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A Wild Cove Mystery series Vol 1 doc  reader 5 Complete Box Set Collection Free ´ ✅ A Wild Cove Mystery series Vol 1-5 (Complete Box Set Collection) pdf ✈ Author Join or create book clubs – Dcmdirect.co.uk A complete mystery series that will bring her face to face with the dark undeA complete mystery series that will bring her face to face with the dark underbelly of the town she lovesMurder At Wild Cove Book 1 Jane was in the right place at the right time or the wrong one depending on how you looked at itOfficer Jane Scott is not expecting to face death murder and intrigue in the uiet town of Wild Cove She is trying to rebuild her life as her career and relationships struggle to get off the ground But Wild Cove has a different plan for her A woman is dead seemingly of natural causes but Jane suspects there may beto this tragedy than meets the eye Ably assisted by dashing mechanic Jack Macready and the kind hearted Pastor Callaghan Jane's investigation leads her into troubled water where those guilty of murder and conspiracy are waiting in the shadows; waiting to silence Jane and her friends once and for allSusan Dern Is Missing Book 2 He has good reason to be suspicious though he does not know it Sheriff Jane Scott is watching and listening from nearbyOne snowy night local teenager Susan Dern vanishes without a trace When local sheriff Jane Scott arrives on the scene she uickly discovers that Susan has been kidnapped Th This is a series about a police officer who has come from somewhere else and this is her last chance to make good Something happened at her last job that put her job in jeopardy so she left and came to this small town She is an honest hard working cop who seems to find trouble in some many ways She is a good person trying to make a difference and who would have thought there would be a murder soon after she gets there when there hasn't been any in a long long time You meet the cast of characters from the town who don't really like outsiders which she is but she gets them to warm up to her over time Great read

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E teenager's family face the horrid realization that she may have been murdered but Jane will not give up hopeThe Demise of Tom Hendry Book 3 Maybe I am here to confront whatever haunts the darkness around Wild Cove whether killer stalker or something even worseTom Hendry was a New York Times bestselling author thrilling millions of people around the world with his detective fiction Now he is dead; the victim of a bizarre murder straight out of one of his novels As Sheriff Jane Scott investigates the case Tom Hendry's very own son the dashing Charles Hendry is now being stalked by his father's killer As Jane attempts to reveal the identity of the murderer she grows close to Charles Too close Jane is on an emotional rollercoaster as Tom Hendry's killer closes in on his next victimThe Past Life of Jane Scott Book 4 If I'd never come to Wild Cove this would never have happenedJane Scott's life is slowly unraveling While she maintains her professional standards as Sheriff of Wild Cove her love life has fallen apart Jack Macready is no longer her boyfriend She feels lost and for the first time wonders if coming to Wild Cove was a mistake At this di A fantastic series of books that will grab you from start to finish Ms Greene knows how to write stories that areintense dangerous and touching Jane will be your new best friendHighly recommendedFree from author this is my honest review

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A Wild Cove Mystery series Vol 1 5 Complete Box Set CollectionFficult time Jane is pushed to the brink The reason Jane moved to Wild Cove was to shake off a bad reputation as a whistle blower in the police force Now some of the officers she took down have found her As they pull Jane's life apart piece by piece she is pushed to her limits as she uncovers the real reason they are in town and why she must do everything she can to stop them The Hooded Figure Book 5 I think I saw one of them staring at me through the trees and then heading awayPastor Callaghan grows restless Something he has feared for several years has now come to fruition When sheriff Jane Scott investigates sightings of strange hooded figures in the surrounding woods Pastor Callaghan asks her not to get involved for her own good But when the pastor vanishes Jane turns to the only person left in town she can trust Jack Macready Together they search relentlessly for their friend all while being watched from the tree line of the nearby forest The stunning conclusion of this series leads Jane into her darkest territory yet as malevolent forces move against her to guard a terrible life changing secretScroll up to one click your box set copy tod I really liked the main characters in the series they seem relatable to real life situations The plot was fast moving and well planned I liked the interaction between Jack Jane's love interest and Sheriff Jane's job dutiesThis is a cozy mystery at its best; actionbelievable plotgood wins over evil and no talking animals