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Summary White Cat ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF á [Reading] ➿ White Cat ➶ Holly Black – No es agradable despertarse a medianoche en el tejado del internado completamente desnudo sin saber cómo has podido llegar hasta allí y recordar únicamente ue estabas soñando con una gata blancaCa No es agradaPor timar a millonarios su abuelo y su hermano mayor trabajan para una de las grandes familias de la mafia Tan solo su hermano mediano ue estudia en la universidad y él están al margen el primero porue no utiliza su habilidad y Cassel porue no posee ninguna Siempre ha sido el raro en su familia por carecer de poderes f. Reread 1030 Cassel is still the sarcastic little shit I remembered I have no other option than loving him even I hate that I love this I hate that the adrenaline pumping through the roots of my body is filling me with giddy glee I'm not a good person This book was full of charms ← See what I did there ▧ Charm ⁂1 I do love me some liar ⁂Beware of Cassel Sharpe professional liar and Master of the game of make believe You're going to love him Being a con artist means thinking that you're smarter than everyone else and that you've thought of everything That you can get away with anything That you can con anyoneI wish I could say that I don't think about the con when I deal with people but the difference between me and my mother is that I don't con myself Charming deceptive untrustworthy sarcastic selfish Of course I loved Cassel what do you think Since he was fourteen and well hmm killed his best friend and first love Cassel learnt that to survive he has to become a Master of pretending All the time Friendship Nothing than an exchange of goods Who'd want a killer of a friend Yeah No hands raised That's what I thought Love Yeah sure A good way to fake normality Family You mean the curse workers who always kept him in the dark and fed him with snippets of affection Them I'm not good at having friends I mean I can make myself useful to people I can fit in I get invited to parties and I can sit at any table I want in the cafeteriaBut actually trusting someone when they have nothing to gain from me just doesn't make senseAll friendships are negotiations of power” Don't get fooled despite the fact that he basically tries to con everyone we can't avoid seeing the extreme vulnerability that all his tricks can't hide and then Then we 're dealing with a charming and hopeless male lead we can't help but care about ▧ Charm ⁂2 Of course I'm lost And I love it ⁂What a multi layered mystery Each time I thought I finally got it the truth slipped through my fingers There are many subplots in this story and that's for the best we never know who Cassel can trust damn we don't even know if we can trust Cassel most of the time Everything can be a con and this makes every decision or action suspect try to overtake Cassel's shenanigans and you'll see Marks think they can get something for nothingMarks think they can get what they don't deserve and could never deserveMarks are stupid and pathetic and sadMarks forget that whenever something's too good to be true that's because it's a con As for the writing I have to point that I was pleasantly surprised by Holly Black Indeed it's my first book from this author and I must admit that I was really wary at first What a fool I've been It was a captivating page turner that never bored me ▧ Charm ⁂3 Why can't I be a curse worker huh Why ⁂ Never ever forget your gloves otherwise you are likely to experience one of these delightful experiences ✔ To find yourself somewhere without any idea how you came✔ Be changed in a cockroach Yeah that sucks✔ To start sobbing in remorse for something you didn't even do✔♪♫♬ Beware of the music you hear ♪♫♬ Just sayin'▧ Charm ⁂4 Applaud the cat Just do it He's got claws ⁂ For of my reviews please visit

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Uera de ella por la familia ue tiene Aunue Cassel solo aspira a ser «normal» y lo es en todos los aspectos salvo por un «peueño» detalle hace tres años se despertó y descubrió ue había matado a Lily su mejor amiga e hija del capo local La familia tuvo ue encubrirlo Ahora sinembargo empiezan a sucederle cosas rar. Why did I just now read thisWHY Imagine this scenarioCassel and Kaz Brekker Six of Crows if you did not know that please imagine my eyeballs bulging out of my head sit at a cafe and ponder schemey things Cassel looks up notices there's a girl running toward them Kaz frowns Then the girl runs past grinning really widely waving frantically considering whether she should speak and then deciding against it all while wearing a shirt that says I LOVE YOU BYE Kaz peers at his empty coffee cup and decides he hasn't been drugged and that he actually saw that Cassel wonders if his mom is playing a prank on them Simultaneously both boys think THAT CHICK WAS WEIRDReader that chick was me

