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This Christian western romance boxed set contains seven cowboy romance novels that will leave you wanting your own cowboy You'll get THE FIRST LADY OF THREE RIVERS RANCH the CHRISTMAS IN THREE RIVERS RANCH collection which contains four novellas set against a fun small town holiday backdrop LUCKY NUMBER I really like all of Liz’s book series They transport you to another time like when I was growing up and family was important than anything else

eBook Three Rivers Ranch Romance Box Set

Three Rivers Ranch Romance Box Set Books 8 11 The First Lady of Three Rivers Ranch Christmas in Three Rivers Lucky Number Thirteen and The Curse Fourteenth Liz Isaacson Boxed Sets Book 3Happily ever afterLucky Number Thirteen A rodeo star a nurse and a summer to rememberThe Curse of February Fourteenth A contemporary cowboy retelling of the classic fairy tale Cinderella One sexy single dad cowboy a masked beauty hidingthan her face at the town dance and the cowgirl boot she leaves behi An unusual book seemed like a seriesof short stories Enjoyed them and the prospect of a continuing book filled with stories about new couples and their lives in three rivers

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eBook × Three Rivers Ranch Romance Box Set Ü Read ↠ Join or create book clubs À ❮Reading❯ ➽ Three Rivers Ranch Romance Box Set, Books 8 - 11: The First Lady of Three Rivers Ranch, Christmas in Three Rivers, Lucky Number Thirteen, and The Curse ... FourteenthTHIRTEEN and THE CURSE OF FEBRUARY FOURTEENTHThe First Lady of Three Rivers Ranch A ranch owner a baker and the love that binds themChristmas in Three Rivers Isn't Christmas the best time to fall in love? The cowboys of Three Rivers Ranch think so Join four of them as they journey toward their path to First LadyI’ve been meaning to read this series for months and it just kept getting pushed off until I just decided to force it I knew that there were two entry points to this series but I’ve always been one for chronological order so I knew I had to start with this one even if it was written later I was not disappointed I loved the characters and the feel of being back just a tad in time I’m super pumped to see the connections in the series I started my journey with Isaacson with reading the Seven Sons series which spins off from this one I do wish I had read this series first but if it hadn’t been for the other I may never have discovered Isaacson All this to say that I love this author and these Christian cowboys finding love and foreverChristmas Collection 4 novellasA sweet collection of Christmas novellas It was fun to see some minor characters throughout the series get a romance story I didn’t enjoy these as much as the previous books and novellas in the series but they were still uick and fun readsNinthA sweet and energetic second chance romance Some trust issues that were a bit unsettlingTenBrothers best friend romance I enjoyed the different places these two characters came to this relationship from While the romance was whirlwind and this story was kinda different there was a different thread of real ness to itElevenI really do like how we see previous mains in previous books reappear in subseuent ones and get to see what’s going on in their lives I enjoyed this second chance romance and the decisions that had to be made about feelings and likesTwelfthThis was a fun “incognito type” with some damsel in distress tones I enjoyed these characters getting togetherThirteenI was both surprised and thrilled that Tanner is getting his own novella After finishing the Christmas novellas I was stumped wondering who could possibly come next in the series I absolutely loved this book about a cowboy and a caregiverFourteenthI love Cinderella stories A sweet novella with an incognito heroine and a cowboy who isn’t looking for love I enjoyed their time together and the fairy tale bits