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Awakening Power Play #2 free read ✓ 6 ↠ ✪ [PDF] ✐ Awakening Power Play #2 By Rachel Haimowitz ✷ – Give me six months and I'll give you the worldBrandon McKinney is a man reborn Newly awakened to the notion of consensual power exchange and the submissive urges inside him he begs for a second chancTter He’s seen the iron core inside his new submissive and the wounded heart Awakening Power PDFEPUB or inside him too He means to teach Brandon to heal the one with the other They have five months left on their contract after all and Jonathan has done with less beforeIt’s tough to stay objective though when you’re falling in love Shame Brandon doesn’t feel the same He’s only there for the three million d. This book was AMAZING I LOVED IT I cried I laughed I melted Oh dear lord Jonathan is bi I'll lay down at his feet Absolutely FABULOUS This is a must read I hope my official review will be approved so it can be posted soonOkay to tide people over until my official review comes outRACHEL You delicious heart ripper you Just rip out my heart why don't you Yes I'm talking about you I was That Japanese character is also a Chinese one which means hitAt one point I wasthen for the China trip I wasthe end of the tripBecause honestly Bran felt likewhile Jonathan saidand I'm going And the ending I'm goingand when I read the epilogueSo now hopefully my review will be posted and I'llMy Official review is here Mine is the second reviewYou can't swing a cat without hitting a male Dominant in this city Jonathan tells Bran Seriously Where is this city I can't walk several feet without tripping over a submissive For a Dom less submissive this city Jonathan and Bran live in must be amazing In POWER PLAY AWAKENING Bran is back with Jonathan to finish out his contract In the first book Jonathan is supposed to be this amazing Dom who is much sought after by many a submissive The first book captures Jonathan at his worst because he was not a Dom I would ever respect He crosses so many lines and breaks a man for no other purpose than his own selfish desiresI prepared myself for the follow up There was no way Jonathan could redeem himself in my eyes Within the first chapter Jonathan not only turns from hated villain into loved hero Dom but I'm also falling hard for him Jonathan completely owns up to his mistakes to Bran and in this story we are allowed into Jonathan's mind than in the previous Jonathan tries very hard to help Bran and his methods are what he should have done all along This is not to say the five months are perfect In fact there are several instances of one step forward and two steps back Those are realistic and make the story poignantMs Haimowitz and Ms Grant do an excellent job showcasing the TPE Ds SM relationship The breakdown of Bran's walls until he understands why he built up these walls was difficult to watch As Bran transfers and of his power to Jonathan it's a beautiful submission blossoming Seeing Bran long to eat out of Jonathan's hands is sexy as well as endearing Learning that Bran is into BD with his preference for restraints despite his adamant denials is definitely a hard epiphany The hardest for Bran is the SM part He does not handle pain well in the sense that his childhood of parental abuse is too tied with beatings Unfortunately Jonathan is a hardcore sadist There were times I couldn't fathom how the authors would be able to overcome this obstacle Ms Haimowitz and Ms Grant soar over this hurdle in a manner that is believable and movingThere were a couple of drawbacks to this story which did not decrease the five star rating It's due to some of the secondary characters Sabrina the housekeeper and Solange a former submissive are both despicable They do not understand where Bran comes from and they are immediately judgmental Both of them should know better Yes they are friends with Jonathan and are protective of him However that does not mean they should treat Bran so callously Sabrina is the bigger disappointment with her lack of compassion and specifically her hateful words It appears she can only tear a person down instead of help build a person up She's spiteful and a poor teacher Sol

