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He RAF one objective to escape His attempts may sometimes be ridiculous a muddled scramble of half in an. Contains the odd mild spoilerThis is a good book and recounts the story of Oliver Philpot from the moment his plane crashed into the sea to his eventual arrival in a neutral country and the British consulate thereIt describes the constant escape attempts and general prison life as well as giving a very interesting account of his unusual escape and evasion across enemy territory and on to freedom The book also gives a good picture of what Europe was like during the German occupation sphere of influenceThere are a few uite shocking bits in the book and in fact the general side notes and comments throughout are most interestingrevealing For example there is a bit where the POW's are talking about their experiences and one admits to pulverising a German by accident who was drifting down to earth in his parachute having been shot down This sort of talk is very scarcely covered in any historynarrative of the RAF in WW2 but there is evidence here be it accident or not The suggestion is that a photo reconnaissance Spitfire pilot had pushed the button for shooting instead of for taking photographs as far as I am aware the photo reconnaissance aircraft carried no armaments at all Who knows but it is interesting and touches a subject very close to the bonePhilpot's attitudes to the Germans is uite interesting and instead of showing evidence for revisionist historians to gleam over for example showing that the average soldier didn't particularly dislike the Germans he and his colleagues actually reveal a genuine dislike for them be it from willing a German plane to crash into a hill or commenting on an old German woman that they did not care at all if she had lost many sons and grandsons in the current war or wars of the recent past He refers to them all as enemies of my countryHe does not care much for the Germans and their Teutonic ways and his descriptions of them are often most amusing and add to the book The book all in all is uite unbelievable and what an experience to have lived through all of thatSlight negatives I would say is Oliver jumps about characters uite a lot which I guess reflects his purposeful attempts to mix up his inmates to keep things relatively fresh The result being I didn't feel like I knew the other characters particularly well or I did but only for a short periodIt would have been nice to have added an epilogue describing how the Germans reacted when they realised Philpot and the two other had got out and their counter measures I didn't warm to Philpot like I have other characters in similar books but I did find the book interesting and enjoyable nonetheless The book is worth reading in its own right and certainly worth having in your collection as copies are now uite rare Mine was published in 1950 and is a bit of a gemGo and read it Most people rate it better than I haveIt is down to you to make up your own opinion35

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Stolen JourneyD half out of a train window or sometimes eerie tunneling twenty feet deep in the clay and earth of Pola. The tone of evasion and escape thread throughout this descriptive yet easy read sprinkles of humour throughout

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Free read Stolen Journey ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ ❴Reading❵ ➾ Stolen Journey Author Oliver Philpot – WWII POW tale of capture and escapeIn 'Stolen Journey' Oliver Philpot shows that POW existence had for the RAF one objective to escape His attempts may sometimes be ridiculous aWWII POW tale of capture and escapeIn 'Stolen Journey' Oliver Philpot shows that POW existence had for t. Enjoyed this book hugely Felt the excitement and fear of travelling through Germany during wartime as if I was doing it myself As an additional source of interest my uncle Eric Foinette a fellow prisoner in Stalag Luft 3 was the Eric referred to several times in this book He died recently at the age of 99 What a pity this book is no longer in print as it is eually exciting as the Wooden Horse which was the story of the other 2 men who escaped at the same time