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The Stranger The Rebekah Series Redeeming Biblical Fiction Book 1A stranger plagues Rebekahs dreams Another offers her an unknown futureShepherding fills Rebekahs days with hard work and absorbed attention Returning home to winter her flock brings back the nightmares that have haunted I received a complimentary ARC of this book from the author I enjoyed the story very much and found it uite interestingIt is the imagined story of the life of Rebekah before she becomes Isaac’s wife It’s entertaining and gives the reader much insight into the life and times of the ancient people who lived during the earliest days of our earth It is also an allegory of sorts as to how God loves and cares for us He is the Great Shepherd and we are His sheep It gives insight into human character as well as God’s characterRebekah is a strong character intelligent insightful and capable of much; perhaps a bit unusual for a woman in her culture but then again we learn from Scripture that God had a special purpose for her so I guess that would make anyone a bit unusualI most definitely enjoyed this book I found myself thinking about it often for days after I finished it To me that is the sign of a great book

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Her since childhoodAfter her fathers tragic injury he charges her with the task of training her younger brother to replace him Will Laban learn from her or will her familys security be held in shaky hands?When a strange The Stranger The Rebekah Series Book 1 my seventh read from Christian author Jenifer Jennings and the first book in her new Rebekah Series A well written fictionalized expansion of the Biblical story of Rebekah told from her perspective I’ll definitely be reading by this author and look forward to the next book in this series RIP Marley January 20 2014 July 24 2018

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Book ó The Stranger Redeeming Biblical Fiction Book 1 Download ✓ Join or create book clubs ´ [Epub] ❦ The Stranger (The Rebekah Series (Redeeming Biblical Fiction) Book 1) By Join or create book clubs – A stranger plagues Rebekahs dreams AnotherR offers her another path will she take it? Can she walk away from the family that depends on her for one she barely knows?Follow Rebekah as she listens to the stranger's call in Book 1 of The Rebekah Series The Stranger Wow The author hit this one out of the park I so enjoyed this new trilogy start This one has got to be my favorite so far I look forward to the other two in this series I anxiously await the others I do heartily recommend this book