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review Deep Inside Extreme Erotic Fantasies ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ò ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Deep Inside Extreme Erotic Fantasies By Polly Frost ✸ – Ten tantalizing tales from a talented voice in erotic fiction each with a twist Whether it's enchanted sex toys alien enticEaches of eroticism From arcane sexual Inside Extreme Erotic Epub #224 rituals to the heights of Hollywood decadence Deep Inside Extreme Erotic Fantasies breaks every taboo as it takes you inside the throbbing flesh and twisted urges of the kinky the depraved and the supernaturalTurn down the lights and enter a new realm of exotic and forbidden pleasures. I enjoyed reading the stories in this book of erotica The author Polly Frost takes some interesting looks at human sexuality It is good to note that the book does say that it is supernatural erotica and it lives up to that By far my favorite read was Viagra Babies about super children that are born when people begin using Viagra has a mainstream drug for something other than its intended purpose Another story Playing Karen Devere was interesting in that it makes you wonder how serious someone should get with the subject of a movie Overall a nice read

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Ten tantalizing tales Extreme Erotic Epub #225 from a talented voice in erotic fiction each with a twist Whether it's enchanted sex toys alien enticements or Viagra addicts these stories explore the outer limits of eroticismA dominatrix with a discipline problem A nervous virgin tempted by an unearthly sacrifice Lust crazed Viagra addicts A seductive ser. Just in case a blurb at the front of the book from Ron Jeremy saying “If I directed some of these fantasies I’d either be the world’s greatest adult film director or I’d be in jail” isn’t enough to get you to check out this book of ten supernatural erotica stories let’s move on to a proper reviewIt’s amusing that Frost starts this collection out with a virgin sacrificeCatholic school girl combo “The Threshold” Frost doesn’t just pop main character Cameron’s cherry she takes the reader out of their normal world and over her own threshold into another world In this tale Cammie must chose between the weird magical promises of a girl who might just want to do her harm and promises of a special extraordinary life over the fate of becoming just as ordinary as her mother Best of all is the unanswered uestion Frost leaves behind making the reader wonder whether the real story was a girl’s voyage into womanhood or whether a greater story was lost to teenage passion“The Orifice” is a wild startlingly sexy tale of fetishes It’s than that because the characters are than just their piercingpain fetishes Frost manages to take something considered “weird” and “freaky” and not just explain it to readers but to make it sound incredibly appealing amplified by creating a world where the wildest sex dreams can come true“The Dominatrix Has a Career Crisis” is about a horribly self absorbed woman who suddenly learns that coasting by on artificially inflated self esteem and glorying at other peoples’ misfortunes will only take her so far The transition from the previous story an incredible erotic piece to this one is a bit jarring This is almost a social science fiction piece in the speculative commentary vein of Jennifer Pelland and Paolo Bacigulpa Despite it’s obnoxious main character it’s amusing and a complex tale with an erotic BDSM flavorAddressing sex addiction to the point of making it a suiggly wet separate creature “The Pleasure Invaders” follows a desperate cop addicted to the erotic touch of seemingly unintelligent aliens and yet charged with stopping the important of this contraband Frost nails the addict mentality threading even the non sexual parts with a heightened sense of eroticism that puts the readers directly into a mind obsessedWith “Viagra Babies” Frost keeps to the science fiction flavor and continues from sex addict to what happens to those naturally resulting from sex addiction After a pandemic of Viagra street use humanity gave birth to urban legend uality monsters Children born from the hypersex unions are medicated and isolated lest their supernatural sexual powers drive the Normals mad Viagra Babies also die shortly after turning eighteen a hallmark that both the main characters are uickly approaching A dark science fiction spin that pits sexual heroes against a twisted evil it’s also the only story with a male main characterFrom there Frost delves into the speculative realm of horror with “Imagine It” a disturbing dark tale amplified by its fierce eroticism Here Frost journeys into a mental mystery the female rape fantasy Traveling on a dagger’s edge between the powerlessness of the act itself and the perception that all the power is with the female if she or her gender can make a male so out of control that he seeks to take it back Becca a best selling sex writer has been objectified by her readers herself and even her therapist She finds confronting and conuering her feeling most liberating in terribly unsettling waysFollowing it up with a soft

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Deep Inside Extreme Erotic FantasiesIal killer A sexual psychic who Deep Inside PDF can foresee other people's erotic adventures And a street cop hooked on alien ecstasyThe sensual men and women in this sizzling collection are all in search of the ultimate sexual high No plain vanilla sex here driven by insatiable desires they push their bodies and souls to the limits exploring the outer r. This book wasfilled with intense stories I usually don't read books in this specific genre but I honestly thought the cover was intriguing when I saw it at Barnes and Noble yes I judged a book by its cover and I feel awful but at the same time I don't So anyway the stories in this book were fantasized than I thought they'd be I liked almost all of them with the exception of twomaybe The two that I didn't like were the ones that I had trouble connecting with But overall the stories work together to create this whole book and make it much exciting So yeah this is an easy fast read and I recommend it to many of you who are into this type of genreHope you enjoy