FREE READ War Stories From the Forgotten Soldiers 109

FREE READ War Stories From the Forgotten Soldiers

FREE READ War Stories From the Forgotten Soldiers 109 ´ [EPUB] ✶ War Stories From the Forgotten Soldiers Author Join or create book clubs – They suffer physical injury and moral trauma as they fight in wars to protect us while most of us are unaware of their efforts If we send our soldiers to war we also are He veterans war stories of trauma and its treatments Following each essay are Dr Beals thoughts and uestions generated by each soldiers experience Read and learn why some war trauma is so monumental that it cannot be contained within an individual soldier or family but must become part of our national collective responsibility to the. 'War Stories From The Forgotten Soldiers' was a book I could not put down Edward W Beal MD entwines his expertise as a psychiatrist with a gift of story telling which is akin to having an in depth conversation than turning printed pages one by one I spend half my year on the island of Guam and much of the other half of the year in northern New Mexico Both areas have a deep connection to the military I have been humbled by the service personnel I have come to know They put their lives on the line for our country day in and day out assuming the huge burden of our military presence throughout the world without most Americans having any idea of what this commitment entails I thought I had an idea but after reading Dr Beal's book I realized I have been mostly clueless to what happens in these modern military conflicts I now have a new respect and much improved understanding what soldiers have gone through mostly without ever saying anything to anyone and how I might be of some tiny bit of help by asking them about their experiences rather than simply saying thank you Thank you Dr Beal for making the stories of these forgotten soldiers real

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Cans learn to be present to the Stories From the PDFEPUB #231 families friends and neighbors who served in our place War Stories From the Forgotten Soldiers is a collection of riveting stories told by soldiers and heard and experienced by Dr Beal the professional listener This uniue narrative weaves Beals clinical observations with t. Ted is a good frienda classmate in a Psychiatry Fellowship 50 years ago While I hope that each of us in that small group has contributed in some modest measure to the common weal Ted's work and book is a wonderful gift to us alland a call to duty to every AmericanHis accounts of his encounters with our servicemen and women bring painfully to life the physical the psychological and the moral wounds that they have suffered One cannot help but be deeply moved and profoundly grateful to acknowledge that they have done so on our behalfAmong his ideas We have a binding responsibility to welcome back and to reintegrate these brave men and women into civilian societyto collectively share and to attempt to help bring healing to their grief and moral injury We owe it to them to be actively engaged with our political leaders in deciding why when and for what we are prepared to go to war As Ted points out we would not be absent or silent partners in these decisions were it our sons our daughters our grandchildren and our neighbors who were being asked to bear this burden and sacrifice There is also much merit in his suggestion that all of us should be called upon to contribute in one of a variety of ways in National Service to our Country and SocietyThis is a most cogent and thought provoking booka powerful call to our collective consciences Thank you Ted for your lifetime of compassionate caring and for this remarkable account of both our service members' and your own humanity This book should be read and considered by allLorne M Ruby MD

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War Stories From the Forgotten SoldiersThey suffer From the PDFEPUB #228 physical injury and moral trauma as they fight in wars to protect us while most of us are unaware of their efforts If we send our soldiers to War Stories PDF or war we also are responsible for welcoming them home and helping them heal By reading these stories as told to psychiatrist Dr Ted Beal Ameri. In very clear and readable style Dr Beal describes the stories these soldiers have lived their wounds both physical and mental and the toll often exacted over many years after their military experience is over affecting not only them but their families and loved ones For most of us the experience of combat and PTSD are foreign and unknown These soldiers who have taken our place in carrying out our foreign policy and have accepted the risks for us and even given their lives for us should be honored by us if only to have their stories told to us We owe a very large debt of gratitude to them and you will know them better in these stories