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Dangerous Deceptions Doc Ì A Christian Romantic Suspense Boxed Set Collection è Join or create book clubs è ❴BOOKS❵ ✮ Dangerous Deceptions: A Christian Romantic Suspense Boxed Set Collection Author Join or create book clubs – Dcmdirect.coLivesand heartsare on the line in eight brand new Christian Romantic Suspense novels from the genres most explosive authorsLethal Outbreak Lisa Harris Lynne GentryVirus hunter Aiden Ballinger believes the source of the lethal outbreak that decimated a remote Tibetan village came from disturbing the permafrost Desperate to rebury it before it buries the world Aiden enlists Rachel Allen a beautiful epidemiologist But while Aiden and Rachel pursue the cureand their feelings for each othersomeone is hunting them Whoever wants them dead will not stop until they are silencedCollision Course Elizabeth GoddardHis cover blown FBI Special Agent Reg Jacobson finds refuge on the other side of the country but trouble follows him when he faces off with a woman from his past Private Investigator Nicole Weatherly hired to catch a thief suspects Reg When the bullets fly Reg and Nicole must escape secrets from their pasts before their futures collideGlimmer in the Darkness Robin PatchenWhen Cassidy learns another child has been kidnapped from her hometown she's convinced the man who took the girl shed been babysitting seven years earlier is behind the recent abductions She alone hol What can I say about Dangerous Deceptions? It is an absolutely fabulous boxed set of romantic suspense by some of the best and my favorite authors in the genre I’m not going to break this review down by book because each has genuine characters spine chilling suspense and just the right amount of romance to keep me reading long into the night There is enough change in pace and character arc to make each individual story shine and reflect the uniue styles of the authors I highly recommend this set and give a resounding 5 stars

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Pose as a fake boyfriend to a whistleblower His driving need to solve problems forces him to work with paranoid Sienna Halstead as she draws him deeper into her corporate world of secrets and subterfuge Thetime they spend together theattraction grows When another whistleblower is murdered Sienna knows she's next How far will Earl go to protect her?Ben in Love Luana EhrlichIs CIA operative Ben Mitchell really in love with the daughter of a Turkish dissident? Titus Ray his mentor isnt buying it; he thinks Ben needs intel on a Muslim cleric But when Titus follows Ben to northern Virginia he discovers Bens deception isdangerous than he thought With their lives on the line can Titus convince Ben to abandon his plans before its too late?Liar Like Her DL WoodWhen disbarred attorney uinn Bello discovers a body that inexplicably vanishes no one in her seaside town believes herno one that is except newcomer Ian Wolfe who for his own mysterious reasons doesnt hold uinns past against her Together they search for the truth but doubts about uinns sanity and innocence increase as the danger escalates Will they expose the heart of the deception before uinn becomes the next victim? I'm in suspense heaven reading these amazing stories all in one boxed set These are some of my favorite authors all combined in one And all for under a buck Honestly I've only read two but they were both nail biters and they both had romance So yay me I'll update this when I finish the others The two I have read are Ben in Love and the San Juan Island book

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Dangerous Deceptions A Christian Romantic Suspense Boxed Set CollectionDs the key to finding him Though James blames Cassidy for his sisters death hell help if theres a chance to save a childs life Can Cassidy and James identify the serial killer in time to rescue his latest victim?Expired Plot Lisa PhillipsA man after justice A local crime boss The woman caught between Undercover FBI agent Will Briar is working his way to the top of an illegal operation But when he discovers the identity of the boss everything changes Hollis knows nothing is as it seems Now she must either save her father and doom herself or take a chance on the man who could be the answerto everythingIce Lynnette BonnerCamryn Hunt witnessed a murder Now shes under the protection of handsome small town sheriff Holden Parker The gorgeous island location and break from her dreary life might be pleasant if the sheriff wasnt so demanding Determined that no harm come to Camryn Holden secludes her at his home He only wishes she didnt intrigue him so thoroughly Attraction only complicates things Especially when the murderers arrive at his door Its going to take all his wits to save her Never A Traitor Jan ThompsonThe last thing Private Investigator Earl Young expects is to “What’s true about your past doesn’t have to be the truth of your future”“God didn’t make people things to be labeled by their mistakes He made them souls to grow from them Your mistakes were part of your growing process They played a role in your becoming but they aren’t what you’ve become You’re than a label You’ve got to decide once and for all who you believe yourself to be You have faith Does that faith say your identity is defined by your past or by the God who rescued you and who he says you are? Until you decide that you won’t have peace”“And my take on this and on you has everything to do with the fact that you have a history as a liar and a drinker and a self medicator who not six months ago was so hopped up that you nearly shot someone in a courtroom—”This is a review solely for the last book in this boxed set Liar Like Her by DL Wood I look forward to reading of these stories by these terrific Christian authorsFirst of all I am a huge fan of author DL Wood I discovered her on Goodreads back in 2015 and loved every book so far Liar Like Her is no exception It has all the elements of other DL Wood books a great setting a small beach town in Florida edge of your seat suspense with nice chapter ending cliffhangers throughout Christian themes of not letting your past define your presentfuture romance that is neither sappy or unrealistic and protagonists that you immediately are drawn to with many layersSpeaking of protagonists uinn Bello is an ex lawyer who is disbarred after firing a gun in a courtroom after a mixture of medicine and alcohol DL Wood handles the topic of depression seriously and realistically We also have Ian Wolfe who owns a local coffee shop and has a secretive past Throw in a vanishing dead body and skeptical law enforcement and you have uite the intriguing story I spent the entirety of the book not knowing what was going to happen next There was some foreshadowing on one of the aspects that later came into play but other than that a total mystery I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian suspense with just the right amount of romance thrown in And with a boxed set at 099 this story alone makes it than worth it alone Order it todayI received this book courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review