epub Ì The Peoples Will The Danilov uintet #4 è Paperback read Ì jasper kent

epub The Peoples Will The Danilov uintet #4

epub Ì The Peoples Will The Danilov uintet #4 è Paperback read Ì jasper kent ✓ [Reading] ➼ The Peoples Will The Danilov uintet #4 By Jasper Kent – Dcmdirect.co.uk Part historical adventure part vampire thriller the fourth dark and dazzling novel in Jasper Kent's 'DanT for the prisoner it does not mean freedom simply a new gaoler an old friend now an enemy They return to Russia to meet an older enemy still In Saint Petersburg the great vampire Zmyeevich waits as he has always waited He knows he will never wield power over Tsar Aleksandr II but the tsarevich will be a different matter When Otrepyev delivers the prisoner into his hands Zmyeevich will have everything he needs Then all that need happen is for the tsar to die But it is not only the Otrepyev and his captive who have returned from Geok Tepe Another soldier has foll Agony brought strength Pain brought malice Absence brought growth Misery brought the desire for revenge

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Owed them one who cares nothing for the fate of the tsar nor for Zmyeevich nor for Otrepyev He has only one thing on his mind revenge And it's not just Zmyeevich who seeks the death of the tsar Aleksandr's faltering steps towards liberty have only made the people hungry for and for some the final liberty will come only with the death of the dictator They have tried and failed before but the tsar's luck must desert him one day Soon he will fall victim to a group that has vowed to bring the Romanov dynasty to a violent end a group that calls itself The People's Wil The fourth in the Danilov uintet series by KentYou will have to strap your extra memory cells on for this because it is packed full of names dates and places set in Russia That means at least triple names for every character or reference to a person in history At times I thought this was to the detriment of the story because the reader spends half their time reading one name after the other and I am sure first names would have sufficed after a few chaptersThen the who is related to whom and family friends saga which also took up a good uarter of the bookHidden in the midst of all this is a vampire story linked to the historical events of the group called the People's Will The group that planned and succeeded in the assassination of Alexander II of Russia I should say that the vampire story is one that has taken place over the last four parts of the series and the various characters are linked to different events throughout history This one just happens to enfold around the events of the group The People's WillAs I mentioned before I felt there was far too much explaining of who is what to whom and why It burdened down the vampire plot which had its moments especially when it came to escape and survival techniues of the vampire This was also the case when it came to the secondary plot of the assassination It just sank into obscurity amongst all the explanations about subseuent family relationshipsI would like to read a Kent without the main focus being who is and instead I would prefer what is I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley

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The Peoples Will The Danilov uintet #4Part historical adventure part vampire thriller the fourth Will The Kindle #180 dark and The Peoples PDF or dazzling novel in Jasper Kent's 'Danilov uintet' Turkmenistan Beneath the citadel Peoples Will The PDF #8608 of Geok Tepe sits a prisoner He hasn't moved from his Peoples Will The Danilov uintet eBook #196 chair for two years hasn't felt the sun on his face in than fifty but he is thankful for that The city is besieged by Russian troops and soon falls But one Russian officer has his own reason to be here Colonel Otrepyev marches into the underground gaol Bu The People's Will is the fourth installment of Jasper Kent's expansive epic alternate history fiction series The Danilov uintetIt had been a long time since I had read the previous book so I was initially wary but when two characters were reunited Kent used this as a clever way to remind the reader of previous eventsThe People's Will focuses on three descendants of the original Alexei Danilov; his son Dmitry and his grandsons Mihail and Luka Dmitry's nephews But also provides an insight in Iuda's childhood and turning which challenges much of what you were led to believe in the first three novelsI found the intricacies of Russian politics and military strategy a bit laboroius and difficult to grasp I also found myself getting bored in the latter part of the book which is the reason for the minus 2 starsForget the Twilight craze of recent years The Danilov uintet is vampires for adults a worthy successor of the original Dracula legend