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review What Is the What The Autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ [PDF / Epub] ✅ What Is the What The Autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng By Dave Eggers – Vencedor do Prémio Médicis para melhor romance estrangeiro de 2009 Esta é a hisThe What The Autobiography PDF or antes e durante a guerra civil Com esse objectivo contei a minha história ao autor Ele engendrou então este romance aproximando a voz do narrador da minha própria voz e usando os acontecimentos da minha vida como base Uma vez ue muitas das passagens são ficcionais o resultado toma o nome de romance» Valentino Achak Deng Críticas de imprensa«Um livro comovente assustador e improvavelmente belo» Time «Não me recordo da última vez ue um romance me tocou tão profundamente É impossível ler este livro e não nos sentirmos mais humildes e mais iluminados» Khaled Hosseini autor de O menino de Cabu. When so much hype and reputation converge on such a complex and sensitive topic only to receive unchecked praise from the American publishing industry and profitable sales I fear disaster choir preaching and the perpetration of harmful stereotypes Despite my interest in African literature in African conflicts and in the way that the developed world engages with Africa I have been avoiding this book since I learned of its existence A friend of mine who has lived and worked in Sudan vouched unreservedly for its authenticity and inoffensiveness and lent me her copy; I’m not mad at herDave Eggers or less avoids cheapening his subject weakening his message or losing credibility for the duration of a book comprised of stories that would tempt a narrator with less integrity to deploy every variety of manipulative sensationalist suspenseful and tear jerking prose The result is an unflinching straight forward trustworthy and revealing testimony I have no doubt that “What is the What” has communicated deeply about the reality of Sudan’s recent atrocities than most other products in any media And I consider this of an ethical accomplishment than a literary one Modern pragmatist philosophers such as Richard Rorty contend that one of the best ways to act ethically is to work towards expanding the circles of empathy of as many people as you can They suggest doing this by telling stories from new perspectives that familiarize and humanize marginalized and oppressed peoples and by creating ethnographies that do the same work on a scholarly level A book like this is supposed to raise awareness to sensitize people and to encourage action To the extent that this book makes it harder for people to be idle or disinterested in the face of circumstances like those in the South of Sudan it is successful; to the extent that it prompts people to take action about such circumstances it is impressively so Now I’m not thrilled with Eggers’s decision to play a little game with the genre—calling this both an autobiography and a novel—and I’m not convinced by the reasons that are given for his doing so Nor am I entirely comfortable with the narrative tactic of making Achak Deng directly address different parts of his story to whichever American seems to be disappointing him in the contemporary portion of “What is the What” As readers uickly discover the chapters of Deng’s tale that transpire in Sudan Ethiopia and Kenya are related by him in his mind somewhat accusingly over the course of less than two days to Americans with whom he is interacting It is all rather obvious that the Americans he addresses are just the cogs in the machinery of our populace the people who refuse agency and responsibility the people who are passive accomplices to the neglect of people like Deng—whether they struggle at dead end jobs making change at our supermarkets or whether they struggle to survive in crude structures built of trash amidst vulnerable refugees on the far side of earth It’s an interesting tactic clearly built to abolish narrative distance and to refresh a sense of accountability; but it can seem a bit forcedI don’t think the prose warrants excerpting or stylistic analysis nor am I tempted to highlight any particular episodes of Deng’s life There are charming bits to the story therapeutic moments of good fortune and humanity and there are scarring accounts of human behavior at its worst The book is worth reading for its even keeled navigation of these moments for the insight it offers into life in a refugee camp and for the mirror that it holds up to the United States as it fails to approximate the ideal of “sanctuary” Respect to Dave Eggers for donating the profits he could have made from this endeavor to the cause of other Lost Boys from Sudan

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Vencedor do Prémio Médicis para the What ePUB #180 melhor romance estrangeiro de Esta é a história da extraordinária capacidade de um rapaz para suportar atrocidade atrás de atrocidade e ainda assim recusar se a abandonar a decência a amabilidade e a esperança de encontrar um lar e uma vida dignaExcerto«Este livro é o relato emotivo da minha vida desde a altura em ue fui separado da minha família em What Is PDFEPUBMarial Bai abarcando os treze anos ue passei em campos de refugiados etíopes e uenianos até ao meu encontro com a cultural ocidental Era apenas um rapaz uando a guerra civil sudanesa começou uma guerra ue matou do. I’ve been thinking a lot about this book this morning I’ve recommended it a few dozen times over the years I didn’t even ‘think’ about whether or not I had written a review I hadn’tI read this before I joined Goodreads — in the days before I wrote reviews Those days are coming back again in my near future — ‘review retirement ‘— but that’s another story to review haBut I’d like to share a little about this book I read in in 2006 and I still remember it like yesterday It’s the type of book that leaves a lasting impression It’s extremely well written And for those who don’t like other books by Dave Eggers I’m not one of them this is not the book people turn their nose against This is a great bookIt was horrific how the Lost Boys lived day after day in Sudan starving being chased from village location to the next disease killing etcand there is another appalling story to read about as well Dave Eggers gives us a fictional autobiography of the horrendous journey of one boy in particular named Valentino Deng It’s a novel that reads like a memoir But what also makes this story unbelievable is what happens when Valentino is brought over to the United States He knows his host family and has made a few friends He is given an apartment to live in by himself He plans on attending community college I’m leaving out lots of detailsbut in a very short time new in his apt Valentino gets mugged robbed and tied up For days nobody knew he was alone in bad condition on the floor of his own apt Welcome to AmericaI can’t recommend this book enough

