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Damsels in Distress kindle ↠ eBook ☆ dcmdirect ë ➼ Damsels in Distress Free ➲ Author Join or create book clubs – Dcmdirect.co.uk What happens when a 15 year old secret between three best friends is exposed? Celeste Harper seems to be happily married and living life to its fullest That’s what sheRty dishes left in the sink canned goods not neatly stacked and missing curfew by just one minute earns Ginger a beat down on a regular basis How long will the makeup hide the bruises? Portia Dunn is single and fancy free but she has a dangerous taste for married men She enjoys collecting money for her rent and bills When a wife takes notice of mishandled funds and takes over the checkbook Portia’s free ride is over Now faced with having to support her own shopping addiction Po NIKITA Lynnette Nicholas is an exceptional writer All of her books are written with such love for the readers I really enjoyed this book because of the great friendship between the 3 friends This book had me laughing and crying and it let me know that love is really real After reading this book I want to be part of the sisterhood the ladies hadOnce again thanks for a great read

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Rtia puts a plan in motion to make it too easy for the wife to learn of her husband’s adulterous affair These three women have shared an unbreakable bond since high school They’ve also vowed to never make mention of what occurred in a dark dingy basement during their junior year When a heated fellowship between them develops into an all out brawl with name calling the very subject they’ve sworn to keep buried suddenly emerges The damsels turn on each other and war is declar I received the book Damsels in Distress on last Tuesday I couldn't put it down it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time I completed the book on Saturday All I can say is I can't wait to read your next book I enjoyed this book so much I'm going to re read all your other books Fantastic Book I know there's a Damsels in Distress II coming Hugs to your commitment on making each book better than the book before

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Damsels in DistressWhat happens when a 15 year old secret between three best friends is exposed? Celeste Harper seems to be happily married and living life to its fullest That’s what she wants everyone to believe but her failure to conceive a baby and the critical information she is withholding from her husband may demolish her house of cards Ginger Brown meets a guy online and invites him to stay in her home It isn’t long before she finds herself having to ask for permission to go to church Di I was impatiently waiting for Ms Nikita Lynnette Nichols to bless us with another novel To my surprise she has created an entirely new story about three African American women dealing with their own issues and leaning on God and their sisters in Christ to help them through Ginger Portia and Celeste are girlfriends since high school Now as adults they are still connected at the hips and throwing shade Love & War at one another at the same time Ginger the school teacher caught in an abusive relationship and Portia the gold digger and home wrecker herself And last but not least Celeste the outspoken dramatic out of the three and the one that is married praying for God to bless her with a babyWell developed characters funny sad yet an entertaining storyline Ms Nichols is a great story teller her way of creating an Adonis character like Joseph will give any single woman hopeGreat read now I have to wait for the seuel Side note I would love to see how Portia will deal with her issues in the second release girl has major issues