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N by Samantha Price is a well written series I have loved following the sisters grow up They sure know how to get themselves in a pickle I cant wait to read the next book in the series Follow this author This entire series is absolutely enthralling I couldn't put them downThe interwoven story of the family members is extremely compelling You won't want to put it down Great read Loved the storyline in all the books It kept me wanting to finish it to see what happens The author has picked a wonderful group of characters They blend so beautifullyAvailable in print edition and coming soon in audioBooks 10 12 are also available in great value boxed set editions THEIR AMISH STEPFATHER Samantha PriceFlorence as she stands and looks out the window uestions about the orchard she wishes she had asked her father now seeing the orchard being mismanaged and dying While at her family house the tension is thick with Levy now giving ordersand no one seems to smile any The worse was seeing him belittle their Mother She is going away till after the babies come Saying the girls were the cause of this tension in the house How could she leave her children with him and his strict demands Will it strength them or will they be anxious to leave as soon as they can Will be interesting to see how they do and anxious to hear about the new babies Given ARC for my voluntary review and my honest opinion

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The Amish Bonnet Sisters series boxed set Books 7 9 Missing Florence Their Amish Stepfather A Baby For Florence Amish Romance The Amish Bonnet Sisters Box Set Book 3The Amish bonnet sisters are back in the third set edition in this best selling seriesThis set contains books 7 8 and 9 in the series Missing Florence Their Amish Stepfather and A Baby For FlorenceMissing Florence With two weddings to plan it's a busy time for the Amish girls in the Baker family Will their mother be successful in her desire to combine the weddings into a double? Their Amish Stepfather There is a new boss in the house The Amish Baker sisters have a new stepfather and a new stepsister What will the girls do when they learn of their new rules? When the sisters show their displeasure in their new living arrangements is the pressure too much fo Love this series

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The Amish Bonnet Sisters series boxed set Book ´ Missing Florence ´ Join or create book clubs ´ ❃ [EPUB] ✻ The Amish Bonnet Sisters series boxed set: Books 7-9 (Missing Florence, Their Amish Stepfather, A Baby For Florence): Amish Romance (The Amish Bonnet Sisters R their mother? A Baby For Florence Could the arrival of Florence's baby soften Wilma's heart and mend a rift between two families? The girls are getting used to their new stepfather Meanwhile Hope has plans for a bright future with a certain young Englisher who's interested in joining their faith or is he?What reviewers are saying I have really enjoyed reading this series Growing with the family makes you feel like you know them I can not wait to see what is next I just love these stories and how each one buildsand grows with the family Samantha Price is a wonderful Amish writer and her books show it I have loved this series The Amish Bonnet series writte MISSING FLORENCE Amish Romance The Amish Bonnet Sisters Books 7 is a super addition to this series As always Samantha Price has done an outstanding job showing how the Baker family truly needs and misses FlorenceTwo weddings within days of each other as well as a funeral and learning about a family she has never really known is a lot for Florence to take in She is wanted at her sister Joy's wedding but Wilma wants not part of her stepdaughter being in attendance at her weddingFlorence's brothers share with her secrets about their stepmother Wilma that have been buried long ago with the death of their fatherCherish insist on visiting her farm and continues to claim her dislike and annoyance for MalachiThere is even a special gift for CarterJoin the family again as we visit with the Bonnet Sisters You will be so glad you didI was given an ARC for my honest opinionTHEIR AMISH STEP FATHER by Samantha Price is book 8 in The Amish Bonnet Sisters seriesSamantha has added to this series with an interesting and charming story There has been a newstepfather and stepsister added to the Bonnet Sisters' family Levi is not a pleasant manand has caused nothing but unrest in the family He has insisted that each girl get an outsidejob and turn all the money into him to be put in the family account He has also insisted thatWilma does all the household work of which she is not accustomed to doingWilma and Levi must adjust to married life and Wilma must go out of town for the birth of her first two grandchildrenWill this separation solve all problems?Florence is pregnant and begins to share this news with her sisters and sister in law Most seem to be pleasedbut what will Wilma say when she is told the newsThere are men in Hope's life Amish and English Whom will she choose?uestions still remain about her father's orchard as Florence plans for the orchard she and Carter are buildingWould Florence ever have the family she truly desired?You must read Their Amish Stepfather as the Bonnet Sister saga continuesI was given an ARC in return for my honest reviewSamantha Price’s A Baby For Florence The Amish Bonnet Sisters Book 9 is a tremendous addition to this series This is the story we have been waiting for and you will not be disappointed Samantha shares much wonderful new interest to our ongoing story of the Bonnet Sisters There are additions to the family animal and human There are adventures and improvements along with new joy and expectations There are changes in Levi Not a lot but at least some give and take There is definitely a major change in Wilma's attitude Far from where it was but at least a start in the right direction And can we say maybe Cherish is starting to grow up even showing some acceptance toward Bliss their new step sister? Samantha has done a great job and leaves us with great expectations as to what will happen next with our beloved Bonnet Sisters I was given an ARC by the author The opinions here are my own Order your set today