back the curtain of time and deposits you in this world this culture Her greatest success her ability to portray the details and customs of the time without the buildup of the novel ever breaking stride Secondarily she is nearly poetic in her economy of words for not a single one is wasted It amazes me how we the readers are plunged into the depths of madness feel the terrible risk of hope and anxiously look Across the Sea for the answer to the former and fulfillment of the latter Her treatment of the scripture is respectful and insightful The breadth of her understanding of the culture demands the readers respect This is a tale that is so ancient you will feel you have time traveled so emotional you will want to weep shout or dance by turn and so memorable you will find yourself considering it long after you've finished the last page

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Madman AUTHOR Join or create book cluManFrom Christy Awardwinning author Tracy Groot comes a tale of mystery horror and hope in the midst of unimaginable darkness the story behind the Gerasene demoniac of the Gospels of Mark and Lu I was engrossed not only in the vivid description of that period in history but with the internal grappling of several characters with whatever demons were attached to them Fascinating study of human character everything from relationships to religion to madness and the choices we make that influence our own personal levels of craziness not least of which is the power we give over to others whether they be human or supernatural Very thought provoking when it comes to evaluating just how many influences WE allow into our souls and the potential for either destruction or redemption The author uickly tied up too many strings toward the end of the book that didn't seem believable in the context of the overall story And I would love to have delved into the transformation of the Madman although I do understand the author's desire to avoid interjecting too much into the recorded Biblical interaction with Jesus All in all a great haunting worthwhile weekend read