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The Essential Guide to Being Hungarian Read & download â 102 Ó ➽ [Reading] ➿ The Essential Guide to Being Hungarian By Istvan Bori ➲ – What is it to be Hungarian What does it feel like Most Hungarians are convinced that the rest of the world just doesn't get them They are right Guide to Epub #219 What is it to be Hungarian What does it feel like Most Hungarians are convinced that the rest of the world just doesn't get them They are right True much of the world thinks highly of Hungarians for reasons ranging from their heroism in the revolution to their genius as mathematicians physicists The Essential PDFEPUBand financiers But Hungarians do often seem to be living proof of the old joke that Magyars are in fact Martians they may be situated in the very heart of Europe but they are euipped with a confounding language extraterrestrial. The essays in this book 50 short ones in all offer something for every reader culture hounds music aficionados foodies film enthusiasts and political history buffs Some are playful in nature some are a little pedantic but all are laced with Hungarian pride While the book could be interesting for someone who needs a survey course in Hungarian culture it exhibited the following issues1 Unabashed and sometimes boastful sexism The essay about poets indicates that most well known Hungarian poets are men as if it's some coincidence and not a problem of recognition or the results of women's limited freedoms and education in the past The essay about women is written by a man who seems to think he is being cute when he vacillates about what women are and is really excited about how as he says no women's movement has yet to get off the ground in Hungary He chalks it up to a whole army of indifferent men Oh well then What are you gonna doThe article about men written by a woman exalts them and blames their later life ill health on the uality of Hungarian beer it's so excellent they apparently can't help themselves and again what are you gonna do And yet this writer posits most Hungarian women want nothing than to be seduced by a real Hungarian man I guess we can appreciate the honesty since any person learning about Hungary before visiting has the right to know that this mentality is alive well and to some a point of national pride2 No help with pronunciation Names and Hungarian words would have benefited from some small effort to help the native English speaker see how they are pronounced and therefore have a better time internalizing them 3 The essays were so short at times they glossed over interesting aspects of the given topic Despite the annoying aspects of this book it serves as a point of departure for further reading on any of the 50 subjects in the book The essays about folk culture literature and contemporary writing are particularly interesting as are those about food and language

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Albeit endearing accents and an unearthly way of thinkingWhat most Hungarians learn from life Essential Guide to PDF #180 about the Magyar mind is now available for the first time in this user friendly guide to what being Hungarian is all about The Essential Guide to Being Hungarian brings together twelve authors well versed in the uintessential ingredients of being Hungarian from the stereotypical Magyar man to the stereotypical Magyar woman foods to folk customs livestock to literature film to philosophy politics to porcelain and scientists to sportsIn fift. The cover is amusing than the contents which is not to say they aren't useful It's best to use as a reference or place by your Porcelain Goddess library where you will find the brief entries just right while you sit It is so difficult to find any good material in English on Hungarians that it remains an essential on my bookshelf while I write about my Hungarian ancestorsThe uneveness other reviewers mention is due to twelve different writers As they note put three Hungarians in a room and you will have four political viewpoints Perhaps my mother's adage is appropriate If you have a Hungarian for a friend you don't need an enemy As a result there is an inconsistency in the depth and approach to each topic The entry on Classical Music is a decent overview of its roots and influences its pre Christian culture up to the key folk music into classical innovators Bartok and Kodaly The entry on Contemporary Writer is full of vague generalizations and refers to only one by name Peter Esterhazy Complicating the utility of the work is the Index which refers topics to essay numbers not page numbers Despite the inconsistencies the entries altogether will familiarize one with key figures and historical events so important to appreciating the uniue Hungarian character Many are witty and self critical If you plan to visit Hungary it won't hurt to peruse this book But find the proper way to pronounce Egeszsegedre Cheers or you may find yourself tossing a vulgarity

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The Essential Guide to Being HungarianY short highly readable often witty sometimes politically incorrect but always candid articles the authors demonstrate that being credibly Hungarian like being French Polish or Japanese is largely a matter of carrying around in your head a potpourri of conceptions and preconceptions acuired over the years from your elders society school the streets and mass mediaCompacting this wealth of knowledge into an irresistible little book The Essential Guide to Being Hungarian is an indispensable reference that will teach you how to be Hungarian even if you already ar. How could a book about Hungarian culture be so boring The two star rating was generous and purely based on nationalism A couple of the essays were interesting But really you have to work pretty hard to make this subject matter boring