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White CatNo es agradable despertarse a medianoche en el tejado del internado completamente desnudo sin saber cómo has podido llegar hasta allí y recordar únicamente ue estabas soñando con una gata blancaCassel Sharpe pertenece a una familia donde todos tienen poderes y los utilizan clandestinamente Su madre está entre rejas. read 2 | May 2020Rereading this made me so happy I don't even know how to properly explain the satisfied warmth covering my whole soul right now It had been six years SIX years I freaking love Holly Black; I love her style that's both simple but worked with raw depth with characters who leap off the page in just a few lines and protagonists you honestly would die for despite them being pretty as the devil and twice as clever Honestly love that Keep it up Cassel sweetie you're doing your bestTeen con artists Crime families Morally grey plotlines Twisty finales and tricky mind games Fractious brotherly relationships Magic but also highschool and homework It's just all so deliciously wickedly good I wish this one could make a comeback after the hype of The Cruel Prince this old review is cringely flaily but I leave it there because babyFury really loved freaking out 😂 read 1 | November 2014This is literally the best and most underrated book ever I feel like my new life goal is going to be shouting about this book from the rooftops IT IS THAT GOOD It's mind numbingly good It has some of the best plot twists and character development It's basically Supernatural meets the mafiaCrimeohhh I love crime booksIt's like a family business being a worker You get born a curseworker though so Cassel who is the youngest of a worker family is a non worker and that'skind of hard for him His big brothers are deep into the family work for crime bosses They work for Zackeroff Cons Crimes Murder Blood moneyCassel is one of my favourite characters of all time now He's a con man although to be honest he sucks at lying and he's got a smart mouth and he's absolutely awesome He's 99% flawed But he loves his family No matter how screwed up his family is Which is a lot considering his mother's in jail his brothers work for a crime lord and his dad is deadI love books about family and warped families With Cassel's brothers so criminal and his mother in jail and yet Cassel still put them first Also Cassel spends a lot of time with his Grandfather who's a death worker I loved that too The grandpa cared and loved Cassel but didn't absolutely smother him I LOVE THE ENDING THOUGH Family means so so muchbut what do you do when your family does things you can't forgiveThere are actually a few friends too Not a lot because Cassel doesn't do friends he has a Big Bad Secret hanging over his life But I loved Sam and Danika They were perfection just in the story enough to make it pop with brilliance but yet not having to be Cassel's #1 concern CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THE INSANELY GOOD PLOT TWISTS I so would die happy if I ever wrote even a uarter as well as this This is insanely awesome Everything was perfectly explained and Holly Black brought us into this world with no excessive info dumping and no utter confusion I love it I love it I love itview spoiler oh my GOSH I cannot believe how much I grinned when I realised Cassel was the transformationist I knew it'd be someone unexpected but I thought it was one of his brothers CASSEL THOUGH Best twist ever I just couldn't get over how his brothers basically used Cassel as their murder weapon He thinks he's the kid who's stuffed under the floorboards and no one cares about him because he's Not a worker but in reality he's their #1 asset That chair Cassel hates on Well I reckon it's a person or something I actually wonder if their entire grubby cluttered house is partially filled with objects that used to be human Don't you reckon And now I totally don't think Cassel's dad died in a car accident Did Cassel kill him Omg I need book 2 Lila is an AMAZING character She is justwoah She is a bully and she's exceptionally well written I hate her and love her at the same time I have no idea where book 2 is going But I'm going to love it And I love Cassel so much because he's brothers are downright sociopaths and cruel and insane and yet HE STILL SAVES THEM hide spoiler