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FREE READ õ The Art of Miss Chew µ ➥ [Epub] ➟ The Art of Miss Chew By Patricia Polacco ➯ – After spending the summer with her artist grandmother Trisha knows she wants to be an artist too She's thrilled when her sketches get her into Miss Chew's special art class at the high school A substi After spendingS one battle that Miss Chew and Trisha are up for This true story shows just how important a teacher can be in a child's life and celebrates the power of art itself. This is another one of Polacco's tributes to teachers who have made a difference in her life In this case it's her teacher from Ireland who recognized her need for time to take tests and her art teacher Miss Chew who recognized her talent for drawing I think this is a book that both parents and teachers should read The message encourage a child's talents and be alert to any possible learning disabilities

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Chew's special art class at the high school A substitute teacher tells her she's wasting time on art when she should be studying but fortunately this The Art Epubi. This is a good solid story about giving a girl a chance to realize her potential and overcome obstacles Polacco had a reading learning disability in the 60's and ran into trouble getting support for it at one point There also was no art instruction available in her middle school at all How things have changed Even with a depletion in money for the arts I don't know any middle school that doesn't even have a very basic art curriculumThe illustrations are happy and Polacco does a good job of relaying the feelings of the characters through their expressions I don't think she is as good with body language but it's not too badBut there are a lot of things I found not as good about this book First of all I don't like how black and white it is Two good teachers were amazing and always encouraged her and even when they did something wrong it was still great For example the art teacher called her Theresa from day one and never stopped Most people would have a problem with this especially an adolescent but Polacco remembers this fondlyThe bad teacher is horrible evil even because she is elderly and from a very different educational era and doesn't understand learning disabilities and how to accomodate them There is no acknowledgement of this In fact at one point Polacco says that in a school meeting the woman scoffed and then proceeded to read an awful lot into that one noise saying as if she and maybe even That feels very vindictive to me This woman is so punished she is sent out of the school and never able to even be a substitute there again for any class How would Polacco a middle schooler know thatI'm also not as fond of Polacco's illustrations as others are I think they are competent but I am not overwhelmed I don't like that she sketches them out first and then watercolors them in This is just a style thing but I think she makes too many sketch strokes so it looks messyI also think her perspective is off At one point the art teacher and the girl are in front of an easel and both including their feet are at such an angle they look like they are falling over In another place a person's body parts aren't in proportion and the angles of the people in the picture don't mesh with the furniture and with gravity There were hands that were just not drawn well tooI feel she just hurried it along like she had a deadline to meet She is obviously capable The flyleaves have examples of her drawings that are much competent although nothing strikes me as particularly advanced than a really good art 101 studentSo 35 stars rounded down to 3 because of the black and white thinking

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The Art of Miss ChewAfter spending the summer with of Miss PDF #205 her artist grandmother Trisha knows she wants to be an artist too She's thrilled when her sketches get her into Miss. Oh when the inside front and back covers and book dedication already had me close to crying I knew this was going to be one of the Patricia Polacco books where I’d be sobbing my eyes out or feeling like doing so and those are the books by her that are my favorites And this one is now among my favorite books by one of my favorite picture book authorsThanks so much to Abigail I own a copy I hope Abigail read this before she sent it and if not luckily has another “great Polacco book” left to read and I was able to read this in advance of official publication I am so grateful What a great present And the term present has meaning in the book tooVery interesting to me I’m not normally a huge fan of Polacco’s art by itself but enjoy it in relation to her stories In this book about her journey as an artist and containing pictures of drawings and a painting reflecting work she did as a young person in addition to the story’s paintings I enjoyed the artwork in this book than in any other Polacco book and I’ve now read all her books I really liked all the artwork in this book I particularly liked the drawing of her cat within the painting of her cat but I liked the art on all the pagesThe story is one of Polacco’s best and as is typical is autobiographical and as usual had me near tearsHer account shows the importance of art of the arts being taught in schools and how both good and bad teachers can have a lifelong influence on childrenThe book’s description field has an excellent summary of the story so I feel no need to repeat any of that but I’ll say it can’t uite capture the wonderful emotional tone Polacco manages to create in her tellingLove the story love the art and appreciate the author illustrator sharing her life’s experiences with today’s children In addition to pure enjoyment derived from readingviewing this book I can see it and many of Polacco’s other books being emotionally and practically helpful to so many readersThis book can and should in my opinion be enjoyed by everybody but I particularly recommend it to all teachers and school administrators reading specialists art teachers aspiring artists and established artists kids who struggle with reading or learning differences and writers who are thinking of writing autobiographies and biographies for children It’s hard to pick a reading age range for this book Although it is wonderfully and fully illustrated it is text heavy I’d say for read aloud age 5 and up is okay through age 11 and for independent reading I’d say depending on the person ages 8 or 9 through 13 and then all the way up I’m way into adulthood years and I loved it I’d like to see this book in every K 8 school libraryI definitely recommend it to all the usual suspects all my Goodreads’ friends who enjoy children’s picture booksOf all living authors who are not on Goodreads Polacco is the one I'd most like to see become a Goodreads' author member