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Ts Trucilla decides to take over the family home and evict her three siblings Adriana Calista and Bob to the garden shed Not content with this she then decide I received this book this morning after winning it on a goodreads giveaway anddidn't put it down until I had read it from cover to cover I haven't read a book like this since reading Roald Dahl as a child It is simple and fun to read and is perfect for both adults and children The characters are well written and the poetic verse just rolls off your tongueThis will be passed to my wife and then to my children they will all enjoy it I forbid them not to

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Trucilla's Wedding CakeS to steal Adriana's wealthy boyfriend Vincent This time she may finally have pushed her siblings too far how excatly are they planning to wreak their revenge A fun fable with a fearsome filly Trucilla's Wedding Cake was an enjoyable read with an utterly awful lead character and some imaginative illustrations to boot The audio book was also fanastic with a wonderful narration that really transports you to as it is now known Trucillaville In all a lighthearted easy reader with than a few nods to Roald Dahl which is certainly no bad thing

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Trucilla's Wedding Cake reader é Paperback Read ã [Reading] ➺ Trucilla's Wedding Cake By Corinne V. Davies – Trucilla Applegate is universally regarded as an entirely horrible lady However after the unexpected and slightly suspicious death of both the Applegate parents Trucilla decides to take over the Trucilla Applegate is universally regarded as an entirely horrible lady However after the unexpected and slightly suspicious death of both the Applegate paren A splendid slice of satirical suabbling that will make you laugh out loud and have you glued to the pages with gleeful excitement This tantalizingly tempting treat is deliciously delightful and full of dry humor and wit which ultimately encapsulates mean sibling behavior and family dissonance Fabulously fun and entertaining “Trucilla’s Wedding Cake” is a captivating read complete with an interview style epilogue as a continuation of this memorable tale Side splitting and entirely enchanting I found myself lost within a stunning story remicent of many children’s ‘classics’ such as Roald Dahl Each page is adorned with exuisite illustrations that bring Trucilla Applegate’s world vividly to life before your very eyes as to encourage reading for pleasure and promote satisfaction from stories Full of warmth optimism and fulfillment the sublime simplicity of this cleverly crafted colorful tale is wonderful and so I highly praise Corrine V Davies and El Ashfield for their inspired vision and creativity You will be delighted to know that this beautiful book banishes bedtime boredom and is perfect for parties Similarly to ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ you will be taken on a thrilling adventure transported to an exciting world through the pages where the unexpected and bizarre is commonplace Vibrant and refreshingly original this stand out book is one that not only catches your eye with its identifiable cover but with the singular storyline that is like nothing you will have encountered before As delectable as a delicious donut this unputdownable absorbing story I envisage as a top pick and firm favorite for families A comical cacophony of clever storytelling and appealing characters has to be my top choice for children’s book of the year Some memorable moments “Their mother’s death came suddenly and caused widespread upset Her head cracked off a ceiling beam midway through pirouette” “Vince grew to love Trucilla or so he’d been informed He was busy one day ironing when in Trucilla stormed‘Well are we getting married soon or what?’ her voice demanded And from that day poor Vincent knew his dance card had been branded” I won a copy of “Trucilla’s Wedding Cake’ by Corrine V Davies and El Ashfield though a Goodreads giveawayI would also like to take this opportunity of thanking Rocket Mind Publishers for sending me not only a signed paperback but the audio book as well