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Prix des libraires dans la catégorie Roman uébécois À l’autre bout du monde il y a Arvida ville modèle érigée au début du vingtième siècle par l’industriel américain Arthur Vining Davis Le narrateur de ce livre est né là dans la capitale de l’aluminium construite en cent trente cin jours Petite utopie nordiue peuplée de braves gens de menteurs compulsifs et de pures Arvida a collection of short stories ends with this passage from Madeleines as the narrator presumably the author of the collection Samuel Archibald considers all the stories he could write Stories of Arvida and elsewhereHorrible stories and funny stories and stories both horrible and funnyStories of road trips little thieves and people weak in the headStories of monsters and haunted housesStories of bad men as men often are and mysterious and terrifying women as women always areTrue stories I'd tell without asking permission or changing any names while giving dates and the names of streetsTerrible stories that I'd never tell except by removing them to the opposite end of the world or disguising them in strange languageThey all jostled together taking their time until I succumbed to the overwhelming fatigue of the day in the open air There was no hurry I hugged my father I pissed outside and I went to bed early for once happy to know so many storiesBeginning with that one Coy for this book to end with that reference to a beginning but this list pretty much explains everything you will find within these pages The title “Arvida” itself refers to the smelting town in uebec’s Saguenay region where Archibald grew up Built uickly in the late 1920s as a planned habitat for the factory's workers the town’s name derives from AlcoaAlcan’s then chairman Arthur Vining Davis combining the first two letters of each of his names Because Arvida seemed to him like a place without a history Archibald's intent here was to fill in the blank spaces with local folklore family stories and a touch of fantasy noting that in French there is no difference between the words for “story” and “history” With hockey hunting and prayers to the saints this collection is firmly set in what I think of as uebec but as a work of literature I'm uncertain as to its broad appealThere were often some lovely descriptive bits I was dazzled by the lightning and blinded by its absence I heard a din that was like thunder than surf I saw the waves crashing and exploding against the rocks in a commotion that had nothing gentle or harmonious about it I saw the ocean like an immense black mass streaked with foam and I understood that every time I'd seen the sea before that night on the bridge of a ferry at the lighthouse at Pointe au Père or on the beach at Cape Cod I'd seen a postcard I'd seen a lie Or Menaud had the torso of a wrestler perched on bird feet forearms like Popeye the sailor covered in long black hairs like zigzags and between his incisors a hole big enough for you to poke in a finger A thick beard lent a bluish cast to his neck and cheeks and a single bushy eyebrow spawned a whole repertoire of grimaces where it overhung his evil eyes hunched in their orbits like grackles in a stolen nest And many passages I didn't really understand The cards murmur many things in the ears of people who know how to listen Her grandmother taught her that a woman has the right to hear what she wants to hear and to leave all the rest suspended from the wings of the birds of affliction I was glad to read that the most disturbing story in Arvida – Jigai; the Japan set gorefest – didn't spring whole from Archibald's mind but was disuieted to think of it as an allegorical version of real life events Overall these stories were a little dull for me – and not least of all because every story about “monsters and haunted houses” contained logical explanations for uasi supernatural events – but I can appreciate the purpose that they serve for Archibald and the memory of a town that doesn't even technically exist any

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Arvida by Samuel ArchibaCrapules Dans les uatre paroisses d’Arvida le long du Saguenay et par delà l’horizon bleuté des monts Valin on se raconte des histoires de nuits en forêt et de matins difficiles Des histoires de jeunes filles innocentes et de bêtes sauvages de meurtre raté et de mutilation rituelle de roadtrip vers nulle part et de maison hantée Des histoires tantôt tristes tantôt drôles ta For me the key to Arvida didn't appear until the final story in the collection Madeleines Arvida III when Samuel Archibald describing his development as a writer saysThere are always times when I get attached to stories that aren’t stories really that begin without ending and never get anywhere Possibilities dreams and missed rendezvous Phantoms and absencesNothing made writing difficult for me than this fundamental impossibility Like the anti madeleines of my father in which all memory is swallowed up the stories I like are untellable or suffer from being told or self destruct in the very act of being formulatedI was frustrated by the first six of the 14 stories in Arvida for precisely this reason they didn't really feel like stories; they didn't go anywhere I was sure that Arvida was shortlisted for the Best Translated Book Award BTBA for a reason though and once Archibald found his stride in A Mirror in the Mirror he took me to some very dark places indeed Arvida's unevenness led to its 3 star rating but I am glad that I read it and grateful to Biblioasis and the BTBA for introducing me to Archibald's voiceI received a free copy of Arvida through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

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FREE READER Ã DOC Arvida by Samuel Archibald ✓ DCMDIRECT ä ➽ [Download] ✤ Arvida By Samuel Archibald ➲ – Prix des libraires 2012 dans la catégorie Roman uébécois À l’autre bout du monde il y a Arvida ville modèle érigée au début du vingtième siècle par l’Ntôt horribles et souvent un peu tout ça à la fois mémorables pour leur profonde authenticité même si il faut bien le dire elles sont toutes à moitié fausses et à moitié inventées Digne fils de son conteur de père Samuel Archibald se révèle dans ces pages un émule de Cormac McCarthy obsédé par Proust un héritier d’Anne Hébert ui a trop lu Jim Thompson et Stephen Kin Arvida is a collection of short stories by Canadian author Samuel Archibald This collection was longlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize in 2015 which is one of Canada's most prestigious awards for literature There are fourteen well crafted stories within most of which I enjoyed very much Whether or not you might enjoy this collection depends on your aesthetic tastes around what constitutes a good collection of stories Please be aware that the following summary will be loaded with spoilers as pertains to the kind of content covered by the author; I will be vague about specifics but discussing my impressions of the publication as a whole cannot be achieved without mentioning the topics coveredOn the one hand there are nuanced stories tempered by dry wit about the narrator's family set in the fictional town of Arvida My Father and Proust Madelienes The Centre of Leisure and Forgetfulness On the