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MOBI ↠ DOC The Breakdown of Higher Education and What Can Be Done ð [Download] ✤ The Breakdown of Higher Education: How It Happened, the Damage It Does, and What Can Be Done By Join or create book clubs – A series of near riots on campuses aimed at silencing guest speakers has exposeHing historical luck led to the success of a plan first devised by a small group of activists to use college campuses to promote radical politics and why laws and regulations designed to prevent the politicizing of higher education proved insufficient Ellis shows that political motivation is always destructive of higher learning Even science and technology departments are not immune The corruption of universities by radical politics also does wider damage to primary and secondary education to race relations to preparation for There is a good bit of research and data that Professor Ellis puts down Basically he is establishing three essential facts First over the past couple of decades a college degree doesn't eual the amount of education that you might have received in the 1960s1970s In simple terms colleges are no longer developing people who uestion uestions and research on their own It's a dramatic story where tons are money is poured into something that has no value Second he is suggesting that the leadership instructors are using the college scene to develop political gamers Third he suggests that various institutions have given up control over the professorsI would suggest reading one chapter at a time and putting the book down for several daysto think over what he's written It has a lot of implications about the future of the nation and where the value of a degree might not exist any

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A series of near riots on campuses aimed at silencing guest speakers has exposed the fact that our universities are no longer devoted to the free exchange of ideas in pursuit of truth But this hostility to free speech is only a symptom of a deeper problem writes John Ellis Having watched the deterioration of academia up close for the past fifty years Ellis locates the core of the problem in a change in the composition of the faculty during this time from mildly left leaning to almost exclusively leftist He explains how astonis This is a very important book one that will be uickly labeled 'reactionary' and a host of other negative epithets It will be so labeled because of the accuracy of its argument the fearless nature of its recommendations and the passion and relentlessness of its rhetoric Basically it takes the 'tenured radicals' notion explored by Roger Kimball and pursues it to its endpointWhen the SDS issued its Port Huron statement it was not taken seriously because the SDS consisted of a few hundred individuals in a nation of hundreds of millions but the promised Gramscian march through the institution of higher education eventually happened and its results are now largely irreversible This happened because of a confluence of events—the expansion of the universities each crying out for additional faculty and resulting in job opportunities for the politically radical as well as the reduction of reuirements for higher degrees; the opposition to the Vietnam war radicalizing students in mass numbers; the civil rights movement which was good and pure in motive but eventually utilized to extend tribalism identity politics and the fracturing of society into interest groups all examined brilliantly by Christopher Caldwell in his recent book THE AGE OF ENTITLEMENT 2020 and Lyndon Johnson's so called 'great society' programs developed explicitly to encourage dependency and guarantee a solid voting bloc for decadesAs these events intermingled and created a multiplier effect the nation's colleges and universities were captured by the far left principally in the humanities and soft social sciences but with ripple effects demands for diversity over excellence reductions in reuirements the attempted 'theorizing' of disciplines reductions in expectations and other efforts which began to erode STEM fields as well The ultimate result—our current plight—is a system of 'higher education' which is often a system of indoctrination The principal problem here is that the far left is convinced of its rectitude and convinced of its program and is as a result incompetent to teach since true education is absolutely dependent on the ability to see multiple sides of issues present multiple sides of issues and inculcate a spirit of analysis which is designed to pursue truth satisfy curiosity recognize the dimensions of great art and thought and not to force acceptance of orthodoxy This is why we have lost free speech on campus This is why politically driven faculty hire other politically driven faculty and distort university budgets by including offices filled with apparatchiks whose role is to reinforce orthodoxyNote that in the course of his argument JE offers a number of interesting insights For example the overwhelmingly higher proportion of left leaning to right leaning faculty continues to grow inexorably but it is still distorted by the few remaining senior faculty who are 'traditional' educators first and not political activists They show up in some of the faint 'conservative' numbers in the statistics but they are about to retire or like JE and myself are already retired If they exist they are generally now marginal figures politically within their departments They may be in fact the most distinguished people in the department I recall a conversation with a faculty member in my graduate department at the University of Illinois I commented that my former MA advisor had a great career publishing approximately 25 books in multiple fields and being elected to the national academy Yes the person replied but we would never hire anyone like that nowThe upshot of the politicization of our colleges and universities has now reached the point that the general public perceives that tuition is now confiscatory that the uality of education has significantly eroded that students are having trouble securing jobs commensurate with the holding of a baccalaureate degree and that the K 12 