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Give me six months and I'll give you the worldBrandon McKinney is a man reborn Newly awakened to the notion of consensual power exchange and the submissive urges inside him he begs for a second chance from the man who opened his eyes to this world Silicon Valley superstar Jonathan Watkins But no birth is absent pain and Brandon’s is no exception He fears he’s not strong enough to see it throughJonathan knows be.  I've been so scared to read this book ever since I read Power Play Resistance  I kept asking myself ♦ Will Jonathan find creative ways to torture Bran ♦ Would Jonathan learn from his past mistakes♦ Will Bran ever like Jonathan beating him♦ Will the sex be hot this time♦ Can Jonathan and Bran have a real life HEA and all of my uestions were answered to my satisfactionof course I'm not going to spoiler on ALL the details Maybe a few  Some of the reasons why I loved this book ♦ The writing is so beautiful and descriptive even though some of the content is hard to stomach at times ♦ The authors were able to get me to like Jonathan  I even felt sorry for him on occasion  ♦ Jonathan was patient with Bran and actually took the time to teach him during the scenes ♦ There was communication this time even if it was in the form of  A sessions involving demerits than rewards♦ The sex was so intense Every scene was a turn on for me and I think the one with the clothes pins was the most beautiful BDSM scene I've ever read  view spoilerJonathan will always be a sadist but when Bran finally accepts that and welcomes itdamn I have no words  It was a true turning point in their relationship hide spoiler

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Awakening Power Play #2Ollar payout at contract’s end a fact that Jonathan nursing his own wounded heart reminds himself of each day For even as Brandon’s barriers break and his mind expands even as he grows to love his place at Jonathan’s feet he’ll never love life with a sadist especially one who cannot escape the public eyeNOTE This title is a seuel to Power PlayResistance and should be read in series order for maximum enjoyme. I cannot say after the emotional wreck I was from reading the first in this series that I wasn't ready for a break I liked this one You get the same fabulous writing at least through about 50% in or so After that it feels a bit different This is regular BDSM themed and not so heavy with the tortureabuse like the first one was I was still absorbed just not uite so emotionally invested Warning Spoilers likelyI thought Jonathon calmed down and became rational here I didn't like him any better than the first one though I did hate him less I didn't see true evolution of him at the level I expected though at least he seems to get what he's done to Bran and what the impact of that is going to be He talked and explained He did not lash out in anger Those are good things I was also happy he accepted Devon's advice to get away Unfortunately that meant it still had a Stockholm Syndrome feel due to isolation and control Even being in Bran's head didn't help me to conuer this feeling Jonathon is still too much all about Jonathon He does whatever he wants when he wants too bascially He seems selfish and that may be what I react too and why I don't really believe him capable of the level of love Brandon deserves Mostly it seemed like he did things for Bran only because it was the only way to not drive him completely away with the pain I never felt he wanted to do it out of love That's what I needed for this to hit 5 stars I wish he had expressed or we'd of viewed it the carrot pieces of the pie It does start to evolve mid way through but it was too slow for me As much as he wanted Brandon to give him everything I don't really see what he was willing to give up Then I found it incredibly ironic that in his marriage there was no SM Mmhmmso clearly he could temper that to meet in the middle I mean he didn't die or anything for not being able to give hardcore pain to a spouse Yet he never does even give an inkling that he is willing to compromise Why Perhaps this is being colored by my own personal BDSM beliefs as someone who is in the lifestyle at least on a low level but right or wrong I always read characters and think about whether I'd want to be with them Hazard I guess He's a no go for me Not even for all the luscious yummy pain he could giveHe does get kudos for not reacting so much out of anger actually living up to his word on the limit cooking and for coming through with the contract payment I did like that he was able to be sort of flexible with the shopping Given Brandon's past I was very happy with how Jonathon dealt with it One of the few times I actually thought good of him However it got kind of ruined by the set a sub up for failure which is pretty close to a deal breaker for me It destroys trust which is a hallmark Brandon was also just ok here I didn't really hook line and sinker the whole transformation I expected the peace to come naturally if it was supposed to be what he needed wanted but nearly every time he had to overcome a natural reaction that seemed authentic and honestInstead of him actually changing it had the feel of him freaking out figuring out what he should be feeling and then changing his reactionaction to fit that Pavlov's dog than true discovery Seems like it would be exhausting Instead of truly believing he had to translate into action I wanted him to just believe Corny maybe I couldn't shake the feeling that I was supposed to be thinking he had gained everything when I just