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Hearts Aglow kindle Õ Four Christmas Novella Romances ↠ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Hearts Aglow: Four Christmas Novella Romances (The Christmas Lights Collection Book 5) ❤ Author Join or create book clubs – Dcmdirect.co.uk Four Christmas novellas from four of your favorite authors in one collection desIl bagWhen packages go awry in a series of snowstorms that bury Rockland in multiple layers of white two residents find cheering the elderly to be a big surpriseThis and Every Christmasby Jaycee WeaverChristmases past and present collide in a humorous yet bittersweet tale of a widowed tree farm owner and his daughters music teacher as they collaborate to create a future worthy of her familys wacky traditions and his familys legacyGrab yourFIFTH ANNUALChristmas Lights CollectionHearts Aglow toda Hearts Aglow will get you ready for the true spirit of Christmas no matter when you read it I have read and enjoyed books by each of the authors before but these little gems stand on stand on their own They take hard circumstances great characters humor and mix it together in their own uniue wayToni Shiloh's All I Want is a seuel to last year's I'll Be Home It can stand alone but you won't understand what a big difference Angel makes in her life to bring her to this book You will however be won over by Marvel the adorable little girl in a big wayCathe Swanson's Potato Flake Christmas is fun uirky and sweet One aspect of Cathe's writing that is on full display in this book are the great secondary characters especially the elderly ones If you have ever felt like you can't measure up to the heroes in your life this book is definitely for youJaycee Weaver wrote This and Every Christmas It primarily takes place on a Christmas tree experience farm She used a wonderful flash back techniue to help you learn the characters The humorous Christmas apparel brings such a light hearted feel to characters that really experienced so many lossesChautona Havig's Star Crossed Letters is a worthy addition to her many Christmas books Mixed up letters and mixed up expectations bring humor interfering friends and love Not without a few hiccups along the wayEach of these books is than worth the price of the whole collection I enjoyed all of them and so will you

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Erent kind of sandCant we order a freak snowstorm from some online retailer somewhere?Love is alive in the desert this ChristmasAll I Wantby Toni ShilohWhen Angel is tasked to decorate Bishop's place she longs to be seen for the woman she's become He just wants to get through Christmas with his daughter and get on with his perfectly ordered life Time together changes everything as her heart unexpectedly touches his Snow Crossed Lettersby Chautona Havigwaitin' for the matchmakin' man with the ma o far I’ve read Potato Flake Christmas and Snow Crossed Letters from this collection and can tell you both are wonderful stories Definitely worth purchasing the set even if it's just for these two but I know the others will be great as well as these are some of my favorite authors Potato Flake Christmas is a really fun story and I love how the title fits in Cathe Swanson combines series lessons on careful decision making God’s call on your life and relationships with a fun and lighthearted Christmas story I giggled as I read but also found myself pausing to think through some of the issues It's not often a story can do both without feeling too heavy Snow Crossed Letters by Chautona Havig is one I will definitely be reading again this Christmas season I just loved the characters and the way they interacted with one another Now that I’ve read these two I can’t wait to read the rest in the collection

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Hearts Aglow Four Christmas Novella Romances The Christmas Lights Collection Book 5Four Christmas novellas from four of your favorite authors in one collection designed to brighten your day and warm your heart this Christmas Potato Flake Christmasby Cathe SwansonMatchmaker matchmaker whos getting matched?Both at crossroads in their professional lives Claire and Jeffrey dont need the matchmaking shenanigans of her grandmother or his great uncleAlthough Jeffrey has fond memories of Christmas on the beachClaire just can't imagine Christmas in a land filled with cactus and a diff What do mixed up deliveries paper ornamentsSinatra Christmas trees music teachers and potatoes have to do with each other? They are all part of the fifth annual Christmas Lights Collection of Chautona Havig and friends as they help us get ready for the holidaysBeing open to the Spirit of Christmas doesn't mean the same this year due to the pandemic we are all dealing with It's been nice to set it aside for a while as these 4 novellas take ussomewhere anywhere elseChristmas in the desert really doesn't feel like Christmasdoes it? Not only does mail get mixed up but add 4 hearts to the recipe and misunderstandings abound The past and the present can change the future if you work hard enough And we all regret not having time together but what happens when we do?Four writers work together to set our Hearts Aglow this year and like in previous years they work in harmony to bring on the spirit because we really need it this year Highly Recommended 55