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Free read The Au Pair ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ä ❃ [EPUB] ✻ The Au Pair By Join or create book clubs ➜ – NOW AN INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER COSMOPOLITAN BOOKS OF 2019 TO BRING TO YOUR BOOKCLUB Entrancing compelling atmospheric reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier A beautiful read that deliveIlled with whispers of a stolen babyNow twenty five and mourning the recent death of her father Seraphine uncovers a family photograph taken on the day the twins were born featuring both parents posing with just one baby Seraphine soon becomes fixated with the notion that she and Danny might not be twins after all that she wasnt the baby born that day and that there wasto her mothers death than she has ever been toldWhy did their beloved au pair flee that day Where is she now Does she hold the key to what really happened Dont just pick up and read Emma Rous The Au Pair dive into it and get washed away with it A booksellerFilled with. I loved it I’ve not read it but it kept my wife transfixed for a few evenings and off my back It must be a very good book as she’s not a big reader but she wouldn’t put it down

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Mystery and intrigue I was gripped until the very last page Fiona Valpy bestselling author of Sea of MemoriesThis will keep you turning those pages The characters are still playing on my mind Jane Corry bestselling author ofMy Husbands Wife One hell of a ride New York PostVivid characters a magical setting and a tightly knitted plotjaw dropping climax BookpageFamily secrets come to light in this compelling debut with a gothic touch and a shocking denouement Enthralling and addictive Lisa Ballantyne bestselling author of The Guilty One A page turner Publishers Weekly A juicy and compelling read by a promising new author Shelf Awarenes. I really enjoyed this book It has an exciting intricate plot based around 2 main characters like a modern day Agatha Christie mystery the author keeps you guessing how the story might unfold A super entertaining read I didn't want it to end

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The Au PairNOW AN INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER COSMOPOLITAN BOOKS OF TO BRING TO YOUR BOOKCLUB Entrancing compelling atmospheric The Au eBook #197 reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier A beautiful read that delivers a shocking and satisfying endingLiv Constantinebestselling author of The Last Mrs Parrish Delicious and spellbindingabsolutely absorbing and scandalousBooklist Enthralling and addictive Lisa Ballantyne bestselling author of The Guilty One Seraphine Mayes and her brother Danny are the first set of twins to be born at Summerbourne House But on the day they were born their mother threw herself to her death their au pair fled and the village thr. This b3 Starb thriller started out great the the ending was a bit of a let down for mebSUMMARYbSeraphine is a 25 year old trust fund baby living in Summerbourne her family's beachside estate which is about 3 hours outside of London She LOVES Summerborne not just for its serenity and magnificent scenery but alse she and her two brothers were raised there She has no desire to ever leaveLife has not always been easily for Seraphine and her family The day she and her twin brother Danny were born their mother Ruth jumped off a cliff into the ocean and committed suicide leaving the twins and their older brother Edwin motherlessThroughout their childhood the whole village told stories about Seraphine's family One of the stories claims she and Danny were not the real Summerborne Twins but actually sprites traded out for the real twins Although that was clearly just a tall tale it hurt Seraphine's feelings and alienated her from her peers at schoolWhile the sprite rumor was a bit wild people constantly commented on the fact that Seraphine looks nothing like her brothers and that she is different in many so ways from the rest of her familyThe villagers often speculated that twins could not survive at Summerborne History seemed to give this theory some merit Before Seraphine and Danny were born their brother Edwin lost his twin Theo in a tragic fall off the same cliff from which their mother Ruth fell Even before that Ruth's twin brother Robin died in utero Village legend tells a story of the Summerbourne relative who built the estate one of his twins was taken from the estate never to be seen again It does seem being a twin at Summerbourne comes with a high riskNow to add to their family's troubles their father recently fell from a ladder and diedFeeling lost and wondering if there is anything to the constant rumors Seraphine begins to dig into her family's past What she finds surprises her on many levelsbWHAT I LOVEDbI loved the setting I absolutely love Brit Lit but this kind is my all time favorite an old seaside family estate LOVE ITThe plot started strong a woman alone wandering around a secluded estate which is rud at the very least to be jinxed with bad luck She starts digging into the family's past looking for secrets all along mourning the loss of her beloved father and the mother she never knew It has serious potentialI liked the way the story was told alternating between the viewpoint of Seraphine in the present and Laura the au pair in 1992 The translation were smooth and well timed and it gave the reader a wider picture of what was really happeningbWHAT I DIDN'T LOVEbThere were many things the characters did that seemed weird and off I don't want to give too much away but I can say that certain 'couplings' seemed wrong and completely hard to believe I just couldn't imagine how easily and thoughtlessly one of the couples fell into bed with each other And with another couple I couldn't believe no one else has any inkling of what was happening They were so obviousI also found it ridiculous that anyone would involve their au pair in the most personal aspects of their life trusting her with life altering secrets And I found what she did with that trust hard to imagine too When I used to have a nanny we NEVER involved her in our personal matters She was way to important to our children to ever put her in an uncomfortable position It doesn't feel realisticThere were so many holes in the story but I have to say the biggest most unbelievable part was the final twist near the end I don't want to give anything away BUT the final explanation about who is