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review Blend: The Secret to Co-Parenting and Creating a Balanced Family ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ [Reading] ➹ Blend: The Secret to Co-Parenting and Creating a Balanced Family Author Join or create book clubs – A wise and inspiring guide toNships that involve children demand a uniue life affirming approach to processing the end The Secret to Co Parenting and Epubof one relationship and the rebirth of a new The Secret to Co Parenting and Epubfamilial dynamic with the well being of children at its center In this book Tifrere shares intimate details on how she and her co parents used communication patience and love to create an environment where they were able to work as a team and all the children involved could thrive Blend will inspire a generation of familie. Every single parent should be made to read this

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Ear old son Kasseem In Blend Tifrere draws on the insights they gained from their journey as well as advice from family therapists parenting experts and other blending families to provide an invaluable resource for blended families  Statistics The Secret to ePUB #8608 show that one in three Americans is now a step parent stepchild step sibling or other member of a blended family The number of first time marriages or romantic relationships that end in divorce or breakups and the high percentage of remarriages and new relatio. Mashonda thank you for writing the Blend bookThis book has given me so much hope about my process and I’m so grateful to Mashonda for sharing her heart knowledge and experiences It was so well written and very genuineI have been on both sides of the blend luckily I have gotten to a great place with my ex after a very rough breakup and we co parent really well But I am married and my husband also has a son from a previous relationship and we are struggling to Blend with his ex This book has just given me such hope that one day we can all be in a great co parenting relationship I know it’s possible and this book gave me clear examples of how it can happen It also helped put a lot in perspective So thankful I read it I am so renewed in my desire to keep working at this blending ❤️

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Blend The Secret to Co Parenting and Creating a Balanced FamilyA wise and inspiring guide Secret to PDF #10003 to creating a happy and healthy blended family by Mashonda Tifrere with contributions from her co parents Swizz Beatz and his wife Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter Alicia KeysIn January founder of ArtLeadHer Mashonda Tifrere and music producer Swizz Beatz finalized their divorce When Swizz married award winning singersongwriter Alicia Blend The MOBI #181 Keys a new dynamic was born three adults who loved and were deeply committed to raising Mashonda and Swizz's four y. I loved this very nicely written look at how one extended family worked together to make their family work The lessons they learned are as universal as the problems they encountered Many families will deal with the pain of separation divorce and custody battles Too often parents engage in these battles and get consumed with taking revenge and winning In my experience as a attorney who has represented mothers and fathers in divorce proceedings and in my own experience as a dad in a divorce it's very easy for those discussions to become battles Lawyers and friends use war metaphors and battle lingo We use money and access to keep score and in doing that we fail the children we say we love so much Mashonda writes about her journey and the courage it takes to stop that cycle Stopping the cycle of hurt could be the subtitle to this bookWhen you look past the bold faced names you will recognize the nearly universal problems this book approaches We all need to make a calculated and responsible approach the norm and not the exception You may not have health insurance that will pay for a therapist but you may have a pastor You may not have famous friends to distract you with parties and travel but we all find ways to hide from our pain and our problems We can all learn to be empathic We can all learn to not make it always be about us when our children's futures are involvedWritten in a very approachable style with lots of anecdotes and situations that will feel familiar to anyone who's ever been divorced and had to re imagine their parenting life The book includes not just a mother's view but also a father's view I think it's important to re visit this topic often 58% of Americans will marry and divorce none of them are prepared Looking at how one family handled it might help you and yours I've bought multiple copies because I'm sharing it this year as a holiday gift It should make for interesting discussion Well done