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What Is the What The Autobiography of Valentino Achak DengIs milhões e meio de pessoas Sobrevivi atravessando muitas paisagens rigorosas ao mesmo tempo ue era bombardeado pelas forças sudanesas me esuivava a minas terrestres era perseguido por animais selvagens e Is the What PDF #8608 assassinos humanos Alimentava me do ue colhia e durante dias seguidos não comi nada As dificuldades eram insuportáveis Tentei tirar a minha própria vida Muitos dos meus amigos e milhares dos meus conterrâneos não sobreviveram a estas atribulações Este livro nasceu do desejo por parte do autor e meu de estender a mão a outros e ajudá los a compreender as atrocidades ue os governos do Sudão cometeram Is. GREAT STORY NOT SO GREAT BOOK This took me THREE MONTHS to finish I did read other books in the meantime but believe me I wouldn't have dragged my feet on this one if the storytelling hadn't been so TERRIBLY AWFULExamples of STORIES told particularly badlya The drama teacher Miss Gladys and the Dominicsb The romance between Achak and Tabithac Life at Kakumad The story of Maria the girl who called him Sleepere The walk from Pinyudo to Kakumaf The play times with Achak and the Royal Girls of Pinyudog Achak's trip to the hospitalh Achak's job at the fitness clubi Achak's attempts to go to college in Americaj The night when the Sudanese were invited to the basketball gameAND MANY MORE Some of the above should have been interesting stories but they were written in such a matter of fact style I could barely bring myself to read each line on the page It was like forcing myself to read engineering textbooks OHHHHHHAnother thing this is supposed to be a fictional autobiography It's not a REAL autobiography because if it were it would be all about Dave Eggers NO NO it's all about Valentino Achak Deng OK so I get it Dave Eggers is PRETENDING to be Achak and writing it just the way he thinks Achak would write it And this in part is what makes it fictional OK FINE Now the narrator of the autobiography or the fictional entity that Dave Eggers was conjuring up when he was pretending to be Achak maybe he's the kind of guy who refuses to go on and on about his philosphical beliefs Well fine But as a READER wanting to hear the story of Valentino Achak Deng I want to know about that stuff And we get practically nothing For example from reading the book I would think this is the autobiography of an atheist But our fictional narrator is Catholic I know this because of occasional instances of praying various run ins with priests and occasional times when God is mentioned But I find it really annoying that the central character never seems to care enough about spirituality to discuss it The lack of discussion about the narrator's beliefs extends to other areas besides just religion I wish he had discussed his motivation and ambitions that led him to be in charge at so many stages in his life and his political views about the government of Sudan hopes for peace and so much Maybe the real VAD wouldn't have discussed philosophical matters in such a public forum as a book and maybe that's why Dave Eggers in pretending to be Achak left these kinds of discussion out I don't know But I wish the real VAD would come out and write his autobiography so I could find out From the web site valentinoachakdengorg I can see the great work Achak is doing to lift up the people of Sudan He seems like a great man And you know what I do not get that impression from this book Honestly I think the real VAD could do a much better job of writing his autobiography than Dave Eggers did of pretending to be himThis fictionalized autobiography device simply DID NOT WORKNow to be fair and this is why the book gets 2 stars for it was ok instead of 1 there were a few parts of the book that I enjoyed BITS OF PLOT TOLD RATHER WELL a The portrait of Achak's life in southern Sudan before the fighting began where his prosperous father owned a shop and had many wives; and there were various religions Catholic Muslim and Africanpagansomething intermingling somewhat peacefully; where he was loved by his mother in the yellow dress played with William K and Moses and would try to spy on Amath and her sistersb Achak's first visit at Phil and Stacy's house when a bunch of other Sudanese came in for dinner uninvited and the ensuing story of Achak's friendship with Phil's familyc Achak's running escape as a 6 year old boy from the fightingd The story of William K walking with Achake Moses' story about being captured and turned into a slavef The story told by the old man who was brought by the SPLA to speak to the Kakuma refugees about being the lone survivor of an attack on all the chiefs of the local tribesg The friendship between Achak and Noriyakih The story of a woman who comes to Achak's adopted family's home in Kakuma with news for Achak regarding his biological familyi Achak's experiences on the drama group's trip to Nairobi when he gets to stay with Mike and Grace and go to the shopping mall with Tabithaj The last week of Achak's time in Kakuma and his weeks spent in Goal waiting for a plane to take him to AmericaThis may seem like a lot but bear in mind this book is 535 pages and some of these plotlines above only lasted a few pages Looking back it seems that the first 100 or so pages were good and the last 100 pages were good It was the part in the middle that made me want to tear my toe nails out Hmmmm maybe those 335 pages in the middle are THE WHATOooooooooooooooooh