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The lovely Juanita Thompson is living a charmed life She has a loving family and wonderful friends who always have her back When she meets the saved handsome and single new pastor of her church Joshua Ellerbee she decides right away that he's a decent individual who's worthy of leading the flock at Zion Grove Christian Center However Pastor Ellerbee unwitting Very nice Christian love story when God on your side yes have the power of protection o matter what comes against you This s truly a great short story of love and happiness🙏💙💙

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Peace Through The Fire A Christian Romance Novel On Fire For Christ Book 3Ly makes a decision that causes Juanita to lose her part time gig at Zion Grove Conseuently her approval of him changes in an instant Because of his ill fated move she begins to suspect that her new handsome pastor is a male chauvinist in disguise one who's not worthy of her time As for Pastor Ellerbee he soon comes to realize that he loves everything about J Although I like this author this whole series has been the same girl meets guy guy meets girl they fall in love some venomous woman behind the scenes trying to destroy the woman it comes back on the woman the guy and woman live happily ever after I haven’t finished the book yet but it’s the same plot EVERY book now I love Christian Fiction but there are parts of a story that makes it Christian besides name a church saying cliche spiritual comments and saying someone is a womanman of faith there’s rarely any real scripture included even the sermons don’t go deep into what was preached by the pastor the prayers they say are never deep or power driven There’s CURSING in the book this seem like a lukewarm Christian fiction book Someone on the fence who’s not fully deep into God and love drama I pray she finds the strength to show her spiritual muscles remove the cursing and change the plot This book can be so good with a different objective it could’ve focused on the change in pastoral leadership working full time while being a servant in the Lords house and then becoming a love story It doesn’t take all of the drama being included in these books I am not saying the enemy does not come but he surely doesn’t come the same way every love story Let me go back in to finish reading but I promise if I read another book with this plot that will be it for me supporting this author I really enjoy CHRISTIAN FICTION meaning I can see the Holy Spirit throughout the story in totality so much so that my own mind meditate on my character identifying with the characters and feeling like I just spent time with God by reading

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Peace Through The Fire eBook å On Fire For Christ Book 3 é dcmdirect ✓ ❮Read❯ ➯ Peace Through The Fire: A Christian Romance Novel (On Fire For Christ Book 3) Author Join or create book clubs – The lovely Juanita Thompson is living a charmed life She has a lovUanita She's saved fabulous considerate and in his eyes downright irresistible It doesn't take the good pastor long to fall head over heels for Juanita Eventually she comes to realize that she's attracted to him too However there's a secret that she's keeping even from her two besties It's a secret that can ruin any shot she'll ever have at a happy ever after Juanita and Joshua's story is very romantic Taretha Jones unlike many writers doesn't leave you hanging at the end of her books Each book can stand on it's own I find this commendable While I like series I don't like having to read several books to realize the end of the story Thank you Taretha There are some errors that could be alleviated with proofreading however this one was an improvement I still offer the invitation to reach out to me