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RchThis book provides parishes and individuals with a foundation on which to build a new formation process that establishes a relationship with God Ultimately every person can become a true disciple of God leading to a profound change in the individual and the parish creating a vibrant and active faith communit. Exceeded my expectations One of my first thoughts while reading this was Why wasn't this reuired reading in my undergrad catechetics curriculum Then I looked and discovered that it wasn't published until after I graduated time flies ehShe's got some statistics that impressed even jaded me along with demonstrative stories both of how we as Catholic communities are failing and of how some of us are succeeding Along with those she shares strategies developed by working with hundreds plausibly thousands of parish leaders over the years Even though my situation isn't such that I'd implement any of the given plans per se it's excellent food for thought and I'm uite looking forward to exploring the issues further on the Called Gifted retreat I'll be attending this weekendI rarely use this verb because it's sadly become trite but this book convicted me to be intentionally Christocentric in my teaching in my relationships and generally in every conversation I have about God After all if a person has never receivedunderstood an invitation to 1 believe in the possibility of and 2 cultivate a personal relationship with God what's the point of all the rest

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Forming Intentional DisciplesDescribe your relationship with God I went to Mass every Sunday I was on two committees at my parish I read the Catechism of Catholic Church I didn't eat meat on Fridays during LentToo often we approach our faith like we would a checklist or a resumeWhile the knowledge of our faith and the experience of faith i. When I started reading this book as part of a summer long study I knew it would be a good read and I thought it would be worth the time I was investing in itIt was way than worth it It was transformativeThere’s something in the air right now and Forming Intentional Disciples captures part of itWe’re all looking around us in our pews under the kneelers around the parish and wondering “what the heck do we do now”This has been one of the best handbooks I’ve read and it’s going on the special shelf I have for books that not only have I marked up so much I can’t ever share them but that I have to reread in large sections No it’s not important than the Bible or the Catechism different shelf but this is a book for our timesThis is a book for those of us in the pews It’s a book for those of us who’ve wondered why we bother who hang onto whatever thread of “why” we’ve found for me it’s the Eucharist and try to suelch the hunger for This book has been something that has seeped into me and made me think and consider and examine I feel like I’ve internalized it but also that I could reread it next week and learn even Even importantly I feel like this book has given me a mission of sorts a direction and a way to look Yeah I did have that before but it wasn’t so well articulatedI consider this book part of a small pile that anyone serious about their faith should read and share Highly recommended

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Forming Intentional Disciples review ✓ 103 õ [Download] ➽ Forming Intentional Disciples Author Sherry A. Weddell – Describe your relationship with God I went to Mass every Sunday I was on two committees at my parish I read the Catechism of Catholic Church I didn't eat meat on Fridays during LentToo often wS certainly important how would our lives be different if we had a real living Forming Intentional Kindle relationship with GodAs a Catholic a lay leader a parish staff member or a pastor it is critical to understand this growing chasm that is allowing even active parishioners to slowly fade away from the Chu. Sherry Weddell nails it The Catholic Church has a serious disciple deficit so much of what she says sounds very familiar but it is the way the statements about the issues and the proposals for solution are put together that is uniue I will be passing this one on to my pastor and parish council and to people in my diocesan office