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Bout our own less admirable attitudes he focuses us intently on his story line In Coincidence of the Arts the targets are the feckless painter Sir Rodney Peel and his black doorman aspiring novelist Pharsin Courier who turns to him for artistic encouragement When Peel embarks on a curious affair with a black waitress it is sheer coincidence that she should happen to be Pharsin's wife The conseuences reflect well on neither man In State of England we smirk knowingly at Big. I usually find Martin Amis to be a pale imitation of his acclaimed father and Will Self but this collection includes one of my favorite short stories EVER The Janitor on Mars Fucking amazing and I'll say no

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Heavy Water and Other StoriesMal a bullshitting East Ender trying to sort out his life at his small son's sports day but we are nevertheless compelled to find out what will become of him Familiar stories about obsessive bad sex such as Let Me Count the Times have not stood the test of time and Amis's tales of literary agents aspiring novelists and spoiled bestseller writers may only interest an inner coterie Still when he is on form Amis's work is as deeply alluring as it is amusing Lisa Jardine cou. Several years ago perhaps many years ago I decided Martin Amis's fiction was not worth reading because he was a snarky Brit who wasn't all that funny despite his barbed wit and talent for replicating the various accents of Britain's various social classes Then I came back to Amis a few years ago and read some novels I liked because they were full rounded comical but serious Now I've made the mistake of trying to read a collection of Amis's stories called Heavy Water that comprises tales written from the 70s into the 90s I suppose I wanted to see if I was wrong when I first wrote him off Well I wasn't It's just that over time he has become a much better writer Back then Martin Amis wrote stories as if they were basically jokes He'd develop a counterfactual conceit for instance that poems were treated like blockbusters by Hollywood moguls and explore how weird that would be Pretty weird Or he would spin out a tale told by a janitor on Mars eager to communicate with earth or earthlings Or he would describe a world in which the gays dominated the scene and the heterosexuals the hets were forced to play the role of the gays mocked dissed what have you Lots of upside down and inside out stuff Wouldn't it be funny if this Wouldn't it be funny if that I won't belabor the point One can see even in Amis's early stories the striking wit gift with words and images and pulsing cultural awareness that ultimately made him a significant writer But he wasn't really interesting; he was the son of a better known writer who worked his way through his apprenticeship and kept going Good for him Skip the early stuff and read what he's writing now

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READ Â Heavy Water and Other Stories ☆ [PDF] ✅ Heavy Water and Other Stories By Martin Amis – These nine stories span a period from 1975 to 1997 and are a good reflection of the range of Martin Amis's writing which is always skillful and consistently seductive sometimes irritatingly so Amis lu These nine stories spaThese nine stories span and Other Kindle #216 a period from to and are a good reflection of the range of Martin Amis's Heavy Water eBook #10003 writing which is always skillful and consistently seductive sometimes irritatingly so Amis lures his reader into an intense interest in his characters Water and Other Kindle #214 and then in some unsettling way encourages us to patronize or disparage them It's an odd strategy but it holds our attention By making us uncomfortable a. Four stories in and I am done with this tripe It pains me to say that as a relative of mine in the UK is an Amis worshipper A guy constantly spanking the monkey whilst bent over his wife's face isn't what I expected but to be honest I didn't know what to expect having never read him before Even skipped to the title story 'Heavy Water' in the hope of that at least being worthy of being the title story No not really It's difficult for me to pass judgement on Martin Amis on a few measly short stories of which ranged from the 70's to the 90's some even featured in the New Yorker added to fact I have yet to read one of his novels why I made the strange decision to read this and not one of his better known works as my first Amis is a mystery to me but going by just half of this collection he is either just not suited and booted as a writer of the short story format or because of what he writes about just makes him simply not my kind of writer full stop I will likely have a crack at one of his novels but will not be rushing off in great anticipation any time soon to expeditiously grab hold of one I am now tempted to lie through my teeth and tell the relative in uestion they have great taste when it comes to writers giving me a better chance of receiving a nice book voucher for Christmas And no they are not part of the GR family so thankfully won't be reading this