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eBook Ë Jeb's Wife á ✓ Join or create book clubs ✓ ➸ [Reading] ➺ Jeb's Wife By Join or create book clubs ➭ – Dcmdirect.co.uk Patricia Johns sensitive storytelling brings depth and heart to this tender story of second chances as an Amish woman embarks on marriage with the gruff fA useful one Its the least that Leah deserves But despite the promises he made to himself Jeb cant help longing for his lovely warmhearted new wife His first marriage brought heartbreak but Leahs gentle smiles spark hope again Are they willing to take the leap that love reuiresand open themselves to all the challenges and joy a true marriage could bring? Jeb’s Wife by Patricia Johns is a delightfully heartwarming Amish romanceThirty year old Leah Riehl’s engagement ended when she told her fiancé she was unable to have children When he uickly entered into a new relationship she took an out of town teaching position Returning for the summer Leah is dismayed and worried when she discovers her younger brother Simon has amassed a huge gambling debt Her landlord Jeb King proposes an unorthodox solution to secure his inheritance and help Simon Agreeing to a marriage of convenience Leah and Jeb are now uneasily navigating a marriage that is a little complicated than they imaginedLeah is an outgoing woman who embraces the local community She is still trying to understand how the man she was planning to marry could love her yet move on to a new relationship so uickly Realizing her chance for marriage is slipping away Leah hopes that her new union with Jeb will help her standing in the community She is hoping friendship will grow between her and her new husband but she is surprised by how much he is beginning to mean to her But will she risk her heart again?Jeb is a reclusive man who eschews the local community His first marriage and its tragic end hang over his head as everyone continues to view him with suspicion Jeb is a kind and considerate man but he finds it difficult to participate in local events after he weds Leah He would like to make her happy but he finds the whispers and stares extremely difficult to deal with Having been deeply hurt by his former wife Jeb is afraid of the feelings he is beginning to experience for Leah When rumors about their marriage begin to spread what impact will this have on the fragile bond that is beginning to grow between Jeb and Leah?Jeb and Leah are a charming couple but they have very different expectations from their marriage Jeb expects his life to remain the same whereas Leah wants to spend time as couple with friends and within the community Jeb is willing to give her reuests a try but there is truth to his belief that he is not a part of the community Leah is stubborn when she meets resistance but will this become a deal breaker for the newlyweds?Jeb’s Wife is a heartfelt Amish romance that is rather thought provoking Jeb and Leah are a wonderful couple but their life experiences are uite different Neither are prepared for the unexpected feelings that begin to grow as they get to know each other Conflict from outside sources pose unexpected friction as they try to find their footing in their new marriage Patricia Johnss brings this engaging romance to a sighworthy conclusion This marvelous love story is an absolute must read for fans of Amish fictionI received a complimentary copy for review

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Patricia Johns sensitive storytelling brings depth and heart to this tender story of second chances as an Amish woman embarks on marriage with the gruff farmer next doorOnce Leah Riehl prayed for a husband The man she loved chose another wanting the children that Leah cant provide But shes found a measure of peace keeping house for her brother Simon and t The story is a well told version of Beauty and the Beast Sadly the author got a few details about Amish culture wrong For example Amish meals are both preceded and followed by silent thanks The author describes a spoken blessing before each mealWhile the lack of familiarity with Amish culture is problematic the story is otherwise good and we'll told

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Jeb's WifeEaching in a nearby town Now though Simons debts to an Englisher gambling ring have left Leah with a desperate dilemmaand a surprising offer from her scarred reclusive neighbor Jebadiah King needs to marry in order to claim his family farm A union for appearances only will help them both Jeb knows his scars make him a less than ideal husband but he can be A really heartfelt lovely story