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And position stricken with a mysterious worsening illness Adam resorts to stealing credits to survive Moments from capture by the Protectorate help arrives in the form of Lochlan a brash cocksure Bideshi fighterNow the Bideshi a people long shunned by the Protectorate are the only ones who will offer him shelter As Adam learns the truth about the mysterious nomadic people he was taught to. Well a big and 45 stars from me for this richly descriptive futuristic sci fi tale but I'll give you a heads upif you think this is a gay Star Trek or whatever I'll stop you right now it's not there's hardly any sex and what little there is well use your imaginationAs far as I'm concerned this is a tale based on the most recent series of Battlestar Galactica The Bideshi homeships particularly Ashwina remind me of the Pegasus but are bigger and definitely beautiful Our hero Adam Yuga is a genetically modified and enhanced man based on Kolyma and works for the Protectorate His genetic coding starts to fail his life falls apart and he vanishes from Kolyma to take his chances among the stars Enter Lochlan Lock a Bideshi people who left the Protectorate long ago and are exiled to wander the star systems Lock rescues Adam from a Protectorate ship where he has stolen credits to help him stay alive and they hightail it to Ashwina where Adam is helped by healers and the Aalim wise men and women of the BideshiThe Protectorate led by Cosaire decide that there is too much at stake to let Adam remain free and they head out into space to get him back Adam doesn't yet understand but his condition view spoiler is not a new thing among the Protectorate has been covered up for years and people die from it There are huge genetic coding failures as a result of too much tinkering in the past hide spoiler

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Line and Orbit Root Code #1Fear Lochlan offers him not just shelter but a temptation Adam can only resist for so longStruggling to adapt to his new life Adam discovers his illness hides a terrible secret one that the Protectorate will stop at nothing to conceal Time is growing short and he must find the strength to close a centuries old rift accept a new identity and hold on to a love that could cost him everything. I can't fault this spectacular mm epic Sci Fi story It has everything you could possibly want from a book of its type Fantastic world building space opera style story lines with evil corporations and nomadic space tribes epic space battles mysticism uirky characters massive space ships big enough to be carrying mini worlds complete with forests and wildlife and of course in this case a mm element in which you get the pairing of Lochlan a cocky space fightergypsy and Adam a genetically perfect corporate imperialist who starts the story's as a rising star amongst its ranks until a genetic flaw is discovered and practically overnight he loses his jobhis home and almost when a strange illness takes over him his life Enemies until fate brings them together Lock and Adam unite to save not only one of their lives but also to bring down the protectorate that is holding a very dark secret that they will fight to the death to conceal This is a case of story than sex but the chemistry and tension between the MC's is definitely present in their budding romance so you won't be disappointed Right from the word go I was drawn into this fascinating tale and of course at the beginning I couldn't help making comparisons to many of the popular Sci Fi cult classics of TV and the big screen but this is so well plotted thought out and written that to be honest those comparisons once made started to recede as the worlds of the Bideshi and the Terran protectorates took on a life of their own and it was purely their story that kept me on pins till the very end I could wax on about this in loads of detail but I always think that when books are as great as this its just a delight discovering it all firsthand So all I can say is settle down buckle up and blast off into space with these guys because you'll feel like you're there with them through thick and thin and I truly hope you enjoy the trip as much as I did 5 worthy stars and a big fat keeper Loved it

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Line and Orbit (Root Code, #1) characters Ì 104 í ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Line and Orbit (Root Code, #1) Author Sunny Moraine – What he’s been taught to fear could be his destinyand his only hopeAdam Yuga a rising young star in the imperialist Terran Protectorate is on the verge of a massive promotiWhat he’s been taught to fear could be his destinyand his Line and MOBI #181 only hopeAdam Yuga a rising young star in the imperialist Terran Protectorate is on the verge of a massive promotionuntil a routine physical exam reveals something less than perfection Genetic flaws are taboo and Adam soon discovers there’s a thin line between rising star and starving outcastStripped of wealth. GorgeousSci fi so diverting as to give one a sense of what it may be like to be raptured snatched up out of your life and out of your clothes too—according to the baptists under whose rhapsodies I grew up up into the heavens into a new life very very far removed from the one you left behindIt was like thatReading this bookFor a day and a half I was not in my own life except when I put the tablet down to sleep—and even then not all my dreams were my ownI saw the shape of this book somewhere in the first third—the inevitable pressure towards where the story must end—and when I arrived there I found it no less enthralling for being foreshadowedA lovely metaphor that title Both holy and profane as is true of many ideas in our world today—though mostly I only know the Christian onesJesus Christ what a story Line and OrbitA curse Line and OrbitA benedictionAnd on such a scale this book—but still as all stories are really—about people It follows many of them for a little bit and two for a lot; and as all good sci fi—as all good stories—it is both a mirror and a window so that you are left musing as much about your own fate as the fate of the heroes you've come to love and the villains you've come to pityI didn't uite follow the logic of the central conceit—the faintly granola ethos behind pretty much the entire plot—and have yet to come across a convincing argument against the idea this book appears to be opposed to—but all the sameFour stars and recommended