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Reconstructing Jackson kindle ò Prairie Romance ´ [PDF] ✩ Reconstructing Jackson (Prairie Romance, #2) By Holly Bush – 1867 Southern lawyer and Civil War veteran Reed Jackson returns to his family’s plantation in a wheelchair His father deems him unfit and deeds the Jackson holdings including his int1867 Southern lawyer and Civil War veteran Reed Jackson returns to his family’s plantation in a wheelchair His father deems him unfit and deeds the Jackson holdings including his intended bride to a younger brother Angry and bitter Reed moves west to Fenton Missouri home to a cousin wi 45; 4 stars; AI can honestly say I loved the way Holly Bush told this particular story even though its many disturbing aspects prevented it from being a story I totally loved in that warm and fuzzy way one seeks to love their escapist fiction Bullies abusers bigots and monsters of that ilk really infuriate me and it's never easy to read about their deeds and misdeeds However there are many bright spots of human decency courage and kindness sprinkled throughout the story so the mood doesn't become too darkReed Jackson returned from fighting in the American civil war; a man broken in body and spirit Reconstructing Jackson is an apt title because although it was at times very uncomfortable to watch the reader joins him on the journey to physical mental and spiritual health The author didn't romanticize Jackson or spend a bunch of times waxing on about how handsome he was Reed was an angry ugly character at many times in the telling of the tale Luckily he was also an honourable courageous man under all that anger and throughout the course of the book we see and flashes of that character The backdrop of 1860s American south provides a boiling cauldron of social upheaval and tension to catalyze his changeBelle was a great foil for Jackson She had suffered a difficult upbringing but instead of detracting from her character it strengthened it Her character was solidly rooted in a bedrock of integrity courage and faith so when Jackson desperately needed a moral compass a kick in the butt and some plain examples of how to do the right thing Belle was there to provide it Holly Bush has a great skill in drawing characters and speaking with an authentic and smoothly flowing voice Even though the subject matter was hard to take in spots I still highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a story that exemplifies the ability of humans to grow and heal as well as a love story that has depth and complexity

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Th a successful business intending to start overBelle Richards a dirt poor farm girl aching to learn how to read cleans cooks and holds together her family’s meager property A violent brother and a drunken father plot to marry her off and gain a new horse in the bargain But Belle’s g Reed Jackson comes home from the Civil War in a wheelchair after fighting on behalf of the Confederacy He lost one leg and seriously injured the other and cannot walk His family’s plantation which was his legacy has been turned over to his younger brother so he sets out to create a new life for himself He is also a lawyer and joins a distant cousin in Fenton Missouri to reinvent himself Belle Richards is a young woman who is at the mercy of her father and two brothers who are dirt poor and treat her abysmally In spite of that Belle has simple dreams for herself and is convinced they will come true especially as she has secretly learned to readReed’s struggle to deal with the post slavery country outside of the South is harsh but realistic The story is true to the period including the vernacular common in the era There are times when you’ll really despise him and other moments where you see glimpses of the true and decent man When Reed encounters Belle for the first time he is struck by the purity of her heart which was reflected in her whole being and expression Their union was the most improbable but since both arose from harsh circumstances it worked in a way that ends up being magical While Reed came from affluence his father’s cruelty impacted him almost as badly as Belle’s family’s fists did her except she was able to keep her spirit intact I loved this story even when some of the situations were almost unbearable While there are some extremely sad moments there were where my heart was uplifted on so many levels This is a mature story and a lovely lovely romance I plan to read the other two books by Bush and this will definitely be a re read

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Reconstructing Jackson Prairie Romance #2 Ot other plans and risks her life to reach themReed is captivated by Belle from their first meeting but wheelchair bound is unable to protect her from violence Bleak times will challenge Reed and Belle's courage and dreams as they forge a new beginning from the ashes of war and ignorance This was such an engaging read Belle and Reed's story captured my heart Reed moves to Fenton Missouri from the south 2 years after the civil war He arrives in Fenton a broken man During the war he lost his left lower leg and the right is mangled badly so he's in a wheel chair Once Reed meets Belle things move very uickly Due to some extenuating circumstances Reed and Belle marry even though they are virtual strangers I really enjoyed watching their love for each other develop This novel is much than a historical romance It deals with the very real issues of slavery and the reconstruction period of history for our nation Ms Bush paints a vivid picture of the reality of the prejudices that existed then and still exist todayThis is a story that will linger long in my mind and one that I will read again in the future I highly recommend this book and could easily give it 5 stars I look forward to reading other works from this author I've read all three novels she's written and each of them have touched my heart