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Runaway Tide Ebook ½ Sea Glass Inn Book 2 Download å Join or create book clubs ´ ❰Download❯ ➵ Runaway Tide (Sea Glass Inn Book 2) Author Join or create book clubs – Unflappable Meg finds herself at a crossroads when ex flame Jackson Riley becomes Unflappable Meg finds herself at a crossroads when ex flame Jackson Riley becomes her bossShe'd made a promise to Jackson's late father to stay working for the chain of inns but how can she now?After years away Jackson has somet Meg loves her job as a sales events manager for a small chain of hotels and is great at it Her job is to generate group sales where the groups stay in the hotels for their conferences This involves lots of traveling Her mentor William Riley gave her a start and loved her as a daughter but he passed away suddenly His son Jackson and Meg dated for a while when William was alive but Jackson didn't really appreciate his father at the time Jackson left to work elsewhere and Meg was left dangling unsure of where their relationship was going After William's death Jackson returns to run the hotel chain and encountered a cold shoulder from Meg Then Jackson's half sister Pepper showed up and is a terror to everyone around Jackson found out about Pepper after his father died but the two are working together to run the hotels Pepper has it in for Meg for some reason and does everything that she can to put Meg in a bad light Meg and Jackson had an argument on the beach and when running away from him Meg fell and broke her foot Her injury led her to depend on the help of Jackson and others including an unexpected visit from her mom to help herNeither Meg nor Jackson is over their past relationship But Pepper's allegations cast a rift between them William always told Meg that Italy was the place to go to get past problems At a low point she leaves work in anger She goes to Italy thinking that she will visit William's old attorney friend Domenic and his wife Elena in Florence But she didn't tell Jackson or anyone at work where she was Meg's mom was the only one other than her friend Liddy who knew where she was Concerned about Meg Jackson followed her to Italy after finding out from her mom where she has gone Things are going on within the hotel chain that is causing the business to have serious financial problems Why? Jackson is torn between working things out with Meg and saving his family business What does Pepper have it in for Meg? Why is Pepper so mean to everyone? What are her problems? This is a romance with suspense running through it And a surprise discovered by Meg accidentally while at the home of Domenic and Elena changes things bringing on uestions Ms Carobini has created a group of realistic characters and a complicated plot with twists and turns that have to be unraveled to find answers Things are not always as they seem This is a great read

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Ve the power to reignite lost love?Or push Jackson and Meg even farther apart?Read all 4 Books in the inspirational Sea Glass Inn seriesWalking on Sea Glass Book 1Runaway Tide Book 2Windswept Book 3Beneath a Billion Stars Book 4 I very much enjoyed this second installment in the Sea Glass Inn series by Julie Carobini The characters are colorful changing as the story progresses which is always a good sign I especially like the main character Meg who has a good heart in spite of her sometimes tenuous situation The romance has its ups and downs as Pepper tries to sabotage it and them at every turnThe settings in this book are idyllic from CA to Florida to Italy Loved seeing the sights through the eyes of the charactersThe mystery aspect of the story carries on right to the end and is handled well Another layer to this very readable storyA few themes I picked up on are people are not always what they seem do your best and trust in God there is a continual confrontation between good and evil in our world Look for when you read it yourself

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Runaway Tide Sea Glass Inn Book 2Hing to prove to his family and to Meg But after mounting conflicts with one of Jackson's family members bubble over Meg must decide if her promise is worth keepingWill a spontaneous trip to the ancient city of Florence Italy ha The conflict travel to Italy excitement suspense and romance Couldn't put it down Can't wait to read the next book