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doc ✓ The Ruthless Billionaire ¸ A Clean Billionaire Romance ¾ [EPUB] ✸ The Ruthless Billionaire: A Clean Billionaire Romance (California Elite) By Join or create book clubs – He needed to marry one of the women on his fathers list She wanted to find her missing brother NeitNnection developed that neither of them anticipated one that drastically changed everything But Lucas would have to do the unthinkable in order to be with Aria He would have to give up his inheritanceAnd then there was that one issue with the secret he held Once Aria found out it would rip apart their relationship before it even had a chance This is a contemporary Christian story of redemption that takes the characters on a journey as they count the cost of the Christian life and learn to treasure Christ most of a Lucas is a billionaire who says what he knows people want to hear to get the deal done Aria is a former foster child that is looking for her brother that got lost in the system Aria and Lucas meet and become friends Soon they discover that they have feelings that are than friendship but Lucas feels like he doesn't deserve her Good story

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He needed to marry one of the women on his fathers list She wanted to find her missing brother Neither of them counted on falling in love Lucas Armstrong didnt believe love existed He was a ruthless man ready to follow in his fathers footsteps When he received an ultimatum to marry one of the women on his fathers preapproved list or risk losing his inheritance he set out to win over a self absorbed socialite vacationing in Kauai He wanted a marriage in name only so he could take over his fathers empire Separate li The beginning of this book was intense It definitely started off with a bang Suicide is such a heavy topic One that effects far too many be they the victim survivor out family and friends of them I was glad that Lucas choose to stay I was already invested in him and wanted to see him succeedI felt like I went through the emotional gauntlet with this one Right along with the characters I was crying suffering laughing flirtting yelling thinking sharing and loving I was drawn in and kept captivated through the entire journey It was enjoyableI'm secretly hoping that we'll see about what Lucas's sister is up to in the next bookI enjoyed how the story ended It was fascinating how full circle things came and the positive changes made by so many charactersOn a steaminess level I would rate this a mild PG 13 While the passionate scenes didn't go into detail there were certainly enough of them to warrant a consideration

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The Ruthless Billionaire A Clean Billionaire Romance California EliteVes No love No attachmentsWhen Aria Dasher accepted a position cleaning Lucass house in Kauai she had no idea she would fall for him She was there for one reason only she needed to save enough money to hire a private investigator After she and her brother Chase were separated in foster care he ran away and hadnt been seen in four yearsAria had to keep her eye on the goal and couldnt allow any distractions in her life She was determined to keep Lucas at arms length and he was eually determined to push her away A co I have been enjoying reading all of Evangiline Kelly's books lately I have been downloading all the I can find and have loved all of them However The Ruthless Billionaire is the best of all of them This book pulled me in so that I was with Aria and Lucas all of the way and am sorry that the book is finished I would love to read a story about Calista and see how her story ends Even Aria's brother Chase I hope that he finds someone also