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Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ André Aciman O his sheer ability to unearth life secrets from an ordinary street corner  Alibis Essays MOBI #181 Alibis reminds the reader that Aciman is a master of the personal ess. “We seldom ever see or read or love things as they in themselves really are nor for that matter do we even know our impressions of them as they really arewhat we reach for and what ultimately touches us is the radiance we’ve projected on things not the things themselves” “Intimacy” pg 33 “And yet it is the city I’m reaching out for not people the city I long to encounter and hold for a whileThe secret language of cities and how even sidewalks like Sirens can lure us and speak to usCummings Camus — the miracle of intimacy with a place that may be in us than it is ever out there on the pavement because there may be of us projected on every one of its streets than there is of the city itselfThis longing goes out to the city and from the city comes back to us Call it narcissism Or call it passionthe remanence of our presence our lingering afterimage on this city — the best in us did I step into an iridescent hot spot where time stopped and I was one with myself and this citythis buildingbehind which lurks the imprint of a life unlived awaiting usAbove all do not take me away” “New York Luminous”

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Summary Alibis Essays on Elsewhere · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¶ [Read] ➵ Alibis Essays on Elsewhere ➲ André Aciman – Celebrated as one of the most poignant stylists of his generation André Aciman has written a luminous series of linked essays about time place identity and art that show Celebrated as one of the most poignant stylists of his generation André Aciman has written a luminous series of linked essays about time place identity and art that show. Oh I can't I'm so sorry Mr Aciman but I just cannot sit with you right now Your world is not mine and you make absolutely no effort to welcome me to it You must understand that I want nothing than do let you guide me but you don't want to do that You want to tell me about how pleased you are that you are in this world and you are not interested in relating to anyone who is not already inside it Aside from the first essay about lavender in which I found something true enough to make me want to keep reading this was a book of status symbols disguised as travel essays Even his essay on Monet and his love for a particular painting which I love essays about peoples' obsession with art even that was really about how he had a better travel experience than you He could speak the language and met Real People who led him coincidentally to what he wanted Complete with musings about how all travel should be random and spontaneous to truly fulfill us He wrote about the Place des Vosges in Paris and name dropped some of my favorite French historical figures but the real point of the essay was the fact that he was in Paris and knew things that you didn't He would move to Paris you know but there is just no TIME for that in his busy life of writing essays at ritzy resorts and traveling Yes that's why most of us don't move to Paris Mr Aciman I sympathizeAm I just envious I don't know I sound like I am a bit don't I I was thinking maybe I just resent reading about a man who's biggest problem is that he thinks he may have given erroneous directions to his gondolier in Venice but doesn't want to sacrifice his cool pose enough to fix it There's probably some element of that But I think its really about the purpose of these essays as contrasted to their presentation This is a book about the reflections of a middle aged man on the delicate nostalgia of his youth and the nuances and fleeting moments of meaning he seems to grab between plane flights and dinners on the Riveria This is NOT a Fantasia of passions and European landscapes It's about him Which I thought would be fine after the first essay I was even okay with that one about his childhood in Rome as a kid who loved books and was too shy to talk to girls But the rest of it where he tries to pretend that it is about travel that's a problem because I think he gets what is important about travel wrong I think he misses the good stuff I do not care whether you went swimming at noon while tourists were out seeing things in Venice thus making you like the native people who don't have to sightsee Why on earth would you choose staying at your hotel and swimming to tell me about when you are in Venice unless it was about how cool you are that you don't have to go see Venice Lot of performance that I have no patience with The priorities were off here and I did not like itI don't know I might revisit it later and try again

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Alibis Essays on ElsewhereHim at his very finest From beautiful and moving pieces about the memory evoked by the scent of lavender to meditations on cities like Barcelona Rome Paris and New York t. In his novel Eight White Nights Andre Aciman's narrator says longing makes us who we are makes us better than who we are because longing fills the heart The way absence and sorrow and mourning fill the heart In the same way the highly personal essays in Alibis explore the world of the author's memory It is not the things we long for that we love; it is longing itself just as it is not what we remember but remembrance itself that we love In the essays of Alibis the author remembers Paris Rome and Alexandria There is a gentle sorrow at the core of Aciman's work the sorrow I think of the exile Aciman was born in Egypt in a French speaking home where family members also spoke Italian Greek Ladino and Arabic His family were Jews of Turkish and Italian origin who settled in Alexandria Egypt in 1905 Aciman moved with his family to Italy at the age of fifteen and then to New York at nineteen and he currently teaches literature in New York In his essay Temporizing Aciman addresses his tendency directly What gives meaning to a life so clearly inscribed in temporizing is not someone's ability to confront pain sorrow or loss but rather someone's ability to craft ways around pain sorrow loss It is the craft that makes life meaningful not the life itself In Lavendar the author uses fragrance as a springboard into his memories of youth family and place Everywhere in his writing he seeks the shadow of the past the world experienced at a slight angle Aciman writes around his past and his essays are a remarkable exercise in the power of restraint Thoughtful and beautiful writing but very carefully distant