other there are stories of a decidedly darker nature which address incest and sexual abuse The Animal abusive relationships mental and physical disabilities animal abuse and haunted houses House Bound romantic abandonment and haunted houses A Mirror in the Mirror mental disabilities social estrangement and attempted murder The Last Born the grisly death of a sexually abusive father Paris in the Rain age inappropriate relationships and suicide In The Fields of the Lord women who mutilate themselves each other and willing villagers in an act of self expression possession and perhaps something darker Jigai a group of petty criminals who attempt to smuggle a woman over the border America a loathsome hateful man who's job it is to fly from city to city firing people In The Midst of the Spiders and an account of a fearsome jaguarcougar hunting in the woods Cryptozoology Just from a uick review of the above list it's uite easy to see that there is a clear imbalance when it comes to the type of story that is hosted here To be fair the Arvida themed stories have their shades of the macabre in the Centre of one of the main characters has a very public coke habit; in Madelienes the narrator mentions his uest for inspiration for his horror stories among his town's inhabitants Even so I feel like this collection is disjointedThis is further exacerbated by the fact that the three stories set in Arvida are referred to as Arvida I II and III along with their titles in the table of contents but are spaced out in between the other stories There is another trilogy as well; three of the non Arvida stories have the subtitle of Blood Sisters I II and III These too are spaced out in between the other content and are not consecutive To add a bit confusion the first Arvida story starts off the collection while the first Blood Sisters story is entry number six I don't have the faintest idea why the stories are organized as they are but I found it jarring and confusing to follow the respective threads between the three stories of each set when they were spaced so oddly It's my personal preference that like be collected with like I mean for this to be applied in a very abstract and thin manner; I don't need the subject matter to be the same or the setting or even the characters; but tone should be consistent or at least flow from story to story If you like an extreme variety of tone ie touching memories of a rousing hockey game in the town arena versus a story about two women in Japan that disfigure each other in excruciating acts only to be destroyed by a demonic force then this is the collection for you My favourite pieces were definitely of the darker calibre In particular I really liked the Blood Sisters stories These were very strong both technically and in the emotional wallop that they deliver My only complaint is that the ending of the third story and therefore the ending of the trilogy seemed a little anti climatic I liked that the character was a survivor and was carrying on with her life I just wanted her to be bad assed I don't really know what development would have achieved this for me but I wanted something Click on the link for my favourite lines from the collection view spoilerMy father no longer lacks for anything but he misses the taste food had when there was not enough of it – My father and ProustUnless they had a good reason the Indians never strayed from their traditional portages and their navigable waterways and they felt no need to give names to places that they never visited It was a European obsession to go everywhere and it became an American obsession to build roads to nowhere – Antigonish Another reason to loathe Michel he’d stopped drinking a long time ago Tippling in an airport bar seemed even grimmer when he had to do it in the company of an abstemious imbecile who wandered the world with his pockets full of herbal teabags – In The Midst of the SpidersThey never flirted seriously with the cadets The cadets were a subnormal and weak and insignificant species It wasn’t healthy at their age to need so badly to obey and be obeyed to be served and to be servile – The Animal“I think people don’t talk about it because in a religion where you have to forgive everybody you can’t mention God’s name when you talk about forgiveness You can praise him and sing for him but you can’t ever say anything about his most important attribute which is to be unforgiveable Everyone has his reasons except him because he’s the one who decides what’s what and he’s the only one who can make things happen differently It’s the same thing for Billy and me on a smaller scale and it’s the same thing for you and your girls You’re the whole world for them and you knew when they were born everything that might happen to them and that you’d have no excuses to give them and you’d have to be responsible for everything Our brothers and our sisters who are idiots and understand nothing they can always say they didn’t know and they didn’t do it on purpose and it’s not their fault and people will forgive them because they’re just the same But we’re the clever ones and people know it and you can never say it’s not our fault because those with the knowledge are never forgiven” – The AnimalShe knew what he would have saidHe would have said“The world is a hard place for men and maybe even worse for women and it’s hard for a man to bring children into it and maybe even worse if they’re girls You can show boys all you know and hope that they’ll handle things just like you did but girls are delicate things and it’s tempting for a father never to teach them anything and to hope that nothing will ever happen to them and to try to protect them from the world instead of showing them how to live in it”All during the ride she repeated “Don’t talk papa” because if he’d talked she’d have to tell him that she’d learned all of that a long time ago all on her own and that his silence hadn’t protected her from anything – The AnimalShe was in the midst of cutting a deep gash in the flesh of her right thigh with a tracing wheel There was blood on the sheets blood on her fingers and blood at the corners of her lips – JigaiAfter there’d been Paul and all those years she’d loved him to the point of nausea of not being able to sleep at night She worked at the time in a rather tough neighbourhood Getting off at two in the morning she’d call Paul from the bistro so he’d come to meet her They’d spot each other from a distance in winter in the middle of snowstorms and for some hundreds of meters they’d appear and disappear from each other’s sight in great clouds of drifting snow that they themselves stirred up They kissed and went home and rid their bones of the cold by rubbing numb limbs together while their bodies embraced the warmth and the skin of the other You had to be very poor and desperate to love each other like that and there was some comfort in knowing that she’d never go back there – Paris in the RainLise told us that our grandmother remembered the time when her life was her own before in Arvida when it became that of others In Arvida her life had been that of her children then of the priests who came to eat with the family on Sunday then of the little hockey players atom peewee and bantam then of her sick son and her sick husband then of