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review I Spied a Pale Horse Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB å [PDF] ✈ I Spied a Pale Horse By Mark Timlin – As the new millennium approaches it is the end of the world for John in ways than one for his wife and child are dead and society lies in ruins as a plague devastates the world When a pregnant young g As t0 ways than one for his wife and child are dead and society lies in ruins as Spied a Pale MOBI #239 a plague. Not the greatest apocalyptic novel by a long wayIt's your standard end of the world affair; a random plague outbreak wipes out 90% of the world and the survivors turn to scavenging and murder to surviveIt all happens surprisingly fast really Relative normality one day albeit with a fair few people dropping dead each day then one night the main 'hero' spends his last night with his wife child and next day the whole country has broken down and are killing each other for no real reason I can't really believe society would fall apart uite so rapidly but hey Who knowsAs far as the characters go the main 'hero' suffers from a severe lack of likeability he's basically a violent murderer just like everyone else and becomes one surprisingly uickly too The rest of the characters are pretty one dimensional The women in this story are reduced to either just cliché prostitutes sex slaves in need of saving or cooks cleaners that look after the men with no personality of their own at all Aside from one pair who are virtually only identified as 'lesbians that bat for the other team' yes that's the complexity of the dialogue in this book with nothing much else to distinguish them even though they're part of the core of characters in this storyI also got tired of half the chapters being pretty uiet but ending with clunky forced tension like it was all calm for now but little did I know it wasn't going to be like that for long or words to that effect You can get away with that once or maybe twice in a story but it happened far too often hereIt's all rather predictable really There's no real point to anything and it has no particular commentary on society or humanity that such end of the world books are generally good for Just a bloke and his ugly mate killing people off so they can take their stuff YawnIt was't awful though The story did keep me reasonably interested just to see what happened and there were a few tense cliffhangers in there And it wasn't especially long so mostly didn't overstay it's welcome But there are plenty better books of this ilk out there

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As the new a Pale PDFEPUB #191 millennium approaches it is the end of the world for John in I Spied ePUB #22. As I Spied a Pale Horse begins an apocalyptic event has already occured and we are introduced to protaganist John and his battle for survival in the aftermath And battle it is for this is uite an action orientated story Flashbacks throughout the novel fill in the details of John's life before during and after the disaster which was a Black Death plague that killed almost everyone Like the plague in The Stand a handful of people are immune to the virus However this is where any similarities between the two books end as King's masterpiece is in a completely different leagueI Spied a Pale Horse is a fairly short book and certainly a uick read The fast pace leaves little time for characterisation and no time to get bored It does a reasonable job of showing how having to survive in such a world could change a person I've read a number of PA novels and this one is neither the best or worst It's entertaining enough and written in an easy to read style Most fans of the PA genre would find it worth reading particularly those who feel that actions speak louder than words

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I Spied a Pale HorseDevastates the world When a pregnant young girl enters his life he finds he has to fight for than he imagin. This reminded me of The Stand by Stephen King man made super flu kills off most of the population and the aftermath Very good book Enjoyed it