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Om prison Pheodora must call on her wits her family and her God in order to provide for her daughters and survive But when every prayer and ritual she knows is about Gods care for Israel how can she trust that God will hear and help a lowly shepherds wif This is my first biblical fiction novel by Angela Hunt I have read several of her contemporary fiction novels and loved them I have not read a lot of biblical fiction by any other authors either Since I have liked several of her contemporary books I thought I would give her biblical books a try because her writing style may be similar even in this different genre I really like that not all the chapters in the book are really long because I feel like with this genre that could make the book feel like it reads slow Also I enjoyed that the story was told from two different points of view The two sisters are so different from each other that it makes the book that much interesting It also helps the book seem faster because you switch back and forth between the sisters If you like biblical fiction or if you are exploring this genre then I would definitely recommend this bookDisclaimer I received a free copy of this book in order to give an honest review

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The Shepherd's Wife Jerusalem Road Book #2Yeshua of Nazareth has two sisters Damaris married to a wealthy merchants son and Pheodora married to a simple shepherd from Bethlehem When Pheodoras husband suffers an unexpected reversal of fortune and is thrown into debtors prison she returns to Nazar Another great biblical historical novel by Angela Hunt This is book 2 in the Jerusalem Road series but can be read as a stand alone These first 2 novels actually take place along the same timeline that of the ministry of Christ While book 1 was from the perspectives of Jude Jesus's brother and Tasmin Thomas's sister this one was from the perspective of Jesus's 2 sisters While His sisters are not named in Scripture there is mention of sisters so we know He had at least 2 Ms Hunt has taken this in hand and named His 2 sisters Damaris and Pheodora Though they were raised in the same household these 2 sisters are very different from one another Pheodora the younger has married a shepherd and lives in Bethlehem Damaris has married a wealthy merchant who aspires to becoming a Pharisee Because of their husbands' professions and stations in life the 2 sisters live very different lifestyles When Pheodora's husband is sent to a debtor's prison and Damaris's husband refuses to bail him out the fireworks startAs one who prefers plot driven novels even in biblical fiction I look for the Bible stories to play out this one moved a bit slower for me as it is clearly character driven Having read the first book and being familiar with the Scriptures it was interesting to see the same timeline from the point of views in Nazareth I enjoyed learning about the culture of the time and place and speculating a bit about Jesus's earthly family I appreciated the moment that Pheodora came to believe and how things worked out for her after that point And the theme of forgiveness was strong throughout Learning about how the Pharisees functioned also made me better understand Jesus's teachings against them Anything that helps me better understand the Scriptures is a worthwhile read Though I would have enjoyed a bit action this was an overall very enjoyable read I would recommend to fans of Biblical historical fiction especially those who yearn to know about the time of ChristSpecial thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for an advance e copy of this book I was under no obligation to write a review and the thoughts contained herein are my own

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READER Ó DOC The Shepherd's Wife FREE ↠ DCMDIRECT Ø [PDF] ❤ The Shepherd's Wife (Jerusalem Road Book #2) ✮ Join or create book clubs – Yeshua of Nazareth has two sisters Damaris married to a wealthy merchants son and Pheodora married to a simple shepherd from Bethlehem When PheodoraEth where she pins her hopes on two she goats who should give birth to spotless white kids that would be perfect for the upcoming Yom Kippur sacrificeIn the eighteen months between the kids birth and the opportunity to sell them and redeem her husband fr In the Bible Jesus is said to have at least two sisters neither of which are named In The Shepherd’s Wife author Angela Hunt gives these women names families and lives Pheodora lives in Bethlehem with her shepherd husband and Damaris is married to a wealthy merchant’s son in Nazareth While Damaris’s husband takes steps toward becoming a well respected Pharisee Pheodora’s husband Chiram is thrown in debtor’s prison It is up to Pheodora to follow through on Chiram’s plan to breed and raise two pure white goat kids for the Yom Kippur sacrifice which is their only hope to pay Chiram’s debtI enjoyed the first book in this series but absolutely loved this one By the last third or so I had a hard time putting it down All of the brothers and sisters of Jesus called by his Hebrew name Yeshua in the story are involved and I appreciated seeing the family dynamics as they interacted with each other worked together and even talked about what their eldest brother was up to Pheodora whom the plot revolves around was determined loyal and hard working but also had plenty of flaws The book is probably character driven than plot driven which is really my cup of teaThe book is written from the sisters’ alternating perspectives with Pheodora’s being the one shown most often I wasn’t sure what the point of showing Damaris’s POV was at first but it really did add to the story Especially at a point somewhere in the middle when the suspense ramped up because of something we only knew happened due to seeing Damaris’s home lifeIt started to get really difficult to read as the injustice against Chiram was fully revealed and though I assumed all would be made right by the end of the book it was all just too real And in real life things usually aren’t made right so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel by the end However the last uarter of the book brought such surprises emotions and lessons learned that I was not thinking about whether or not the incredible injustice was made rightI have a difficult time giving books 5 stars unless I can see it being a book I’ll re read at least once in the future This is a book I definitely will read again someday at least once I highly recommend it to fans of Biblical fiction and I’m really excited about what the author has planned for the next book in this seriesThank you to Netgalley and Bethany House for providing me a copy of this book to review