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Download Doc ¶ The Covert Police Detectives Unit Trilogy Ç Join or create book clubs À [Epub] ➝ The Covert Police Detectives Unit Trilogy: Box Set Includes 3 Full-Length Amish Romance Novels: Undercover Amish, Amish Under Fire, and Amish Amnesia By Join or create book clubs –Escape to the Amish community of Unity Maine with these 3 full length novels where life is not as uaint and simple as it seems UNDERCOVER AMISH book 1 Detective Olivia Mast would rather run through gunfire than return to her former Amish community in Unity Maine where she killed her abusive husband in self defense and witnessed her familys murderAfter an Amish man is murdered in his own barn the community will not pursue justice or answer uestions from the police so she begrudgingly dons her old prayer kapp and heads to Unity to investigate the murder undercoverTo make things even worse her captain also orders her to protect the man she dated as a teen Isaac Troyer who was attacked on the night of the murder but cannot remember the incident The handsome and uirky cabinet maker begins to fall for her once again unaware that she carries a 9mm under her skirt as she must fake her way into rejoining the Amish community to gain the peoples trustAfter another murder some deadly pranks and a kidnapping Olivia realizes she needs Isaac's help most of all because of his personal ties to the suspect When Olivia tells Isaac she is a detective will he be willing to break Amish rules to help her arrest the killer? Or wil A great series full of love hope and suspense Well written with characters who are authentic Who co

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Teran Jefferson Martin witnesses a young woman being hit by a car near his campsite all thoughts of vacation vanish as the car speeds off When the malnourished battered woman wakes up she can't remember anything before the accident They don't know her name so they call her JaneWhen someone breaks into her hospital room and tries to kill her before getting away Jefferson volunteers to protect Jane around the clock at his Kennebunkport beach house along with his upbeat sister Estella Jane gradually remembers an Amish farm and wonders if that's where she's fromor if she was held captive there With Jefferson's service in the military he has painful memories and dark regrets As Jane teaches him about God's love and forgiveness that he used to know as a child Jeff opens his heart back up to God Maybe helping Jane get her life and memories back can help Jeff forget the lives hed taken and lost in the Marines But theJefferson falls for her thepersistent the stalker becomes in making Jane miserableand in taking her life FREE BONUS Inside the book access 3 FREE exclusive videos of author Ashley Emma interviewing people who grew up Amish plus 3 Amish romance novellas Download free Amish books at wwwAshleyEmmaAuthorcom A MUST READ I'm not an emotional person however I had tears at the ending of book three Drama intri

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The Covert Police Detectives Unit Trilogy Box Set Includes 3 Full Length Amish Romance Novels Undercover Amish Amish Under Fire and Amish AmnesiaL he be unable to forgive her for lying to the community about wanting to be Amish againand for lying to him?Undercover Amish was a finalist in the 2015 Maine Romance Writers contest AMISH UNDER FIRE book 2 After Maria Masts abusive ex boyfriend is arrested for sex trafficking she thinks she can safely return to her Amish community But the danger has only just begun Someone begins stalking her and her young son Carter and they want blood and revengeWhen Maria returns home to Unity Maine Agent Derek Turner goes with her as her undercover bodyguard trying to blend in with the other Amish men The Amish way of life and their solid faith draws Derek in He hasn't even prayed ever since his wife died but living among the Amish makes him long for a stronger relationship with GodMaria's secretive eyes painful past and cautious demeanor intrigue him As the human trafficking ring begins to target the Amish community Derek wonders if the distraction of her will cost him his careerand Maria's life Amish Under Fire was a semi finalist in Harleuin's So You Think You Can Write Contest in 2015 AMISH AMNESIA book 3 Kidnapped Starved Hit by a car and left for deadAnd she couldn't even remember her own name When Afghanistan ve Great stories Well written Good understanding of the Amish way of life Couldn't stop reading until