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CHARACTERS ☆ The King's Blood µ ❮Download❯ ➺ The King's Blood ✤ Author Daniel Abraham – War and madness cast shadows over the lands dragons once ruledGeder Palliako's star is rising He is a hero of Antea protector to the crown prince and darling of the court But storms from his past are War and madneWar and madness cast shadows over the lands dragons once ruledGeder Palliako's star is rising He is a hero of Antea protector to the crown prince and darling of the court But storms from his past are gathering and with them a war that will change everything Cith. Awesome

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Rin bel Sarcour founded a powerful bank on The King's PDF or stolen wealth forged papers and ready blades Now every move she makes is observed recorded and controlled Unless Cithrin can free herself from her gilded cage the life she made will be for naught war m. “Wars are easier to start than to end and where they take you is rarely where you intended to go”In the second entry to The Danger and the Coin series Mr Abraham is down to business and he knows perfectly well where he wants his story to go Sadly he stumbles at times as if unsure how to get there; this concerns both the plotting and the pacingI really really wanted to give this book 4 stars the mean reader that I am in spite of spiders and dragons and the most idiotic YA female lead you can imagine But I cannot No matter how much I want to King’s Blood is a great read if you do not pay attention to details like “how come” and “why” that anchor the plot and the decisions made by the protagonists in something solid As it is two of the most pivotal developments in this book happen not only out of the blue but also in clear contradiction to previous character development This hurts the book than my personal petty grievances against it There are five main protagonists whose eyes allow us to trace the main story Dawson Killiam and his wife Clara nobles of the Imperial Antea Geder Palliako who finds himself much closer to the Severed Throne than he ever dreamed Cithrin bel Sarcour banker by upbringing alcoholic by vocation and Marcus Wester a warrior without a cause All these are in some ways interconnected and even though not all paths cross and converge the actions and decisions ripple and have reverberations beyond obvious “This may sound a bit grandiose”“Try me”“I am off to kill a goddess”While Dawson attempts to save his country Marcus is burdened with the doomed and inevitable task of saving the world In fact both Marcus and Dawson are in a sense mirror reflections of each other with one placing the state on an individual the other on an idea behind it The way Marcus allows himself to be tied to Cithrin is the precisely same thing that allows Dawson to liberate himself from poisoned loyalty to the person wearing the royal paraphernalia and yet remain faithful to the ideas that make the difference between betrayal and patriotism It is interesting to watch their parallel struggles especially that in some sense both lead towards a tragedy “The day I throw you in a ditch and take a company sir It’s today”The problem with Marcus’ POV in particular is the pacing; getting Marcus to do what obviously needs to be done and what is apparent from his very first chapter through the long and painfully protracted path of his personal but implausible obsessions with Cithrin didn’t feel honest yes that’s the word enough to justify the obvious attempt to prolong the story view spoiler This impression is only reinforced by the fact that after having disappeared for half of the book only to re emerge out of nowhere Kit manages miraculously inexplicably but oh how conveniently find a knowledge and a way to the magical artefact that is needed to continue with the uest hide spoiler

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The King's BloodAy provide just the opportunity she needs An apostate priest sees the hidden hand behind all a long buried secret of the dragon empire threatens everything humanity has built An age of madness and death approaches with only a few doomed heroes to stand in its wa. Awesome development from the first bookI didn't really like Dawson in The Dragon's Path but he really developed as a character throughout this book view spoilerAt least before he was so brutally beheaded hide spoiler