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DOC ð READER You Have to Stop This ✓ 9781409546733 FREE Ó ❰Download❯ ➽ You Have to Stop This Author Pseudonymous Bosch – When Cass Max Ernest and Yo Yoji are accused of stealing a very valuable and not to be touched Ancient Egyptian mummy from the local museum they'reAn mummy from the local museum they're determined to get to the bottom of the mysterious case But after they i cant wait for it im dying inside wake me up on september23

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Are trapped in a crate with a mummified cat they find themselves on the way to the great pyramids of Las Vega This is the best series ever

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You Have to Stop ThisWhen Cass Max Ernest and Yo Yoji are accused of stealing a very valuable and not to be touched Ancient Egypti I was really happy throughout the entire book series The way the PB tells it as if heʻd experienced it all and he did go through it all The twists turns were good and interestingOk Plot OverveiwThe last book was really a good way to tie it all together We have Cass ME and Yo Yoji going on yet another adventure to protect the Secret from the Midnight Sun Only this time itʻs from an invisible Pharaoh And Cass finds a scroll to learn the Secret and finds a scroll with it written on it Unfortunately it turns to dust and she has to translate what she remembers Itʻs just pure coincidence that the guy who wrote the Secret is mummified and Cass has a ring that can bring him back to life and then the mummy will tell her the secret But just when she thinks that she got lucky Cass and her friends accidentally break the mummies finger off Then they are accused of stealing the mummy after it goes missing The rest of the book is basically Cass trying to learn the Secret and the kids trying to prove their innocence Thatʻs the basic thing but a lot of other stuff happensThere were somethings that I was not expectingLike the romance issue Ok in the third book itʻs shown that Yo Yoji is being a bit polite to Cass But in this rendition of the book you can sort of tell that thereʻs something there Some things are subtle but others are things that a half wit could see Like on page 51 Yo Yoji glanced at Cass It was almost as if he didnʻt like the idea of someone else givng her a ring Or when Cass is in a dress and they awkwardly say how nice she looks good nice or bad nice I have no clue Or when Cass is secretly sad that her friends denied marrying her not sure if thatʻs supposed to be sad sweet or weird Or when Cass does some girly stuff hormones I guess gets her nails done and they Boys say how nice it looks Or when Cass Yo Yojis pinkies interlock and he can feel a tingly sensation Those are all I can recall If you could suint and find othersGood for youIʻve never thought of the Secret Series as a Romance book probably because itʻs not PB probably only did that to get the attention of readers who want a juicy love triangle if thatʻs what he was going for I couldʻve done without it but I gotta admit it does stir up some things I didnʻt realize was thereAnd Cass leaves her backpack behind I mean she wears it though out the entire series and just takes it off Itʻs like Lord Voldemort with a nose Maybe is signifies that sheʻs no longer the strange survivalist girl that was looking for poison in the school grounds Sheʻs changed and grown up since the first bookAnd then thereʻs the whole deal with DrL When he came over the first time of course I was suspicious When it was revealed that he died I didnʻt really cry I felt bad but it wasnʻt a book scene strong enough to make me bawlAnother thingWhen I thought that the Secret was I joke I wanted to scream THATS WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT?? A FLIPPING CHICKEN JOKE THATʻS OLDER THAN MY GRANDMOTHER?? THIS IS WHAT THE ENITRE SERIES IS BASED OFF?? OR DID PB JUST FORGET ABOUT THE SECRET AT ALL AND MADE THIS UP??Needless to say I was mad Then I read the rest of the book It sort of made sense but it took me four or five reads to fully understand Even now Iʻm not sure if I fully understand I believe that the Secret is the other side of things or to see the other side of something or the Secret is on the other side Iʻm not 100% sureLast thingI WANT MORE I want to see what happened to ME and Cass and YO Yoji and the Teres society I feel like even though it feels over thereʻs something Well hopefully PB might talk about it in one of his later books Or at least have a little epilogue about itAll in all it was a good book Nothing much to complain about