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eBook ✓ ePub For My Good ê Love and Respect ✓ dcmdirect Ò ❮KINDLE❯ ❅ For My Good: Love and Respect (For My Good Series Book 6) ❂ Author Join or create book clubs – Dcmdirect.co.uk Gina and David just got through one hurdle and now here life comes with anotherKaGinas life altering situation conflicts are arising with Melanie and Keishas families as wellFollow this finale to a series youll never forget as Gina and David learn love and respect I am so glad I decided to give Ms Stewart a trythis has been one of the best reads ever It has the hood edginess that keeps your attention without being overly rachet or crass The sex scenes were tasteful and romantic without being trashy or x rated As a minister of God I loved and appreciated the faith filled moments that were built into the storyline I enjoyed this work of art so much and I don't want to say goodbye I already have Shermeeka's story downloaded and ready to go

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Ss the country?How can she leave her mother?What about Bernadette?Can she really live without her girls?So many uestions and not enough answers but time is running out In addition to I absolutely loved this book I am sad it is the end of the FMG series Tanisha’s books are written to make you feel like you’re a part of the daily lives of the main characters along with their families You are totally in grossed and on pins and needles as each chapter unfolds This style of writing has me readIng her books in one settingstart to finish I love the turn of events with David Shrimp Michelle the mothers and of course the three leading ladiesGina Keisha and Melanie NowwwwwwI have to wait until December to get another read from Ms Tanisha Stewart 😒😒

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For My Good Love and Respect For My Good Series Book 6Gina and David just got through one hurdle and now here life comes with anotherKailie is barely six months old Gina is in her final semester of school and David wants her to move acro I started reading this book on Sunday and I just could not put it down until it was finishedThis had me all over the place with my feelings Was angry with David Felt sorry for Michelle a little bit The characters just kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to read the next chapter The entire series is awesome I had to put some books on the backburner to finish this I started reading a book but when Tanisha sent me a preview of this book and I started reading it I had to put the other book to the side and read this You have outdone yourself again lady You have moved to my number 1 authorI am now waiting to see what happens with Sharmeka and Rick All the characters rock