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doc ë Path to Freedom Ê conrad taylor Ê ❮Reading❯ ➳ Path to Freedom: My Story of Perseverance ➬ Author Conrad Taylor – If you love nonfiction which reads like a novel multiple award winning PATH to FREEDOM My Story of Perseverance is for youLittle about Conrad Taylor's upbringing in aUral trauma of emigration the uniue experience that is West Point the personal side of Cold War era geopolitics and the mayhem of Third World politics The view will be nostalgic for some shocking to many and enlightening for others Its subtly threaded love story will enchant at the very leastThe Smithsonian Institute displays PATH to FREEDOM My Story of Perseverance in its Anacostia Museum Library The world's premier archive selected the inspiring memoir as a source of insights about the history and culture of black people in the Western Hemispher I really enjoyed this book First of all my brother went to West Point with Conrad Taylor Second I'm a sucker for good memoirs and this one was not a disappointment It was interesting to read about the history of Guyana and it's government I just marvel people like Conrad and their drive to get to their Path to Freedom iPad

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If you love nonfiction which reads like a novel multiple award winning PATH to FREEDOM My Story of Perseverance is for youLittle about Conrad Taylor's upbringing in a remote mining town in Guyana South America prepared him for West Point at the height of the Vietnam War An extraordinary opportunity for most the highly regimented United States Military Academy was a life changer for him Enduring culture shock and surviving rude awakenings hardened the rigorous West Point Experience And Third World politics after West Point because of West Point tes WordsAPlenty received from the author a copy of Path to Freedom My Story of Perseverance by Conrad Taylor in exchange for an honest review Path to Freedom My Story of Perseverance written by Conrad Taylor is an exciting memoir of his life during a difficult and violent time Taylor grew up in a small mining town in Guyana South America and one of two young men selected to attend West Point Military Academy The culture shock was enough to send Taylor spinning but then adding the demanding life of a West Point cadet it is surprising he survived the experience as balanced as he did The stipulations of attending the West Point Military Academy reuired he return to Guyana to fulfill the conditions of his scholarship Naïvely Taylor went back expecting a high paying job within the government only to discover the Guyana he once knew was no Instead a dictatorship with a strong relationship with the Soviet Union was at odds with the US The power hungry greed driven leadership trusted no one especially the two West Point graduates Taylor and his friend Chait had to prove they were no traitors or spies pigeon holing the two young men into career and life choices that make their continued existence uestionable“Unhappily Prime Minster Burnham and other power brokers peered at me through a curtain of self induced paranoia that clouded their judgment They saw me as a liability than asset and as a problem to be solved rather than a resource to be fully utilized They placed personal wants and their desire for unfettered power ahead of national needs Personal ambitions subordinated national interests all too often”Taylor does an outstanding job of making the story flow between accurate historical accounts and his own personal experiences during this difficult time of the Cold War Era He communicates clearly with his words the fears and frustrations he and his family experienced both in the US and home in Guyana One would expect the massive amount of historical information would be boring or overwhelming and sound text bookish; Taylor is an exceptional story teller He makes the connections between historical information and his experiences blend together seamlessly Although most people know of the unrest during this period I would venture a guess that what Taylor reveals would be considered unthinkable and appalling to most back then and today I read this book over several days far longer than I would normally have taken because it was heart wrenching Taylor made me feel his pain and frustration the unfairness of being hazed and a foreigner as well as being home and isolated because of politics This book covers a wide berth of emotions history and humanness I was left asking myself how anyone could survive and still be strong emotionally and mentally to carry on with life Some of his experiences seem almost “made for the movies” with sneaking hiding in plain sight and so on “Mayo drove my family and me to Timehri International Airport Navigating Timehri and taking off successfully promised to be the trickiest in the last stage of the clandestine emigration process The “last mile” reuired the utmost caution”Taylor is masterful at crafting the story His words are clear and the image he wishes to project is powerful With a large number of memoirs it is an opportunity to share a story with a narrow focus; Taylor shares so much in his memoir This is one of those books that evokes thought and uestions I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a book that is powerful historically accurate and insightful WordsAPlenty gives this book a well deserved 5 star rating

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Path to Freedom My Story of PerseveranceTed it severely The truth is stranger than fiction memoir has a simple proposition Fly or diePATH to FREEDOM My Story of Perseverance describes what happened upon Taylor's return to a government turned repressive anti American and paranoid overnight The Soviet leaning Cold War era dictatorship feared regime change Its power hungry leaders obsessed about him being a spy for the United States His was the impossible task of proving that he was not or elseThe historically accurate coming of age book provides a uniue prism through which to see the cult I received this book from the author to read and reviewOriginal review posted here was asked to read and review this book from the author This is a coming of age auto biographical book that follows the author through some main points of his young life up living in Guyana South America follows him through his scholarship to West Point then after he went back to Guyana where is government thinks he's a spy for America My favorite part of the entire book was the beginning The author clearly loves where he grew up his description of the beautiful of Guyana and the waterfalls and wild life and trees I really need to add this place to my bucketlist to go see all of it especially the waterfall I've never heard of Guyana before but the description made me feel like I was there There were a few points through the book that I wish were elaborated on because the briefest mention was made but then nothing beyond that curious minds need to know ALL The memories and culture shock of arriving in America were interesting to read I wish there were mention if he had problems as far as racism or anything like that There were a lot of hazing and seemingly awful memories of West Point I kind of wondered if there were many good memories and wish I had gotten to read some of those I'm walking away from this book with the thoughts of bullying and WP being awful there didn't seem to be any happiness except for when there were freedom allowed to go visit Ona girlfriend at the time Oh and why after marrying Ona did he go back but she stay in the US? I was confused at that part It was an easy read though filled with lots of facts and details about political things going on at the time both in Guyana and West Point The author is very articulate and well written and it was obvious he went through so much and it was obviously painful to go through that when he the place where he was born Good book