teachers trained by these universities are a shambles with some high schools graduating students with paltry percentages of students possessing grade level competenciesThe system is broken in those areas of the enterprise which contribute to civic formation and I would add simple traditional learning Changing our situation would appear to be impossible We can only hire faculty who are trained by contemporary graduate schools and those graduate schools are matriculating and graduating students with limited competencies who are reuired to do far far less than their 1950 1967 or so counterparts The administrations are filled with administrative opportunists who often have little or no interest or in some cases experience with the life of the mindSo what are we to do? JE offers a brilliant suggestion He gives the example of a traditional and time honored academic practice when a department has become dysfunctional the dean brings in a chair from another discipline putting the department into 'receivership' This individual is given wide latitude to rebuild to outlive some of the problems and turn things around What if we were to do this for the university as a whole? Trustees might also do this for private colleges but we are principally talking about public education where the majority of 'higher education' now occurs The governor and legislature throw up their hands and create an entity to take over the university and set it right again They discharge the politically conceived bureaucracy; they dissolve the Studies programs and the departments which are essentially political entities rather than academic ones They then rebuild re creating universities dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the inculcation of learning They restore the notion that universities are repositories of learning that is passed from generation to generation and insure that taxpayer dollars are not as they are now used for political purposes often in defiance of explicit public policyThe first step is to make the point again and again that the minority students for whom the current political entity has been putatively conceived suffer the most from it Challenging traditional education is the greatest creator of true social and economic mobility The radical faculty are not interested in that; they are interested in ultimate personal power and the creation of acolytes who will parrot their doctrines and never challenge themOne facilitating element will be the fact that politicized universities still contain individuals who are interested in the pursuit of knowledge rather than the reinforcement of ideology Many may be traditional 'liberals'; they are the kind ofpeople who would never say a word against Studies programs but they would be very sad to see their own children major in them They are now largely silenced and remain so because they want to protect themselves from their colleagues To make it specific—in English departments the kind of people who are far interested in art history and ideas than in politics They could help form the nuclei for new departmental entitiesThe most helpful facilitating element however is the internet Once a university or two have re established themselves as traditional seats of learning who offer a solid education and value for dollar students would flock there The problem is—how do you construct these entities 'in the meantime' when it takes graduate schools 5 10 years to create new faculty and when the current faculty to train them are themselves part of the problem rather than the solution?The answer is that you complement classroom instruction with on line instruction of important traditional content For example our current institutions radically distort American history and leave out consideration of material that most of us would consider 'basic civics' There is no difficulty whatsoever in finding or creating such content on line Universities already have on line operations; why not have on line operations that deliver 'traditional' material?There would of course be lawsuits galore the endless amplified howls of protest and threats of physical violence but with the withdrawal of significant amounts of state funding and the discharge of many of the ideas' opponents the lesson would sink in that the parents and taxpayers have had enough and that change is now irrevocable After 50 years of their efforts their opposition to the 'political takeover of an institution' would ring rather hollowBottom line this is a very important book The author acknowledges that it is not written for faculty 'in order to change minds'; it is written for parents and public officials It details the degree of breakdown mentioned in the title concludes that it has resulted in a situation beyond repair and suggests a possible course of action It should be sent to every governor and state legislator in America

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The Breakdown of Higher Education How It Happened the Damage It Does and What Can Be DoneThe workplace and to the political and social fabric of the nation Commonly suggested remediesnew free speech rules or enforced right of center appointmentswill fail because they dont touch the core problem a controlling faculty majority of political activists with no real interest in scholarship This book proposesdrastic and effective reform measures The first step is for Americans to recognize that vast sums of public money intended for education are being diverted to a political agenda and to demand that this fraud be stopp I spent 24 years in three universities U of Illinois Chicago MIT and Carnegie Mellon and as a student and later faculty member interacted with many faculty from computer natural and social sciences and philosophy I don't think I knew the political views or affiliation of even a single instructor mentor or colleague a few activist students yes in all that time Inserting political advocacy into academic work was not done That has changed and this book helped me understand the background specific examples of the change what caused the change how widespread it has become and lastly what could be done about it An invaluable contribution to an area of keen importance